Countries to Travel with Cheapest International Flight from India

Cheapest International Flight from India

Where can you go from India with Cheapest Flight Tickets?

International travel sounds so expensive that you rob the bank for an abroad tour. However, there are many countries to visit with the cheapest international flight from India

The top 10 international budget airlines, such as AirAsia, EasyJet, Jetstar Airways, Scoot, WestJet, Norwegian, Eurowings, and Southwest Airlines, offer the cheapest international flight bookings from India. 

In this blog, we have made your international tour easier. Here we have highlighted the cheapest countries to visit from India with cheap international air tickets.

Which is the cheapest Country to Visit from India at Low Air Tickets?

What kicks us hard when we plan an international trip from India? Airfare! There is a misconception that travelling abroad without burning a hole in your pocket is impossible. But, here is the list of the nine cheapest countries to travel from India on a shoestring budget for air tickets. 


UAE is one of the countries with a high rate of tourism. With the best international flight booking site, you can explore UAE’s famous places, monuments, and shopping malls and enjoy desert safaris, adventurous adventures, and water sports. 

We will use the cheapest place, but UAE is one of the places you can afford without costing a leg and an arm in money. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the best UAE emirates for on-budget vacationers with plenty of entertainment, desert jeep tours, beaches, etc. 

Generally, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday are the cheapest days to fly internationally. On the other hand, an international flight from Mumbai to Dubai might cost you as low as Rs. 14,096.


There are 14 top-rated places to visit in Cambodia. With the best international flight booking site for booking cheap international air tickets to explore the magnificently colossal historical and beautiful powdery white sand, turquoise waters, and miles of forests. Cambodia is a perfect international destination to enjoy religious, cultural, and recreational tours. Angkor Wat, Sihanoukville, Tonle Sap, Koh Ker, Bayon Temple, Silver Pagoda, and Preah Vihear are the best places to visit in Cambodia. 

Cambodia’s cheapest international flight from India is as low as  Rs. 19,526.


Travelling to international destinations is a pleasure you can afford if you have as low as ten lacs in your bank account. This is a misconception that stops a lot of travellers from travelling to beautiful international locations from India. 

Vietnam is a country known for its picturesque landscapes. It is one of the famous international locations to explore with a low budget. This international travel destination has beautiful beaches to enjoy windsurfing, kite-running, and yacht and boat cruises. 

The cheapest international flight from India to Vietnam will cost you as low as Rs. 15,947. 


Why is Thailand the most visited country in the world? We can give you the top six reasons why so many Indians visit Thailand – closeness with India, visa-on-arrival facility, cheaper international destination than other countries, a safe destination, natural diversity, beautiful beaches, water sports, and nightlife. 

Thailand is one of the international destinations to travel from India to get that awestruck feeling. On the cheapest days to fly internationally, you can book your India to Thailand air ticket which starts at a minimum of Rs. 9,849. And, when you visit Thailand, you must visit Phuket, Santikhiri, Bangkok, and Tarutao.


Singapore is known as Lion City, the highest tourist place in the world. This beautiful country has a colourful culture and everything to amaze tourists and grow tourism. 

Singapore is famous for its nature tours, shopping markets, sightseeing, beaches, and wildlife. Merlion park, the civilian war memorial, Singapore flyer Istana, the temple of 1000 lights, and the helix bridge are some places to explore in Singapore, which are not expensive as some are free attractions. 

SuperbMytrip is the best international flight booking site to explore for the cheapest flight rates to travel from India to Singapore, as low as Rs. 13,816. 


It is one of the international travel destinations to explore the spectacular beaches, pleasing climate, and turquoise waters. Malaysia is a new tourist hub that offers many activities like wildlife tours, cultural tours, local sightseeing, etc., to experience. Travelling from India to Malaysia is undoubtedly affordable as its cheapest international flight from India starts from Rs. 10,804.

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is famous for its islands, skyline, temple, night street markets, Chinese architecture, hills of Nan Lian Garden, 

and delectable international feasts. There is no need to rob a bank to explore the beauty and nightlight of Hong Kong. You can visit this destination and book the cheapest international flight from India, starting as low as Rs. 16,462.


Pink Sand Beach in La Digue is some of the beautiful beaches that attract tourists to Seychelles. On the other hand, Seychelles has some UNESCO sites and the best places for scuba diving. 

This international destination is perfect for spending holidays with family and friends. On the same side, Seychelles is a place to explore different adventures and relaxation activities. 

Seychelles is where you can visit through the cheapest international airlines and get the best deal on flight fares to start as low as Rs. 19,930.


The Place, Indonesia is where you can relax and spend your time watching the gorgeous beaches. It is the best international destination to explore and enjoy water sports and activities like surfing, parasailing, and banana boat ride.

It is the best to enjoy leisure, volcano tours, scuba diving, and snorkelling. Bali, Jakarta, Pangandaran Beach, Wakatobi, Pangandaran, and Toba are some places you must visit when travelling to Indonesia.

Indonesia is where you can go with the cheapest flight bookings from India, starting from Rs. 15,249.

These are the international locations to visit without spending a leg and an arm in money. But, the ticket prices of all these locations are under Rs. 20,000. Here are some countries that might cost you air tickets more than Rs.20,000. 

  1. Turkey – Cheap international air tickets start from Rs. 21,035.
  2. South KoreaThe cheapest international flight from India, starts from Rs. 20,056.

Some Famous Countries with their Cheapest Air Tickets Price 

  1. Sweden – $6.96.
  2. Spain – $7.08.
  3. South Africa – $7.25.
  4. Moldova – $7.37.
  5. Japan – $7.57.
  6. Russia – $7.60.
  7. Poland – $7.75.

Tips to Get Cheap Flight Tickets:

  1. Do Not Ignore the Book Early Myth – It is a misconception that you get a heavy discount if you book early. Do not believe in such myths that tourists and travellers use to distract you from the advantage of the advanced booking benefits. 
  2. Be Flexible and Search for Offers on Travel Websites – Use incognito mode on your search engine to get different suggestions and offers.  
  3. Search According to your Destinations – If you want to go to two or three places, match the fear of air tickets for each location. For instance, if you plan to go to Thailand and Bangkok, search for flight ticket costs from Delhi to Thailand, Delhi to Bangkok, North Thailand to Bangkok, Bangkok to South Thailand, etc. 
  4. Take Advantage of Student, Married Couple, Family, or Friends Discounts – Many tours and travel agencies offer such discounts to attract customers and maintain a healthy relationship with their existing clients. 
  5. Discounts for Old Customers – There are discounts for regular customers as a thank you note for maintaining a connection to the same company and using their services.

Have plans to travel abroad to your favourite country? Consult the best international flight booking site, SuperbMyTrip, and book your cheap international air tickets. 


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