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Welcome to Creel Taxidermy your trusted and specialized partner in preserving the natural beauty of wildlife for a lifetime. With passion and desire to deliver quality, our skilled artists try to bring your memories into real life. Explore our vibrant gallery and discover our excellent craftsmanship in every piece. At Creel Taxidermy we honor the essence of each animal to ensure that your specimens are preserved with utmost care. We are available anytime to buy exotic animal hunting online.

Creek Taxidermy is a renowned family-owned business engaged in this field with a rich years of history.  Founded by a great and skilled craftsman with a deep appreciation for wildlife. Moreover, with years of efforts by the founders and staff, our company has grown from a humble workshop into a renowned Texas exotic animal hunting taxidermy studio. For generations, the Creel family has passed down their knowledge, skills, and technique, which ensure the quality and artistry that defines our work.

What Is Taxidermy?

Taxidermy is a process of preparing, stuffing, and mounting an animal for display or study. Generally, it involves arranging an animal’s real skin over a fake body to make the animal look alive. We can say it is a way of preserving the body so that scientists or Museum visitors can see what the animal was like when it was alive.

At Creel Taxidermy, we strongly believe that taxidermy is not just limited to preserving a physical form. It’s about capturing the essence of an animal along with its unique character and the emotions it brings to mind. We use time-honored techniques and methods with excellent-quality materials to create perfect museum-quality mounts that stand the test of time.

What Services We Offer?

Take a close look here regarding some of the core services we provide.

  • Fish Replica Perfection – Don’t want to lose your memory of a once in a lifetime catch? Our experts can create a stunning lifelike replica of fish that preserves the vibrant colors, details, and impressive size of your prized fish. This replica is perfect for showcasing your achievement and to spark conversation for several years.
  • Game Mount Specialists – As specialize in creating excellent-quality museum mounts of your capturing thrills of hunt and majesty of the animal, we can present them in an exceptional manner with our specialized craftsmanship.
  • Small Mammal Memories – We understand the place of small mammals in your heart. Our craftsman has specialized skills and knowledge to create lifelike mounts of small mammals like foxes, squirrels, and others. These detailed pieces allow you to remember remarkable wildlife encounters.
  • Freeze-Dried Excellence – Try our freeze-drying process for a unique and contemporary approach to taxidermy. This method is perfect for small specimens to preserve in a natural pose.

Along with these facilities, there is much more to experience at Creel Taxidermy. Here, we invite you to explore the possibilities to create a lasting legacy of your outdoor adventures.

Categories We Deal In

At Creel Taxidermy, we have an exclusive range of products specially arranged for you to decorate your life with such taxidermy products. Following are the categories in which we deal.

  • Taxidermy Mounts:- In the art of taxidermy, there are various ways in which you can show off your trophy. This will never let you forget about the victory of your hunt. At Creel Taxidermy, we have a range of mounts to be chosen by you. You can order taxidermy mounts online by just clicking on the product you desire. Following are the major categories of taxidermy mounts.
  • The European Mount:- The European mounts are commonly known as skull mounts. They occupy a large portion of taxidermy products as it is an easy and cost-effective method of display. This technique got its name as European Mount due to its prominence in Europe. Taxidermists use traditional methods and means to prepare the game which preserves the natural coloring, darkness of antlers and horns, etc. Further, advancements in technology and methods allowed the hunters to create European mounts on their own. This is possible with the commercial kits available along with a wealth of information online.
  • The Shoulder Mount:- Shoulder mount is another technique of representing creel taxidermy which can most commonly be seen in the US. This mount resembles the features of its name as it includes the animal’s head, skin down to the sternum, and skin just below the shoulder. This mount allows the hunters to display their achievement in such a way that recalls the beauty and expression of the animal as appeared in nature. This mount features the animal just more than a skull mount does.
  • The Full-Body Mount:– Having a good amount of funds and enough space can let you enjoy the full-body mount taxidermy of the animal. This technique is labor-intensive and requires more time as every character is excellently preserved to provide a real natural look. The full-body mount offers a true display of the majesty of the game as it was in life. While considering this mount, one must prepare for enough space and money to display the virtue of size along with beauty and rareness. You can buy taxidermy mounts online but firstly you must always do research and understand the mounting style. With this knowledge, you get appreciation from taxidermists regarding your choice and opinion which would inspire them to present different options.

