Correct Your Gummy Smile With Gum Contouring

Gum Contouring for Gummy Smile Treatment in Dubai

What is Gummy Smile?

If your front teeth are being covered up substantially by your gums then you have a gummy smile. This can easily make your smile look unappealing and it can hide your teeth. Fortunately gum contouring can be used to help you with correcting that gummy smile.

Gum contouring is a process of reducing the gum coverings that are found on your front teeth. While the use of a scalpel has been used in the past in recent time painless laser techniques have been used to help with correcting gummy smile with ease.


In this process an anesthetic will be used. This is used to help with removing the feeling that you would have in your front teeth. When this is done it will be easier for you to feel comfortable during the entire process. After this is done your dentist will work to help with reshaping your gums by cutting off excess gums and sealing up gums. A scalpel can be used by the dentist but a laser can be used as well. This laser can work to help with closing up blood vessels so that the level of bleeding in the gums will be substantially reduced. The recovery time after a laser process is much shorter than that of what is used for a scalpel process.

In some of the more severe cases of a gummy smile some bone that the teeth use for rooting will have to be removed. This is a process that works in the event that the gum could possibly end up moving back towards the teeth later on. After this process is handled a crown or a veneer will be used to help with improving the look of the tooth that has been handled in this deep process.


While gum contouring can be used for correcting your gummy smile you should be aware of the risk of swelling in the area that has been treated. In the event that an excessive amount of gum has been removed from the mouth it can be harder for the gums to be able to heal and swelling can occur. Additional treatments may be required in this case.

It should also be noted that gum contouring is relatively affordable but it still costs a good amount of money. Gum contouring with a laser process can cost more than a hundred pounds in most cases.

If you have a gummy smile you should look into getting your gums corrected through a gum contouring process. This process is one that can work to help make your smile more appealing and to keep your gums from covering up your smile. Laser technology has made it an especially great process to consider.


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