Diagnostic centre in India [Updated List Of Top 10]

Diagnostic centre in India
Diagnostic centre in India

Top 10 diagnostic centre in India

Looking for the best diagnostic centre in India?

In this blog post, you’ll come across 10 best diagnostic centres in India that offer amazing diagnostic solutions, health check-up packages, lab tests report and much more.

All the diagnostic centre mentioned in this article are top notch and offer excellent services in the domain of medical check-up, blood test, health check-up, medical health packages and lot more.

1. Sonoscan

SONOSCAN started its journey in the year 1990 with a mission to provide quality health care services at an affordable cost. Today, Sonoscan is one of the best diagnostic centres in India.

Pathology, Radiology, Neurology, Cardiology, ENT, Lung function test with BDR, carotid doppler study and peripheral vascular studies are few services that one can get at Sonoscan.

They are having their centres in Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and many other cities across India.

2. Pathkind Labs

The next in this list of top diagnostic centres in India is Pathkind Labs.

It is one of the fast-growing diagnostic labs in India with a  mission to provide a wide range of tests available for everyone at affordable prices.

By using state-of-art equipment and latest technology, Pathkind Labs gives accurate test results in a quick amount of time.

3. Thyrocare

If you are looking for a fully-automated Indian diagnostic centre, then Thyrocare is the place to be at.

At Thyrocare, one can get 100s of tests ranging from the simplest screening to advanced tests under molecular pathology, cytogenetics, histopathology & haematology.

4. Lalpathlabs

With over 3,368 diagnostic and related healthcare tests offered, Lal Pathlabs is next in this list of top diagnostic centre in India.

This is an ISO certified diagnostic centre in India that focuses on providing patients with quality diagnostic healthcare services.

Lal Pathlabs has 190+ other clinical laboratories, 1700+ patient service centres and 5,000+ pickup points located all across India.

5. Metropolis India

Metropolis is one of India’s most advanced diagnostic centre having its strong presence in  Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.

This diagnostic centre in India is on a mission to provide quality healthcare solutions at affordable costs to patients and hospitals in India as well as abroad.

6. Suburban Diagnostics

Suburban Diagnostics needs no introduction. They are one of the leading diagnostics centre and pathology lab for Radiology, Neurology, Cardiology, ENT, Lung function test with BDR in India.

Suburban diagnostic centre in India is equipped with the latest and updated technologies to provide 100% accurate, transparent and genuine test results.

7. Med India

With an expert team of 200+ talented pathologists and over 2000+ medical staff, Med India provides diagnostic services ranging from speciality tests like oncology, neurology, gynaecology, nephrology to complete health check-up packages.

Med India was started in the year 2004 by Dr Sunil Shroff, Arun Shroff and Sanjay Shroff.

8. Sunrise Diagnostic

A top player diagnostics arena, Sunrise Diagnostic has been offering top-notch diagnostic services since 1994. With supremely high standards and 100% accurate testing, their fundamental goal is to promote healthier living for all.

When you opt for Sunrise Diagnostics as your diagnostic services expert, you can expect cutting-edge state-of-the-art lab facilities and online reports at your disposal.

9. Modern Diagnostic Research Centre India

MDRC India uses state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and technologies to ensure accuracy and precision. They have also got a skilled team that provides conclusive diagnosis and prepares the patient to receive the most effective treatment.

The mission of this diagnostic centre in India is simple, to offer the best quality in diagnostic services with genuine practices by a team of highly talented professionals.

10. Quest Diagnostics

With a mission to offer best diagnostic testing services and delivering them at doorsteps of patients, doctors and healthcare service providers, Quest Diagnostics is next in this list of best diagnostics centres in India.

Quest Diagnostics is considered a top league in terms of the range and quality of diagnostic facilities, with the ability to conduct more than 2500 tests in house.


The above mentioned diagnostic centres in this post are listed in no particular order. So, before going to any of these centres, make sure to do research about the centre from your end.



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