Cory Harow: A Story of a Doctor Dedicated to Israel


A Story of a Doctor There’s a major issue in American Jewish youths’ perception of Israel. Unfortunately they believe that the Palestinians as well as the BDS movement have been winning the public relations game however, a lot of what they claim or convey is false. I recently heard a young, college-aged, Jewish student refer to Israel as an apartheid-like state. In our capacity as an ethical Jewish adultes, we should be able to teach our children about the past of Israel and the reasons it was difficult for Jews to exist in the world prior to the existence of an State of Israel and how the Israeli-Palestinian war is far more complicated than it seems.

We require many more as Cory as well as Rachel Harow. Recently, I had the privilege of learning about their life in their role as proud Zionists.

Cory is medical doctor in emergency medicine and his wife, Rachel reside within Boca Raton, Florida. Like me, they were born Americans who were in love with everything Israel. Cory was raised in Zionist-related families with three brothers who attended Religious Zionist summer camps. His brothers were able to make Aliyah with their families of young age as they entered their 20s.  went to the Ramah Camp for twelve years.  Cory was a constant presence in every moment in Israel. He worked on three distinct Israel teens’ tours, and was a second summer spent doing chemical research on the campus of Tel Aviv University, and always looked for opportunities to help Israel and to help keep the Jewish homeland safe and thriving.

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In pursuit of this plan, at the age of 19 Cory Harow left Tel Aviv University and joined the Israel Defense Force, serving in the Gavati Infantry Brigade.

Doctor. Cory Harow at the Israeli Army medical officers’ course. (Rachel Harow)

 It’s a disciplined choice It requires dedication, it requires drive. The volunteers are referred to as Lone Soldiers, because they do not have the support networks local to them (family) which Israeli soldiers enjoy. The experience of being an Lone Soldier is very difficult and can be very lonely, but it also gives an elevated sense of achievement as well as the confidence that you defended your beliefs in a meaningful manner.

Following having completed his Army duty, Cory Harow returned to the US for medical school. However, his passion for Israel never faded. He was obsessed.

Israel, where they’ve been almost every year since.

Cory has done significant charitable work to support Israel as well as the soldiers and women who are part of the armed forces of Israel. Cory as well as Rachel have been generous donors and patrons to The Friends of the IDF, which is a non-profit foundation that supports cultural, recreational, educational and social programs and facilities for Israel’s guardians. 

The FIDF’s most recognizable programs is the scholarship program. The FIDF gives soldiers who can’t pay for university tuition with the opportunity to receive a full scholarship. In reality it is said that the FIDF has sent thousands of soldiers to universities as well.

including Yashar Lechayal, Standing Together as well as Standing Together, the Helping Israel Fund and JNF. Through these organizations, they’ve been able to augment the regular army’s supplies and supply winter-friendly, warm gear and other necessities to thousands of soldiers. It is crucial to keep in mind that when we’re warm and cozy during the winter months, that those who defend Israel may not be.

As impressed at the harow’s kindness,

I’m more shocked that Cory continues to find ways to claim himself an ally of Israel. Cory is now a member of Israel’s Israeli Army Reserves and has been promoted to Seren, also known as Captain. Cory whom is actually Dr. Harow was away for 5 weeks this summer, separated from his family members, attending an educational course run through the Army for Israeli doctors. Although Cory isn’t a resident of Israel but

He will then return to Israel to take care of Israeli soldiers for about 2-4 weeks each year.

 It was during this course of training, on an unmanned military base in which the Dr.

Rachel Harow has been a great supporter of the Harow’s advocacy for Israel. Every year, thousands of females who participate in “Sherut Leumi”, Israel’s national service program, go out to assist diaspora communities as well as to introduce a flavor from Israel to Jews across the globe. The women who are 18-19 have never left homeand aren’t any less “Lone Soldiers” than their male counterparts in the IDF. Rachel has embraced with enthusiasm the official role of “foster mother” for these young Israelis. Every August, two fresh young, idealistic women are greeted by Rachel when they board the El Al flight in Florida and immediately become part of in the Harow family. Rachel often cooks meals for them, goes shopping with them, schedules doctor appointments, and makes sure they’re invited to family members from the community for each Sabbath and holiday dinner.

Sometimes, they request that they “just stay at home”

however, by that they are usually referring to their preference to relax at the Harow’s. Through Bar Mitzvah’s and hurricanes as well as all the rest The Harow guest room has been used by females who are part of Sherut Leumi nearly every weekend over the last five years.

While Rachel is extremely busy caring for four children who are active she has graciously accepted many community roles. She was president of the synagogue’s sisterhood, serves as the head of her HOA and will soon become the school’s president PTA. But she is still focusing on her love of Israel that is manifested, in part, by her care and love towards Sherut Leumi “her girls”.

be a positive influence on the current generation of Jewish youngsters,

imagine how brighter the potential for future generations of Jewish people would look

be a positive influence on the current generation of Jewish youngsters,

imagine how brighter the potential for future generations of Jewish people would look



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