DesignCap: to Make Graphic Images Online


This post will review DesignCap, the online tool to create designs quickly. Worth?

Have you ever to personalize images to post Facebook or Twitter, or any other social media? How did you do it? Though you would get solutions from Google. Still, some might not search. And in this post will show you one of the most practical graphic editors.

You might have ever entered the DesignCap website. It is a platform that allows us to create designs based on different templates: from logos, business cards or even social media images.

After searching the internet for free Facebook Ads and researching the different tools, I opted for this portal because it was the fastest and easiest way to create a minimalist and attractive design. DesignCap has hundreds of templates with different styles. It is easy to find a template. It has a template search machine so you can enter your keywords to find the matching template.

DesignCap offers a free plan that, for most users, maybe more than enough. But it also has premium plans, where for about $4.99 or $5.99 a month billed annually. We can access different premium features, such as more exclusive designs, the possibility to download in full formats and more.

Customize your template

The platform allows us to create designs quickly by just changing the text or images. The templates are very well adapted, and in about 10 minutes I have been able to create a suitable design for my website, with the color palette I use, the logo and the typography. On the left side are the different options to upload images, change typography, shapes, etc.

One of the most interesting options you would like is that you can share and invite your viewers to edit the project with URL or on social media. So you can make the possibility of teamwork. DesignCap allows us to save the design in different formats. Among them, PNG JPG, and PDF. In addition to saving the template on the platform itself for later use.

To get some inspiration from its learning center

Though this tool is easy to handle if you have no idea where to start your design then you can go to its blog to find some articles to refer to. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, you can submit your thought to the customer service team.


In short, DesignCap is a very good option for those users who want a basic design for their newsletter, logo, business card, etc. The tools are effortless to use and the possibilities are more than enough for simple and minimalist designs. Of course, although it offers exciting options, it may not be enough for a more advanced user.


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