Antlers & Skulls

At Creel Taxidermy, you can encounter attractive deals on a range of antlers and skulls. Our craftsmen are specialized in preserving antlers and skulls of animals like Elk, Moose, Whitetail deer, Ibex, and many more. Our products are quality-assured providing the natural look that indicates the accuracy of the antler and skulls display. You can order antlers & skulls online from our platform and get them delivered to your doorsteps.

The taxidermy of antlers and skulls can be displayed in various ways, the most common includes the use of plaques or incorporated into larger taxidermy displays to replicate the natural-like setting of your trophy.

Process of Antlers and Skull Taxidermy

The process of preparing superior-quality antlers and skulls begins with an understanding of the minute details to be covered in the display. Once the antlers and skulls are acquired either through hunting or natural shedding, we can proceed with the procedure of cleaning and preserving with the help of skilled taxidermists.

The process of antler taxidermy firstly includes the removal of any remaining tissue, thereafter treating the material with required chemicals to prevent it from decay. It also maintains the strength and appearance of the object. Preserving antlers and skulls is very critical as it ensures the stability of antlers and skulls with the test of time.

Display Methods of Antlers And Skulls

Commonly there are three methods that are used to display antlers and skulls. These are as follows.

  • Plaques and Shields – This method is commonly used for European and antler mounts. These are made with wood and can be decorated. Further, plaques can be simple or ornate depending on the individual’s preference.
  • Pedestals – Another widely adopted method is pedestals. The freestanding mounts can be placed easily on tables and shelves. Moreover, they are suitable to hold large skulls or antlers to provide an intended view from different angles.
  • Wall Mounts – In the wall mount display method, the antlers and skulls are directly attached to the wall, also sometimes specialized brackets are used to secure mounting.

Taxidermy of antlers and skulls can be a rewarding hobby or business that offers a way to appreciate the natural beauty of wildlife by preserving them in a lasting form. We have an exclusive range and you can buy antlers & skulls online with just a click. Our works include antlers, skulls, and horns of African Blesbok, Maine Moose, African Cape Buffalo, and various others.

Furs & Rugs

Furs and Rugs are another significant category that falls under taxidermy works. Here the key focus relies on the preservation and display of an animal’s pelt. Further, this category of taxidermy involves a variety of methods to turn the animal skins into desired pleasing and durable.

You can get all your desired furs and rugs with us. You just need to order furs and rugs online from our platform and your desired product will be delivered to you. There are sometypes of furs and rugs which we deal with.

These types are given below:-

  • Full-Body Rugs – Full-body rugs are mostly prepared from large size animals such as bears, wolves, mountain lions, and similar others. Here the pelt is preserved sometimes including the head and often mounted on a felt or fabric backing.
  • Tanned Pelts – Tanned pelts allow the preservation of the entire skin of the animal. This can be used for a variety of purposes which include decorative wall hangings, upholstery, and others.
  • Decorative Fur Pieces – Under decorative fur pieces, a smaller section of fur can be used for decorative purposes including trim on clothes, home decor pieces, accessories, and others.

These types of furs and rug mounts increase the appearance of the display, however, selection depends on the taste of the individual.

Preparation Process Of Furs And Rugs

The whole process is completed following some steps. The details of these steps are given below:-

  • Skinning –  The process begins with careful skinning the animal so that the pelt remains intact and undamaged.
  • Fleshing – After the skinning, the fleshing step comes ahead under which all fat and muscle tissues are removed from the skin.
  • Tanning – This step is to preserve the animal’s skiing and make it soft and pliable. This step can be done using either traditional or modern methods.
  • Stretching and Drying – Here, the tanned hide is stretched and dried to maintain its shape and size.
  • Softening – The last step in which dried hide is worked to make it soft and supple, suitable for use as a rug or decorative piece.

A skilled craftsman follows all the steps to ensure the best output which would give a natural appearance.

How To Take Care And Maintenance Of Furs And Rugs?

To keep the beauty and charm of furs and rugs intact for a longer duration, you are required to do regular dusting and occasionally professional cleaning. Further, the store area also affects it, keeping it in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Moreover, if any repair is required get it done quickly from a skilled taxidermist. At our platform you also provide customer assistance, therefore buy furs and rugs online now and crack attractive deals.


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