Define Your Look with these Easy-to-Use Makeup Products

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Define Your Look with these Easy-to-Use Makeup Products

Makeup can be fun. Makeup should be funky. Makeup should be creative. Idea of makeup is to enhance your features and your individuality.  

If you are looking to up your makeup game read along. A few years back none of us were using highlighters or contouring our face as part of daily makeup ritual. Like technology, makeup and the science of skincare is ever evolving. So, this article is a handy guide to some primary makeup products . Make a checklist, understand your skin tone, understand your attire and put together an entire routine, or simply choose the products that work for you.  

Skin Prepping Products

Great makeup begins with good skincare. So, start by cleansing and moisturising your face. Follow this up with a primer. A face primer is the base of makeup. It helps to cover up open pores or any blemishes. Moreover, it provides an even base for the easy application of the foundation or base makeup.  

Face primers give an instant glow to the face and prep your skin for foundation and concealer. To buy the best primer for you, choose one that suits your skin type. Also, primers are magical and you can use them with your fingertips. You do not require any brushes. Then, blend it well so that your skin absorbs it and covers any irregularities. Apply the layer of foundation on primer and see the base makeup glide on easily. The unevenness and melting away of products are taken care of by the application of this simple product. 

Concealer & Foundation

A concealer covers dark circles and spots perfectly. So, if you have pigmentation on your skin, invest in a concealer.  Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone. In addition, you can opt for a lighter shade to brighten up the under eyes. Both concealer sticks and liquid concealer are easy to use. If you have dry under eyes, then a liquid concealer is a better option. 

Now, the same rule applies to a foundation. A shade closest to your skin tone will give you a flawless finish. Make sure to do a patch test on the neck to match it perfectly. Ideally, a beauty blender or a foundation brush is needed for this step. You may as well use your fingertips if you prefer. Whatever the medium, thorough blending is vital here. 

Your skin tone may vary depending on the season. So, it is best to have foundations a shade lighter and darker than your skin tone. Then, you can mix them accordingly to achieve the closest match.

Brow pencil, mascara and eyeliner

Eyebrows are the anchor to the face. Highlighting them with a brow pencil can give you an instant eye lift. Moreover, it is a great way to shape them without visiting a parlour. Simply fill in the patches and give them your desired shape. Make sure to provide it with light colouring for a natural look.

Similar to the brows, the eyes are the focal point of the face. Use mascara and eyeliner to define them easily. Grab a mascara wand and coat your eyelashes in an upward manner. Depending on the thickness you desire, you can go for multiple coats.

Eyeliner is never out of style. For your daily look, you can put on a small, winged eyeliner. For parties and occasions, opt for a deep winged liner, or you go for the fox-eye look as well.  Mascara and eyeliner are a smart choice if you’re a minimal makeup lover. 


Lipsticks are not just a colour on your lips; they add the finishing touch to your makeup look. There are so many colours and varieties that you will never go out of choice. In general, it is safe to own a shade of red, brown and pink. If you prefer to keep it simple, go for a nude shade of lipstick. Top it off with a lip gloss for an added shine to the lips. 

However, you must remember to moisturise your lips with a lip balm before applying lipsticks. 

Blusher & Bronzer

Bring a subtle glow to your face with a classic blush and bronzer duo. Apply a small amount of blush to the apple of your cheeks for a flushed look. Bronzers are excellent in sculpting your face. Apply a few strokes of it under the cheekbones, over the jawline and on the edges of your face. 

Brushes & Beauty Blender

To apply your makeup correctly, you need the right tools. The beauty blender is perfect for blending foundation and concealer. Wet the blender in water, use the wider end for the foundation and the narrower end for the concealer. For the rest of your makeup, you can invest in makeup brushes. Fluffier brushes are best for blush, while a fan brush is ideal for bronzer.

We hope this article serves you as a guide for your makeup journey. With the help of the products mentioned and some practice, a perfect makeup look is just around the corner for you. 


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