Department of Accounting and Finance at DMU

Accounting and Finance at DMU

Accounting and Finance at DMU – Young and fresh graduates in the field of accounting and finance must consider studying a postgraduate course at De Montfort University. Studying this subject on international grounds will expose you to international accounting standards and methods and open doors for your bright future and career.

To get admission into this department, you must complete your undergraduate degree in the relevant subject. But this is not the only requirement you need to meet to get admission to a master’s degree. A few essentials are a must for you to know to get successful admissions in the required field. The professional faculty at De Montfort University is not the only attraction for students applying to this field; there is much more that makes students apply to this field.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the essentials and requirements of seeking admissions at DMU in the accounting and finance department.

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Top 5 Essentials of Accounting and Finance to Know At DMU

If you are looking forward to international opportunities to pursue your master’s degree in accounting and finance, then you must consider this course at De Montfort University. The reason why you must pursue this course at DMU is its wide range of facilities and opportunities for international students. For successful admissions to this department, you need to know a few essentials and seek expert help to guide you throughout your admission journey.

Following are some essentials you need to know to seek admission to the accounting and finance department of De Montfort University.

1. Entry criteria

If you are planning to apply to admissions in accounting and finance at the DMU, it is a must to check whether you are eligible to apply or not. Without meeting the eligibility requirements, your application will not be accepted. One of the foremost eligibility requirements for a master’s degree is to hold a bachelor’s equivalent degree in this field. The eligibility requirements and application procedures vary for people with different work experiences and study backgrounds. Such conditions make the applicants seek the study abroad consultants in Islamabad services to help them with the admissions effortlessly.

2. Fee and funding

One of the major concerns of international applicants is the fee and funding once they begin their studies at international universities. You must be aware of the required fee to complete your studies before you begin your application on a self-funded base. However, there are certain internal and external scholarships offered by the university to which you can apply. Almost for all the scholarships, it is necessary to receive an offer letter from the institution, and it depends upon how well you prepare your application. The estimated fee for studying accounting and finance at DMU is £15,100.

3. Practical experiences

The reason why the majority of students want to pursue their master’s degree at international educational institutions is because of the lack of practical experience in their region. DMU offers several opportunities for its students to learn and explore through practical and theoretical experiences. The students of accounting and finance at the De Montfort University will have the opportunity to have access to industry standards tools and techniques. Moreover, you will also be able to work on various industry-related case studies to improve your understanding of the subject.

4. Course exemption

One of the important factors that are a must to know for international students applying to this department is the course exemption benefits. If you have previously studied certain subjects in your undergraduate studies that are offered at the DMU, you can request an exemption. Professionals with more than three years of work experience can also apply for a course exemption at the DMU.

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5. Career opportunities

One of the major reasons you must apply for this course at DMU is its wide range of career opportunities and exposures. This university makes sure that you have an enriched cultural experience and help you learn at different destinations with its wide range of exchange programs, including the Erasmus+. To be eligible for this career opportunity, you must first get admission to the DMU and then avail of these opportunities. You can hire study abroad consultants in Islamabad services to help you not miss a chance of getting admission to this university.

Are you ready to apply?

To open doors to a brighter future, you must expose yourself to international experiences and learn things that are impossible to learn in your country. For your master’s degree, you must consider applying to prestigious international universities, which require a lot of time and hard work. To avoid missing any chance of acquiring admissions to your field of interest, you must seek expert help. Make sure you are hiring the services of the educational consultants near you to help you in the application process in the early stage and the visa process in the later stages.


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