Daily cleaning checklist for office

Daily cleaning checklist

All you need is a daily cleaning checklist for the office to take your cleaning to the next level!

An everyday cleaning routine is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time, effort, and a well-prepared strategy in place. A daily cleaning checklist for the office can make the entire routine easier and way more seamless for you. What you do each day out adds up with time and it can make or break your entire vibe. This is because only by following a single standard in your cleaning routine every single day, you can master the procedure and also ensure that it is progressively tuned to perfection over time.

An average person spends over three fourth of their time at your office premises and it is a proven fact that the air quality of closed spaces is way more contagious than elsewhere. It is thus crucial for you as a business owner to keep your office cleaning on point at all times and maintain a productive vibe all around. You’ll not only improve your working conditions but at the same time, you’ll garner the best first impression from anyone that walks in through the door.

Here are the must-haves when it comes to the daily cleaning checklist for the office:

1. General cleaning for dust or dirt removal

Now, this is the first thing that is usually done by any cleaner around the block. But ideally, this is not where you start off. You should rather start by devising a checklist of the items that need coverage and devise a strategy with regard to how you are going to go about it.

Even as your cleaners go about your everyday cleaning routine, they should check things off the list one by one so as to maintain a standard in place without any possibilities of missing out on any corner.

2. Disinfection procedures

The must-have when it comes to your daily cleaning is a thorough plan of action that takes care of even all the contagious germs that are lurking underneath the surface. Always ensure that you go for a hand-in-hand disinfection cleaning soon after you are done with your regular dusting and vacuuming routines to ensure complete coverage and germ protection.

3. Sanitization

Sanitization and disinfection are completely different. While disinfection deals with the clearing up of the existing germ population, sanitization routines revolve around the adding up of a protective layer onto your surface to prevent the accumulation of germs for a period of time. In addition, this will make the space safe for the next person to use without any paranoia.

When you go for your office cleaning in Sydney with an in-house janitorial team, ensure that they understand the clear-cut distinction between the different kinds of routines.

4. Carpet grime removal

Carpets come in different textures and finishes. They can deteriorate with time and spoil the crisp outlook that they originally carry if you don’t clean them every day. Go for carpet-specific vacuum cleaning equipment and use them for removing dustdirt, or grime that is accumulated on the surface.

If you also have any stains from spillages. Hire a cleaning company without a second thought and get them cleared up right away. The repair and replacement of your carpet are going to cost. You a whole lot more than simply picking these stains.

5. The dusting of ceilings and other corner spaces

It is one thing to clean cobwebs during a deep cleaning procedure, but it can simply tarnish your reputation as long as they last. Imagine a potential client walking into your office only to find trashy cobwebs on every wall. Not a pleasant sight, right?

Cleaning them up every day as a part of your daily cleaning checklist can simply keep the entire outlook of your premises afresh.

6. Maintaining proper schedules & adhering to protocols

When you hire someone like JBN Cleaning in the picture. You’ll see us sticking to internationally regulated authoritative procedures and protocols from regulatory bodies like OSHA and CDC. In addition, we only go with green cleaning by strictly using organic supplies. That are safe for both the environment and human health.

In addition, you need someone well-organized in the picture who can take care of the timely cleaning reminders. And get to action themselves without waiting for you to question them on the progress.

7. Standard supplies in usage

Now, this is another red flag that you should keep an eye out for. The supplies you use determine the quality of your cleaning. And hence, these supplies should be carefully hand-picked.

As a company that has been offering daily cleaning for over 10 years now, we only go with organic supplies that are either EPA approved or carry a DfE label. This would ensure that your cleaning is covered by the safest of utilities.

In addition, there is new cleaning equipment that is launched in the market each day. And you should upgrade as they are available to provide your cleaners with the latest of technology. That will make the work in front of them a lot more effective and easier.

8. Hiring a professional when you need it

If you running an SME, you’d have a lot of things endlessly happening around you. That might need your immediate attention. Looking after your cleaners and constantly inspecting their work. Is the last thing you might have the time or energy for.

It is always a better idea to go for office cleaning when things get too difficult to handle. It is actually not even as costly as you might think.

As a company that has been offering daily cleaning for over 10 years now, we only go with organic supplies that are either EPA approved or carry a DfE label. This would ensure that your cleaning is covered by the safest of utilities.

Talk to JBN Cleaning today and ask us about our packages. We offer customized solutions that are curated for your specific requirements. We’ll present you with a free quote that will also come with a detailed daily cleaning checklist for the office!


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