Did you Know Why you Need to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience?

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If you are looking to compete in a highly competitive market, there is every need to get an edge over your rivals. Back in the 20th century, creating a branded packaging experience wasn’t even an afterthought. At the time, the only thing that mattered was what’s packed inside the container, and not even how it was enclosed.

But today, things have changed. Unboxing experience matters to both brands and customers. Failing to embrace branded packaging experience means you are willing to give up some of your edges. The same goes for the custom soap box packaging. The soap market is highly saturated as rising disposable income and high usage rate has paved the way for its large market share.

Essential for your Custom Soap Boxes to Deliver 

In this digital age, the unboxing experience is very important for brands because people have more options than ever. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to set your product apart.

With so many soaps sold online and in-store, it becomes challenging to influence customers to purchase your soap. Especially when customers don’t get the chance to pick up and hold and the product in their hands and examine it closely. This leaves them no choice but to make their purchase solely on the base of how the custom soap box looks and what people have said about it. This compels soapboxes manufacturers to make their packaging as tempting as possible. The experience buyers have when opening the box should be so good that it sway them to go online and share a positive review of your product.

It’s important to note that if the experience of receiving and opening your soap boxes is fun, consumers won’t hesitate to share their experience in different ways. They document it by tweeting a picture of your box, making a video of unpacking for YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. In brief, exciting experience will encourage customers to share your brand’s packaging.

If any of this content goes viral, you will get massive followers overnight. Plus, you will instantly get a tremendous amount of free advertising. That too for the price of an innovative packaging idea. In other words, creating custom soap packaging is basically all upside.

How Custom Soap Boxes can Transform the Customer Experience?

Gone are the days when you are “the only game in town”. Today, consumers are enjoying all the options one could ever dream of. If they don’t like anything about a bar of soap, the only thing they need to do is move onto the next company’s soap. Consumers also know this. As a result, their expectations have greatly soared. Thus, to attract and retain customers, businesses are already going the extra mile. Some of them are offering value additions like extremely generous return policies, first-rate customer support, and exciting unboxing experience.

Sure, it has put companies under immense pressure when it comes to selling their soaps, but it has also created a window of opportunity for them. Now there aren’t any obstructions in creating more fun and engaging customer experience than other businesses. And if done right, the audience will eventually come.

An ideal way to figure out whether you have designed the perfect unboxing experience is to test it out. To accomplish this task, you need to create a solid prototype. If you think this is something beyond your expertise, you can engage a professional packaging company such as The Legacy Printing that can create different prototypes for you (if there is ample time to test the packing). Else, the dedicated designers at the packaging firm can create digital mock-ups precisely according to the design sent by you. Once a design is finalized, the company will turn these prototypes around in no time, at a price you won’t believe. Most importantly, your branded packaging will transform the customer experience.

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