Cost of Living during MBBS in China

cost of living during mbbs in china
Cost of Living during MBBS in China

To study in China is about quality education at a low cost. Many international students insist on a cost-effectiveness degree in China. Here, we present to you an estimate of your spending if you plan to study in the country of the great dragon. The cost of living during MBBS in China is very low as compare to other countries.

Studying in China – China is a relatively low cost than studying and living in any European or other countries of the world. Usually, the annual cost as far as tuition fee is anxious varies from one university to the other depending on the location, and the chosen course. On average, the tuition fee might vary from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 3 lakh approximately (23,000 RMB to 35,000 RMB). Universities may also charge a little extra amount as a hostel fee. It is about Rs. 1 lakh.

Getting about in the City – Getting about the cities of China is fairly easy on the pocket as the public transportation is quite good with places well – linked by local trains and buses. You can get a Transport IC Card made which offers a maximum of 60% discount. You can get a card at any larger bus station or subway station. You do not need to hand photos, visa permit or any other certificate and no need to fill any form.

Eating Out – Eating out in China is quite affordable. A regular meal at the university canteen or a small local restaurant or a street food stall typically costs around Rs. 45 – 250 (5 – 25 RMB). The mid-range dining options in Rs. 250-500 (25-45 RMB) include Chinese and international cuisine. The Shangdi area in eastern Beijing is where many Indians are staying and the Wudauko area is popular with international students in China.

Accommodation – Most Chinese universities offer very good and comfortable dormitories, especially for international students. The bedroom generally has a private bathroom in each room have refrigerators, internet access, TV, washing machine, and even a small kitchen. While you can stay at the university facilities, you can also choose to rent an apartment outside the university. Although most of the universities in Beijing are located in the western part of the city, students generally consider living in the east. This is because of most of the restaurants, bars, clubs, as well as international hospitals and foreign beauty salons, etc. They are on the east side. A 1BHK apartment in the city center will cost approximately Rs. 30,000 – 40,000 (3000 – 4000 RMB).

Scholarships in ChinaScholarships for MBBS in China generally follow educational exchange agreements or agreements reached between the Chinese government and the governments of other countries, organizations, educational institutions, and relevant international organizations to provide full and partial scholarships to international students and scholars.


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