Data Corruption – How to Fix a Corrupted Hard Drive?

Data Corruption - How to Fix a Corrupted Hard Drive

“Your hard disk is corrupted” is one of the most heartbreaking situations for anyone. And it forces you to search for a hard disk data recovery centre thoroughly.

There could be many reasons for hard drive corruption, but what is the solution? How can you fix a corrupted hard disk? Calm down; we have got you a solution!

Here we are going to assist you in finding ways to fix corrupted files. Take a look!

Understand The Meaning Of Data Corruption

In simple language, data corruption means a situation when data becomes unreadable, inaccessible, or unusable. An application or a user can’t access the data. It generally occurs when a data instance or element loses its base integrity. But it transforms into a mode that is non-meaningful for the application and the user accessing it.

Numerous factors may trigger data corruption. Usually, it happens because of an external virus installed or stored in your device or computer. Do you know this virus is capable of modifying, overwriting, and deleting (permanently) the original data? Also, data corruption could be a result of software or hardware errors, malfunctions, and other environmental calamities (including disaster, power outages, or storms). 

Your data can be corrupted while transferring, writing, or editing to another device. When something is disturbing the writing process, or if a program is showing error data, it may cause file corruption. And then you need to go for computer hard drive recovery.

Hard Drive Corruption Reasons

Some common reasons for hard drive corruption are:

  • Read/Write issues
  • File System errors
  • Virus attack
  • Software bugs
  • Bad sectors on the hard drive
  • Damaged MBR on the disk
  • Power supply and connection
  • Poor operating conditions
  • Physical damage

These are some causes. Now let’s hop on to the ways of the hard drive recovery.

How To Check Your Drive’s Health 

The health and condition of a hard drive can be monitored by using special tools. And these kinds of tools help in  Analysis, Reporting, and Self-Monitoring Technology.

As you know, when your system causes the problem, the hard drive informs the computer. But, it can be checked manually before a major problem. And that is how you will be pre-prepared for the worst that can happen. You can download an application which informs you regularly about the status of a hard drive. 

So, this is how you can get ready for the problem before it arrives. 

Ways To Fix A Corrupted Hard Drive

Use Windows To Fix A Hard Drive

  • If you have a Windows machine, scan the flaws from the Chkdsk command.
  • When scanning the hard drive, it is easy to disk check while pressing Win + X.
  • Now click on Admin (Windows Powershell), then enter chkdsk c: /f /r /x.
  • Do change the “c:” when Windows 10 is on various drives.

This command instructs the chkdsk method for scanning the system, with some computed parameters.

  • Usually, the /f indicates it to track down and correct errors.
  • and the /r shows it to retrieve data confined in a bad division.
  • Lastly, the /x says Checkdisk for unmounting the drive, for doing its job.

You might have got some idea about the importance of the Chkdsk tool. And it has more chkdsk commands for Windows 10 ahead of fixing corrupted data.

Recover Your Hard Disk In macOS

When you use macOS, it’s easy to perform the same action by going to the menu button of Apple, after that clicking on Restart.

Now you need to hold down Command + R and not leave until you see the Apple logo. It’s time to select Disk Utility, now Continue.

Go to View, check Show All Devices. Now go to your drive and at the last click the button “First Aid” (appears as a stethoscope).

Ways To Extract Data From Unrecoverable Drive

Once you have tried to fix data corruption, but it hasn’t worked. Now it will be easy to recover the drive after formatting the hard disk. It seems the most interesting tip for corrupted information and refreshes it to normal. However, when you are doing a full format, you will end up losing the data. 

Fortunately, there are several tricks for saving your drive data. You can easily transfer data to a different hard drive. It helps in saving files before a format. Basically, it’s a process that needs to connect one corrupted drive into a healthy one. Further, allows a healthy drive to copy the files over it.

There are many data recovery tools for rescuing files before formatting. These tools help in recovering deleted or corrupted data from various storage devices. It allows you to retrieve documents, files, pictures, videos, and many other things. And these apps support numerous different file formats such as RTF, PNG, HTML, PDF, MP3, JPG, etc.

Well, the success percentage entirely relies on how serious is the corruption. However, you will be capable of recovering a few files before wiping. 

Why Is Back up Necessary?

It’s better to turn on 24-hours back up or do it by yourself regularly. No need to restore your whole system. Just back up the sensitive files or documents that will get highly damaged if they are corrupted.

There are numerous back up methods available when you need to back up your files. The only key is to search for the one which fits your budget and requirements. It helps you to keep your files secure and safe without any hassle. Also save you from the cost of hard drive recovery

Wrap Up 

In conclusion, there are various reasons for hard drive corruption. It might happen because of multiple reasons. If you will follow the above-discussed steps, you can accomplish computer hard drive recovery. Those ways consist of running an SFC scan, an antivirus scan, or a Chkdsk scan. Also, it can be done by assigning a drive letter to the drive.

If you are not a DIY kinda person, data recovery services in Singapore is the preferable choice. 

Do you like this article? Or having any queries? Please share with us we will be happy to solve them. 


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