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There are many ways to use custom pillow boxes wholesale. You can put any kind of product in them. Like, you could use it to wrap a present. If you want to send a loved one some cosmetics, you can put them in a pillow box. Also, you can choose large pillow boxes if you need to send large items. Because of this, there are a lot of pillow boxes in use right now. So, PackHit offers a wide range of pillow packaging to both its customers and retailers. If you have a big business and need a lot of wholesale pillow boxes, you’ve come to the right place. We will make pillow boxes just for you.

Custom pillow boxes with logo
Paper Pillow Box Packaging Mockup


Design is very important in packaging these days, even for things like pillows. We have a team of highly skilled designers. They are skilled in the things they do. So, you can ask that your pillow boxes be made in interesting ways. As they are always there to help you with the design of your pillow packaging. Also, you can change the way your custom-printed boxes look to suit your tastes. Just tell us what you think custom pillow boxes would be like. We’ll take your great idea and make it into a personalized pillow box. If you don’t know what to do for custom pillow packaging, you can choose a design from our archives. We have a great assortment of pillow pack packaging.


Material is one of the most important parts of the packaging. In the same way, it’s even more important for custom pillow boxes. Because it needs to have a wide range of articles. Just like there are pillow boxes for hair extensions. It stays close in this box. On the other hand, there are pillow boxes with clear windows that are used to show off items. Also, we have pillow boxes with handles that can be used to wrap gifts. So, your product is easy to carry. Because of this, PackHit has a lot of different materials for custom pillow boxes. So, you can choose based on what you need.

Here is the list:

  • Eco-Kraft Boxes
  • Corrugated E-Flute
  • Bux- Board
  • Cardstock Boxes

For large pillow boxes sold in bulk, E-Flute Corrugated is the best choice. In addition, it can hold extra-large pillow boxes. On the other hand, Eco-Kraft is good for green pillow boxes because it encourages being kind to the environment. For custom pillow boxes in bulk, you can also choose Cardstock.


We offer our customers different ways to put together custom pillow boxes wholesale along with the materials. These styles depend on how the boxes are cut and put together. 

Paper Pillow Box Packaging Mockup

Here is a list of the choices:

  • Die-Cutting Boxes
  • Putting glue on the boxes
  • Scoring
  • Perforation

There are also options for how the boxes look. You can change them to suit your own style.

 Here are the choices:

  • Embossing
  • Window-Cutting
  • Boxing in PVC
  • Increased Ink

You can pick one of the options above for your custom-printed pillow boxes. These ways to style your custom pillow boxes will make them look even better. In the end, it will increase its value and market.


The coating is very important for the pillow boxes to look great. Because of this, we also offer a wide range of coatings. So, you can choose from them based on what you want your custom pillow boxes wholesale to look like. High-quality ink and materials are used to make our coatings. 

You can choose between the following finishes:

  • Gloss Finish
  • Spot UV
  • Matte Finish
  • Finishing in both gold and silver

All of these coatings are important for making custom pillow boxes look nice. But you can choose whichever one you want.


The logo and brand of a company and its products are very important. As it helps the company get its name out there. We give our customers a number of options for printing on their custom pillow boxes. On these embossed boxes, you can print your logos. You can also print anything that shows what your product is about or how you feel about it.

Rates that are cheap:

The customers are very important to PackHit. So, compared to our competitors, we give them packages that are more affordable. There are a lot of companies that charge a lot for custom pillow boxes. Our prices are more reasonable than theirs. We also offer pillow packaging without letting the quality go down. Also, our platform lets our customers take advantage of a number of discounts.

Swift Delivery System:

The most valuable thing is time. So, we care a lot about our customers’ time. We have a fast delivery system because of this. For custom pillow boxes wholesale, it takes us 6 to 8 business days to send it out. Also, our delivery staff is very quick and responsible, which is a big plus. There’s nothing wrong with them. Above all, our delivery service is free of charge.

Customer Service That Works:

We care most about how happy our customers are. So, we do everything we can to make it happen. The first step to getting there is to talk to each other well. Because of this, our customer service staff is very good. They are always ready to help you. You can call our hotline at any time to get answers to your questions.

Visit our site now! Place your order now and enjoy our custom pillow box packages that are easy to use.


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