Create, Review and Edit PDF Documents Using PDF Studio Viewer


In terms of names, PDF Studio Viewer is a rather apparent program. The primary purpose of this application is to assist users in viewing PDF files. Additionally, it has a few extra features that could possibly make working with this particular type of document simpler for users. 

It does not have any particularly noteworthy features, but it still works properly and users can rely on it whenever they will need it.

What is PDF Studio Viewer?

Cross-platform PDF reader PDF Studio Viewer is dependable and simple to use. With this software, users can annotate PDF files and complete interactive forms. 

Qoppa Software offers PDF Studio Standard and Pro editions with more editing features like: 

  • Fill out and save forms
  • High-fidelity PDF displays
  • Markup and annotate PDFs
  • Render Layers & Digital Signatures
  • Sophisticated user interface Options for Advanced Printing & Search Integrations with document storage Integration with DocuSign

The following are the features of a free version of PDF Studio

  • Advanced Print & Search Options
  • Advanced User Interface
  • Annotate & Markup PDFs
  • Display PDFs with high fidelity
  • Document Storage Integrations
  • DocuSign Integration
  • Fill & Save Forms
  • Render Digital Signatures & Layers

The following are the additional features of a standard version of PDF Studio Viewer.

  • Add Watermarks, Headers, Footers, Bookmarks
  • Append / Delete / Rotate Pages
  • Convert from / to other Formats
  • Create PDFs from Scan
  • Fast Sign PDFs
  • More Annotating Features
  • Secure Documents (Passwords)

The professional version will have these additional features besides all Features in Standard, Plus:

  • Advanced PDF Imposition Tools
  • Advanced PDF Splitting & Merging
  • Batch Process Multiple PDFs
  • Compare PDFs
  • Content Editing (Text and Images)
  • Digitally Sign PDFs
  • Interactive Form Designer
  • OCR (Text Recognition)
  • Optimize PDFs
  • PDF/A Validation / Conversion
  • Redact & Sanitize PDFs
  • Tag PDFs for Accessibility (PDF/UA)

The interface is simple, functional

One of those apps with lots of bells and whistles is PDF Studio Viewer. Users can always find out exactly where to find something by looking here. The app is easy to use. Functions have the appropriate labels. One may rotate and fit a page to a specific width, zoom in and out on any PDF page, highlight key phrases, and add all kinds of notes and shapes to any page of the document.

The user interface itself resembles an abridged version of earlier Microsoft Office programs. This is not to argue that it is inherently a terrible thing. Instead, it means that because this application will feel comfortable to users, they will always be able to find what they are looking for.

Always adjust the PDF preferences

It is possible to modify the application to function with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Additionally, one can change a few other viewing and editing choices. Although there is not much a user can change, these minor options provide the impression that the software has been specially designed for any user.

Comparing it to its far more complex rivals, PDF Studio Viewer may be a lot superior option for viewing this sort of file because of its straightforward approach.


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