Custom Printed Candle Boxes Wholesale

Custom Printed Candle Boxes Wholesale

Ideal Custom Boxes supplies the cover material for custom candle boxes. Its immaculate white exterior is coated with aqueous coating and printed with the Ideal Custom Boxes brand touchpoints. The neck tray features a vertical pattern of vibrant stripes. The box’s immaculate white exterior is interrupted by the vibrant striping. Hence, you can easily spot the custom candle box by its unique design. It will certainly grab attention.

Linen paper

The first step in designing a custom candle box is to decide on the design. The box design should complement the product that’s inside. Scented candles can have a sophisticated look, while unscented candles can have a soft look. Choose the color and design of the box to match the product’s scent. Once you’ve made up your mind about the design, you’ll need to decide on printing methods.

For an added decorative effect, consider hot foil stamping. This printing technique adds a gleaming metallic appearance to the candle box. This method is great for candles and other products that need to look special. You can even use this technique for standard candles. This technique is perfect for a boutique or special-edition product. The only downside of hot foil stamping is that it can damage other materials. That said, the benefits are numerous.


The finished appearance of the box is an essential element of the overall appeal of the product. Cardboard can be a sturdy material or be decorated with a variety of methods. For the most striking results, consider using a spot UV coating on the inside. This process uses ultraviolet light to create a bold, vibrant effect on the box. It is an excellent choice for custom candle boxes and can be applied to a variety of materials.

One type of candle packaging box is a two-piece box that separates the top and bottom of the package. Often, this design features full-color printing on the lid. Cylindrical candles require rigid bottoms to keep them from scraping inside. No-corner packaging is another option for these boxes. Finally, if you want to incorporate a product description card, you can choose boxes with dividers.

PVC sheets

Custom Candle Boxes are a wonderful way to showcase your business’ products. They can be used as retail displays or for other campaigns. Candle boxes are especially good for holiday events or products, such as holiday fragrances. They are also ideal for gifts, as they do not require wrapping. Therefore, you will be able to save money on packaging materials. Here are some of the advantages of custom candle boxes:

Printing on your custom candle boxes is a great way to make them stand out from the crowd. Using offset printing, an image is transferred from a rubber blanket to paper with ink that dries quickly. Offset printing is the most economical way to print your candle boxes. For example, you can have a logo or a photo printed on each side of your box. You can also choose to have your custom candle boxes customized with a logo or other design.

The look and feel of your custom candle boxes can be enhanced with the help of custom printing. Candle gift boxes are a beautiful, eye-catching way to present your candles. The unique look of candle boxes conveys the highest level of quality to your customers. Ideal Custom Boxes can print your custom candle boxes using three different printing techniques. For affordable prototypes and small marketing rounds, digital printing is the most cost-effective option. Lithographic printing offers a superior finish with full color and shimmer finishing.

Candle packaging is an extremely important part of a candle product’s life. It makes a deep impression on the customer, creating a memorable experience and protecting the purchase. Moreover, customers will be more likely to refer to your product if they receive it in an attractive, well-designed candle box. Custom candle boxes can be customized to suit your company’s branding and theme. These boxes can be printed with relevant information about your company or product.


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