Custom Tea Packaging Boxes for Retail: Benefits, Useful Tips & Ideal Box Types


Do you enjoy drinking tea?

Tea is loved by a wide range of people around the globe. According to research, Americans consume 2.5 billion cup of tea every day. There are currently 455 tea varieties are available on the market. However, we generally talk about two primary varieties of tea. One is black tea and the other one is green tea.

In this article you’ll be aware of the key things to think about when packing tea in tea packaging boxes that retail.

Here are some essential guidelines to make the tea packaging boxes you choose to use ideal for the purpose of the tea you want to pack:

Selling tea is a fun thing to pursue and also an extremely lucrative business to participate in. After you’ve chosen the tea-making process along with the logistics chain most important aspect is the packaging of your tea. Your tea’s box for packaging doesn’t just keep your tea in good condition, but also helps to promote and market your tea on the retail display shelves. Your customized tea packaging boxes needs to aid in making your tea brand be noticed in the marketplace. Let’s look at how you can achieve this:

Tea packaging boxes must be airtight. In this regard it is recommended to choose sealed-end boxes. They preserve tea’s freshness and protect it from getting tampered with.

The tea packaging containers are that are the same design, but the different sizes will help to promote tea efficiently. Different sizes of boxes translate to different net weights of tea to different buyers who want to buy different quantities of tea. Additionally, various styles such as seal-end, tuck-top, and auto-lock-bottom can be found based on the needs of the customer.

These boxes look fantastic and, secondly, they are extremely practical too. Consider adding accessories such as divider compartments for the tea-sachet PDQ displays. These boxes help organize your green tea assortment into various varieties and are more easily accessible to your customers. Tea boxes for display on countertops category must be constructed of cardboard materials. If you want packed tea boxes you should pick solid and Eco-friendly Kraft material.

Top of the List Benefits of Custom Tea Boxes

Custom tea packaging boxes constructed of food-grade materials ensure that tea’s contents are fresh. These boxes aid in separating your different tea varieties by displaying information such as volume, weight, flavors, weight and benefits, etc. Additionally, these boxes that are displayed offer proper organization and a more shelf life. The smaller compartments for dividers can help keep the various varieties in a neat order. A further benefit is the variety of designs, shapes, and sizes of tea packaging boxes that can make your brand stand out.

Protection from Lights and Air

We are aware that tea is vulnerable to more light and air exposure while inside a container. The reason is that the tea leaves can be sensitive to the two elements of the atmosphere. If air and light are excessively absorbed, then the freshness and taste is diminished. Also, the tea packaging boxes must be able to prevent excessive sunlight from getting into the container. Additionally, the airtight seal should be able to block any oxygen into the container.

Let’s take a look at the most well-known types for tea-related packaging

Automatic Bottom Tea Boxes that have Window

They are the basic yet highly effective packaging boxes. For retail, these boxes can be used for a variety of items. However, it’s their type of artwork and graphic design that make them appropriate for tea. The majority of tea brands offer them with bright, soft-tone colors that depict the flavor or components that make up green tea.

The packaging is enhanced with floral patterns over an unadorned white background. The inclusion of custom auto-bottom tea bags with a circular window provides a double use. The first is the removal of individual bags. The secondly, it gives an opportunity to show a glimpse of the most skeptical client.

1-2-3 Bottom Box

Another type of tea box that are designed with interlocking flaps. This is ideal for presenting tea as super food. These boxes appear minimalist from the front, with the absence of any visuals of the ingredients. It’s just a photo of leaves. With a focus on the simple design, you can add signs that refer to the distinctive qualities of tea with bold fonts. The colors used are typically stunning and attractive. The goal should be towards presenting your tea as a super food, like the packaging of supplements.

Rigid Lid Box for Tea

A hinged lid with a rolling-over design provides a unique twist to the tea container. You can add well-curated, intricate images the irregularities of art. For ease of use the boxes offer the convenience of opening and removing the sachets. The packaging is an oriental style of sheath and embroidery. These boxes that have such enthralling characteristics, can be used to present gifts.

Gable Styled Tea Box

A gable top box to tea packaging holds its contents in a loose manner. One of the best ways to print the boxes is to choose sophisticated hues. The art above vibrant backgrounds ought to feature cartoon faces that have a floral motif on the facial features. The facial representations could be reminiscent of Japanese manga or anime heroines. Make the flaps closing in a tongue-lock design for elegant appearance.

Multi-packaging Tea Boxes for Tea with Sleeves

The boxes are best classified as tea packaging that is multi-layered.  Each color indicates the tea flavor of a different variety. A soft-toned, slightly large sleeves that cleverly stores three small tea containers. The packaging doesn’t offer a traditional-themed design. It instead draws attention to consumers with different interests and priorities.

Tea Containers Display Box

The tea boxes are from Singapore. It has a window large enough to appear as if it’s a display. This kind of packaging has the kind of display that transforms into a object of fascination. People are more likely to keep using these tins for a variety of reasons.


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