Dandeli: The adventure land of Karnataka


The city of Dandeli is located in the western Indian state of Karnataka. Dandeli Nature Reserve has made this place more famous and known to all. This nature reserve has provided shelter to many species and thus there is good and balanced biodiversity in Dandeli. Not only the rich flora and fauna but also the Dandeli adventure sports, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, temples, and many architectural marvels attract travelers here.

Best Adventure Sports Dandeli:

There are many adventure activities in Dandeli that you can enjoy in the city as this place offers many terrains from mountain massifs to river banks which make it a more beautiful attraction in the eyes of tourists and visitors. A list of some of the most popular adventure sports in Dandeli is as follows with some additional details to help you know more about the sports and their locations along with their prices.

1. Kayaking

If you are interested in Dandeli water sports then you must go and enjoy kayaking there. In the beautiful water tanks of Dandeli, you paddle your boat as the place has many water tanks where you can enjoy kayaking. Not too many people can fit in the kayak boats at once, making the sport more interesting and adventurous.

2. Zorbing

Zorbing is one of the most famous Dandeli adventure sports and has been the talk of the town for quite some time. The sport of zorbing involves entering a ball and rolling down a hill or onto any flat surface. It’s too exciting to roll around inside a ball and not be able to tell the difference between the sky and the surface of the earth. You can spend about 45 minutes inside the sphere.

3. Jungle trekking

Trekking can be done in a day or even less, depending on the location in which you are going to trek. It helps you conjure up the adventurous spirit that you carry within you. You will feel the beautiful nature when you go trekking in the mountain ranges.

4. Ziplining

In ziplining, one hooks onto a zip line and then plunges down the hill to your feet, making you feel like a bird flying in the sky. It is also quite an exciting experience that you simply cannot miss if you want to enjoy adventure sports in Dandeli city. So you don’t have to travel so far to enjoy it all if you are in Dandeli. So basically, if you are not brave enough to go paragliding in the sky but still want to feel the essence of this adventure, then the next best option to be high in the sky but not that high is ziplining.


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