Custom Apple Pay Payment Gateway Integration with Shopify eStore

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Shopify has made the online store set up an easy affair for sellers! With Shopify, you can create a unique eStore within just a few clicks and manage it efficiently. Further, it also brings the bliss of fast, secure, and flexible architecture for your eStore. Moreover, it can empower your eStore for catering to unique user’s requirements as well.

However, as your business expands, facilitating secure multiple transactions happening every second with various payment methods can become a challenge. So integrating your store with payment methods such as Apple Pay using Shopify custom payment gateway integration is crucial. This digital payment gateway has ensured secured payments for 507 million iOS users across the globe as per Statista survey.

With this article today, we will discuss the Apple pay Shopify custom payment gateway integration for online businesses. Read on to know how your store can benefit from Apple Pay integration and ways to efficiently implement it. However, before diving into its and bits of Apple Pay integration, let us first understand a little about Apple Pay itself.

Introduction to Apple Pay Payment Gateway

Apple Pay is Apple’s payment system that allows users to make contactless payments for their day-to-day purchases. It was released in 2014 for Apple mobile users as an iOS application. However, initially, it didn’t receive much response from users. It was revamped and released after the rising popularity of digital wallets and now it caters to millions of buyers. 

This payment method uses Apple’s fingerprint sensor and Touch ID to enable contactless payment amongst buyers. Moreover, whenever a buyer makes a payment via Apple Pay, the payment gateway shares the Device ID instead of card details. Further, it also helps users in easily paying through their mobile devices by using fewer steps as well. This makes payment through the Apple pay payment gateway more secure, fast, and reliable. 

Ways to integrate Apple Pay in Shopify eCommerce Store

From the above introduction about Apple Pay, we can easily conclude that it allows data security to its users. As a result, millions of users prefer it for making large and small day-to-day payments.

However, merchants starting out their store customization might get overwhelmed while performing the integration as there’s a stream of information. This makes choosing the right way for the Shopify custom payment gateway quite overwhelming.  

However, eStore owners can easily bid-adieu their confusions by doing some groundwork about their eStore. Merchants can also develop an understanding of how each integration can cater to their business to make the right choice. Below is a list of ways for merchants to integrate Apple pay in their eStore for merchants:

Shopify App for Apple Pay Payment Gateway Integration

One of the easiest ways to integrate the ApplePay with your eCommerce site is using Shopify’s app for the integration. This is an amazing option for your business if you are on a budget and can’t afford to hire developers.

These solutions are premade and easier to integrate into the Shopify backend. Merchants can easily install the premade Apple Pay Shopify App in exchange for a small fee. Further, it also doesn’t need much maintenance from the merchant’s end.

Third-Party Solution For Integration with Apple Pay

For store owners who desire variable functionalities, third-party solutions for Apple Pay Shopify custom payment method gateway are a great alternative. Third-party providers provide downloadable apps for payment gateway integration that merchants can easily install and operate. Further, such solutions are also backed with professional support which makes working with them much easier. These solutions are usually costlier than Shopify’s default apps. However, are still cheaper than creating a customized solution. 

Shopify Custom Payment Gateway Development

Further, Shopify merchants can also choose to adopt Shopify custom payment gateway development to integrate Apple pay manually. A customized solution allows merchants to apply flexible fields and features according to their business. This makes adapting to custom solutions a great alternative for merchants catering to the unique set audiences. 

Benefits of Apple Pay Integration with Shopify

Although there are numerous payment gateways, integration with Apple pay can easily provide a unique competitive edge. Unlike other gateways, with Apple Pay, the user’s card and account details remain hidden during the transaction process. Further, Apple pay also works more promptly for processing transactions in the eStore. Below is a list of some of the benefits of integrating apple pay with a Shopify store:

Secure Payment Processing with Tokenization

Apple Pay provides improved security to your eStore by using a tokenization system. In this payment processing system, a specific unique code is generated for each payment transaction. Further, for each individual card registered in Apple pay a unique device account number is assigned to the users. During transactions, this device account number is used instead of using the card information. As a result, the user’s personal data stays protected.

Moreover, to protect the user’s data further, Apple pay uses a secure element chip to hide the card details. As a result, the Apple pay Shopify custom payment gateway integration enhances the overall security in the checkout. This, in the long run, might help merchants in improving their cart abandonment rates due to user’s security concerns. 

Faster Checkout with Touch IDs

Mostly abandoned carts are the result of complicated checkout processes in your eStore. As with normal payment methods, users would have to provide multiple details to make online payments. However, the use of the Apple Pay payment gateway integration can help your store in providing a seamless checkout experience.

With the help of Apple pay, users will only have to follow two simple steps for making a payment. Further, during mobile Shopping users can directly pay from their touch IDs in their Apple devices. As a result, integration with Apple pay also provides merchants improve mCommerce Shopping experience. 

Improved UX then Card payments

Card payment options are often time-consuming and insecure. Hence, it can cause losses for both merchants and users. As a result, using card payment as the sole alternative for online payment may negatively influence the user’s experience.

However, by providing Apple Pay as the Payment alternative merchants can improve their eStore’s checkout experience with ease. As it facilitates an easier, faster, and secure checkout experience for your shoppers. 

Better mCommerce experience

Apple Pay is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Further, paying through Apple Pay when the user is using an iOS app device gets much more easier and convenient. As users can easily pay for the products they need via a touch. This can easily help eStore owners in enhancing the UX of their mobile users. This, in the long run, can eventually increase the mCommerce conversion rates for Shopify merchants. 

FAQs Related to Apple Pay Custom Payment Integration

Although Apple Pay can help merchants in improving their business in a number of ways its implementation can get quite overwhelming. As merchants are usually unaware of the basics groundwork needed for planning the whole integration process with Apple Pay. To ease out the initial anxiety here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

Question 1: When should you choose custom Apple payment gateway integration?

Answer: Although Apple pay can be integrated using premade solutions, choosing custom integration is more profitable for growing businesses. It is necessary for growing businesses to cater to the needs of their expanding consumer base. This demands higher flexibility on solutions.

With a customized solution, this becomes much easier for store owners. For this, the users can hire a developer to perform Shopify custom payment gateway integration.   

Question 2: Is Custom Apple pay payment gateway integration costly?

Answer: Custom Apple payment integration is usually costlier as compared to third-party solutions. This is because it requires merchants to invest in hiring developers. Further, with every Shopify upgrade merchants would also have to update their codebase. This makes integration maintenance for custom solutions a costly operation. 

Question 3: How much time does it take to integrate the custom Apple pay payment gateway?

Answer: Integrating with the Apple Pay Payment gateway is a time taking yet rewarding process. The time needed for integration basically varies from one agency to another.

So, If your business needs a faster integration, Engage with an expert agency carrying relevant experience in assisting businesses of similar niche.

Final Words on Apple Pay Custom Payment Gateway Integration

The Apple Pay integration can easily make an eStore thrive online. This is because Apple pay operates on a tokenization system. This hides the user’s card details and facilitates faster payments. Moreover, it also allows merchants to enhance the mCommerce experience by facilitating touch ID payments in iOS mobile devices. 

So, adapt to the Apple Pay payment gateway today for your eStore. To efficiently integrate it you can either use premade solution or a custom solution for your eStore. By making Apple pay an omnipresent element for your eStore you can easily improve the overall checkout experience. 

This can help your online business in improving the brand image, gaining user’s trust, and creating reliability. These can ultimately lead to higher profits and sales. 


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