Crypto marketing – A transformation for the digital marketing industry


Read on to know what new opportunities crypto marketing can offer to extract the best facets of the digital marketing world!

Cryptocurrency is progressively penetrating a plethora of niche sectors including healthcare, technology, and service-based sectors. With its diverse applications and utility, digital marketing is progressing to adapt to modern needs. It is shocking to note how low the number of companies that have turned to crypto is.

People are yet to trust cryptocurrencies and use crypto tokens for transactions. When it comes to digital marketing, you can reach a large audience with customized content and accurate communication. The promotions and sponsored ads curated can create an impact on a wide range of people and bring you better leads and conversions.

When these two forces combine, you get enhanced digital marketing that has been transformed by the world of crypto! Read on to understand this concept a bit more and delve deeper into the future of crypto-based digital advertising.

Drawbacks of traditional digital marketing

Digital marketing normally enhances the chances of customers purchasing targeted content. The data collected from users is sent to private companies and the information sold is used by them to curate targeted content. You must have noticed ads popping up that feature a product you surfed online recently. Or emails that contain discounts for products you have shown an interest in or searched online.

In such cases, it is hard for the advertisers to know how their content is viewed and if they were effective. It is difficult to know which members have viewed the content and how they have responded to it. From a customer point of view, it is clear that the public has no control over how their information is used or how much of their data is shared. Furthermore, they are not financially compensated for sharing their data or watching paid ads.

Reducing the number of parties involved

It is assumed that crypto will reduce the number of parties that are involved in advertising – here’s how. Digital marketing normally involves the customer, advertiser, content creator (whatever agency you turn to for marketing your content), and the platform hosting the ads. Blockchain ads don’t require the final requirement – the platform hosting the ads such as Google. It is through the hosting platform that the data collected is further disseminated to entities.

Advertisers can simply upload their content to a blockchain which will make them available to users in a targeted manner. This process involves understanding the audience and collecting relevant data to make ads more customized. With blockchains supporting the transactions between the customers and advertisers, you no longer need to involve additional third parties that will use the data collected. It guarantees more data protection and data safety for users to trust your brand.

Loyalty programs

Understanding blockchain technology will enable you to incorporate rewards and loyalty programs into your campaigns. Customers can win crypto tokens as rewards if they engage with the ads and content featured to them. Considering the above-mentioned point about customers not being compensated for viewing the ads, it is sorted here. This is because the audience is paid with crypto tokens for giving advertisers their personal information.

The users will have to pay blockchains for accessing exclusive content. The advertisers too will have to pay additional charges to feature exclusive content. It offers good value for money as you can feature niche ads and get your money’s worth with exclusive visibility. The public is further incentivized as they can decide

  • What content is presented to them, meaning they aren’t forced to view ads they aren’t interested in.
  • How they wish to engage with the content, thereby receiving compensation for staying loyal to the brand.
  • Sharing their data to entities, without any fear of data loss, consumer privacy, or any lack of data security.
  • They needn’t worry about fake brands, clickbait ads, or any tricks used to persuade them to make a purchase.

Hence, you can effectively offer rewards and loyalty programs to customers and incentivize them to keep buying from your brand. It is also easier to locate ads for specific goods and services by using keywords and phrases on the blockchain. It ensures that your users can easily locate you and engage with your ads resulting in better conversion rates.

If you are convinced to turn to blockchain marketing, check out Eon8! We aim to make communications between advertisers and consumers direct – thereby making transactions also quicker. You will gain optimum value for money with our target ads and unique content that is a result of market and audience research. The opportunities are endless and you can have an edge over your competitors by opting for crypto marketing!

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