Cool and Fun Prop Ideas for your Wedding Photobooth


Wedding seasons are in and people have already begun arranging for the necessary rituals, venue, jewellery, gifts, designer bridal lehenga, designer sherwani for the groom, arrangements and what not! It has almost become a competition in our society to organize and orchestrate the best wedding ever. People leave no stone unturned to layout a lavish and grand party to please their guests.

If you too are a part of this elaborate plan of putting up the most quirky wedding ever, we have a few suggestions for you to glam-up that party of yours. The most in and trending decoration are the putting up of a photo booth! Yes, you heard it right! The most attention-seeking and favourite of the guests is an attractive photo booth with a variety of prod to pose with! The whole purpose of dressing up on weddings is to get the craziest of pictures in funkiest of poses!

Here are a few fantastic ideas to deck up your wedding photo booth

#7 Prop Ideas for Wedding Photobooth

1. “Team Bride” Prop

If you are from the bride’s side, you can make props with “Team Bride” written on them or if you are from the groom’s side you can hold props reading “Dulhe Waale”. Choose your side and accordingly your prop!

2. Funky Placards

You can make placards of sorts reading “I am here for the free food” or “I hope I am looking hot” just to cheer things up and lighten the atmosphere with light-hearted jokes.

Image source: Pinterest

3. Cartoon Cut-outs

You can also make cut-outs of crowns or wands or moustaches or hold placards of readings like “#sistersquad” or “brothersquad” or “MereBrotherkiDulhan” or come up with your own witty write-ups depending upon your relation with the bride and groom. You can even get cartoon pictures of the bride and groom or certain family members if it does not offend anyone and seems alright. You can use those as face masks and get funny pictures for yourselves!

4. Coloured Photobooth

You can have a theme-based photo booth rental bay area to make it look more engaging and eye-catching. For example, you can style all your props in yellow or blue or red or whatever colour you think will go with the arrangement of the wedding. Arrange the decorations accordingly. Generally, a colourful photo booth yields better quality pictures and adds colour to beautiful memories to be weaved.

5. Cinema Styled Photobooth

If it fits in your budget, you can even arrange for stylized thrones or film-based photo booth or themed on a specific series or film which the bride and groom favour. This will not only please the pair infinitely, but it will also be an outstanding stop for all the wedding guests. This kind of rare ideas will catch attention and garner praise for the unique display. After all, who does not wish to pose on a make-believe film set!

6. Flowery Photobooth

How about a photo booth which almost resembles a fresh and blooming nursery! A photo booth only ladened with all kinds of flowers peeping from the insides, from above and below. Roses of all kind, orchids, sunflowers, dahlia, lavender and every possible variety arranged most delicately. To add to this beauty, you can put a swing in the centre of this artificial garden for the people to sit and get clicked in grace.

7. Personalized Photobooth

If nothing suits your taste, you can always deck up the photo booth with things which are the bride and groom’s favourite. For example, a certain favourite novel or a film or certain chocolate, the name of their favourite place, their favourite actor or actress or anything which suggests or talks of them. You can either make cute cut-outs of these essentials or simply mention them on a poster or placard and hold it up high.

Image source: Pinterest





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