CorTen Steel’s Beneficial Characteristics


What are Corten Steel’s Beneficial Characteristics? This article is all about it. CorTen, often known as weathering steel, is a special type of steel developed by the US Steel Corporation that has several unique features that sculptors and architects adore. It’s unique in that it’s carefully engineered to generate a protective layer of rust that protects the steel’s deeper layers from corrosion. The advantages are self-evident. However, there are more benefits to using CorTen steel in your construction projects.

CorTen is a type of carbon steel that has been injected with carbon for added strength. Modern swords, interestingly, are also made of carbon-infused steel. It’s known as “high carbon steel” in the sword industry. It hardens the steel to the point that it can withstand the abuse that would bend or break lesser steel. Carbon steels are also more prone to rusting on the surface. The superficial rust in CorTen, on the other hand, is tuned for beauty and durability.

While CorTen steel isn’t appropriate for every project, the attributes it was designed to have made it a wonderful choice for builders seeking the properties it was supposed to have.


One of the reasons CorTen is popular among architects and sculptors is the external layer of rust that forms on its surface when exposed to the correct conditions. 
CorTen oxidizes to vivid, mute-reddish brown, like the red rock faces of Utah, Texas, and South America. 
This organic steel patina looks fantastic on large, imposing surfaces.
Because conjoined joints will fuse together via surface rust, this special steel allows for particular design styles. This fact makes the steel popular among sculptors, who profit from the capacity to create unique new shapes. However, the fusing quality of CorTen can benefit even simple constructions. If you built a steel structure out of this material, it would become one solid piece from end to end, ceiling to floor, within a year or two, making it highly stiff and durable.
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