DesignEvo: Custom Your Logos Online Effortless


Hiring a graphic designer or consulting studio to make your logo can be expensive, but also sometimes, they might not express what you want. So in this post, we will introduce you to a free online tool for custom logo design. Among numerous graphics tools, DesignEvo online logo maker is a tool that you should bookmark.

What is DesignEvo?

This web application allows everyone to design logos from the most popular browser. All the tools needed to create a logo, including custom templates, shapes, typography, colors, and even style icons, are available in this app.

How Does DesignEvo work?

At first glance, the elements of this application may seem to be challenging to design. However, compared to Photoshop or any other Adobe products, it is much simpler and cleaner. So anyone can learn to work with DesignEvo with a little effort.

When you click the “Make a Free  Logo” button, you will be sent to the template gallery page. After picking your favorite template, then you can direct to the edit page, from here you can add many features. Including:

Custom shapes

Custom icons (more than one million icons available)

Hundreds of fonts including classic and art

In the icons tab from the left bar, you can search for anything you want. At DesignEvo, you can find millions of free icons to use in your logo.

You start by default with a 500 x 500-pixel screen, but you can resize it as you wish. You can also reset the background color and rotation, and even adjust the zoom level when designing.

A nice feature of this tool is the dot grid to fine-tune the position of icons or other elements. You can adjust the items according to the order of the layers, their size and position relative to each other.

After you have customized your logo upon the template, then you can preview your logo before download, save or share. To check your logo effect on various media, on T-shirt, business card, front desktop, and etc.


The application interface is very intuitive and powerful, and you can design amazing logos alone with this online logo maker. It may take you minutes to start learning, but then designing your own custom logo won’t be a problem.

To get started, just visitDesignEvo Logo Creator and scroll down. You’ll be satisfied with what you can do with this tool and some free time. So if you have needs for logos, then no worry, it would be a good helper to do your job.


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