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In addition to the right hashtag strategy, Creating the perfect Instagram Bio is probably one of the most important factors for success in the social network. Because interested parties who come to the profile via search, hashtags or a picture will see the Instagram bio first. This has to be convincing in order to gain a new follower. At first glance, it should be clear what the Instagram profile is about. However, there is very little space available for this. There is no room for a long company profile. Much more, there are rules of their own on how to build a perfect Instagram biography.

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What is the Instagram Bio? 

The Instagram biography is the first paragraph of your own feed. There is a compact overview of the content and users. The profile gives potential followers a quick overview of what they find in the feed and who is posting it. The bio consists of a profile picture, user and profile name, category, description, link and a call-to-action (only applies to business profiles). The description, which has the largest space in the entire bio, consists of a maximum of 150 characters. Not much space for a meaningful company description. Therefore, you should know how to create a perfect Instagram biography and what is important for the individual components.

User name

The username is one of the most important parts of the profile. Because it is searchable. And that’s pretty significant. In addition to the user name, only the profile name can be found by searching. The rest of the profile will not be searched. It is therefore advisable to use the most relevant keywords in the user name. I use the username @ on Instagram. So I will be found under my name in the search (useful for Personal Brands). The user name should be kept as precise and short as possible. Anyone who presents a company or product brand on Instagram should also reflect this in their username.

profile pic

Another important part of the Instagram profile is the profile picture. This is located at the top left and is shown in a circle. However, the image used should be square. The minimum requirement is 110x110px, but I would recommend a size of 400x400px to ensure a high-quality look. Scaling when uploading should be avoided if possible, as this can lead to a loss of quality.

There are always discussions about what should be used as a profile picture. Usually, two formats are suitable: a photo or the company logo. In my opinion, both variants are perfectly ok. What you use should primarily depend on the company’s structure (sole proprietorship or large corporation) and the company’s personality. A personal photo is clearly recommended for sole proprietorships. Whether it is a classic business portrait or a more relaxed version depends on your own appearance. In any case, however, it should be a professional recording and not a cell phone snapshot. In the case of small, medium-sized companies or large corporations, the use of the company logo also makes sense, unless there is a company head that is known to the general public, in which case a photo can of course also be used here. A personal picture has the advantage that followers can see who is behind the profile. This builds trust and emotional closeness – it just seems more personal. A logo, on the other hand, indicates distance and aloofness. At a well-known, large company, however, it also shows professionalism. For example, an Instagram profile for a major auto company with a profile picture of the CEO would look ridiculous.

Profile name

The profile name – not to be confused with the user name – is the first entry below the profile picture and the follower and post overview. Here the user can be dealt with more specifically. I have my name and my job title here. However, if all information is already given in the user name, there is also space for a slogan or further explanations. This line can also be changed again and again. All links are deleted for the user name, this is not the case for the profile name. Therefore, specific actions or the like can also be pointed out here. The profile name, as well as the user name, are taken into account in the search.


The category gives a classification of the industry in which you are. It is controlled via the link to the Facebook page. However, it can now also be changed manually via Instagram.


Probably the most important part of the Instagram bio is the profile description. Exactly 150 characters are available here. It, therefore, makes sense to write briefly, specifically and as clearly as possible. The structure typically looks like this:

  • Who?
  • What?
  • For whom?
  • CtA (e.g. Link: Read the Blog, or similar)

Especially the three questions Who? What? and for whom? should be mentioned in the description. You should put one paragraph per answer. This helps the profile visitor to quickly scan the profile. Emojis are also often used at the beginning of the lines. Here, however, it must be decided whether this fits the respective company. In addition to the classic variant, Instagram expert Trajan Tosev presents other options that you can use if you want to achieve a special goal with the Instagram profile.


Instagram offers next to no possibilities to set links. One of the few is the link that can be set within the Instagram bio. Therefore one should of course use this possibility. In Germany, the imprint must be directly accessible from the social network. This means that you have to put the reference to the imprint in the link . However, this eliminates the possibility of linking your own product or the latest blog article. A Linktree is recommended for this problem. So a link that leads to a page with further links. There are ready-made solutions for this, which you can use for a fee or you can simply tinker a page yourself. (Note: In this case, too, the link must lead directly to the imprint page. You can solve this problem by inserting the links at the top of the page and inserting the imprint information below.)

contact details

You can also specify direct contact options in business profiles. For example, you can store your telephone number and/or email. A call-to-action then appears in the profile, which executes the function (write email/call) directly. The email address, in particular, should be given in any case, as this makes it easier for the interested party to contact you. So if you want to be successful on Instagram, you should optimize your Instagram bio accordingly. This is not so hard. Have lots of fun with it!


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