Convert DBX to PST using a Manual or Professional way!

DBX to PST Converter

Speaking of DBX conversion to PST, there are many options available. If we want to check the conversion of the DBX files to Outlook PST format there are two options. Users can easily and conveniently follow the conversion of the DBX files to Outlook PST format by using this advanced DBX to PST Converter tool. Moreover, both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express are the most popular email clients. We will talk all about the conversion using both the professional and manual methods to convert the DBX files to Outlook PST format.

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Why do users need to convert DBX files to PST format?

Let’s start with the reasons why users convert their DBX files to Outlook PST format.

There can be many conditions that lead to the situation of converting DBX files to PST. Some of these are specified below:

  • The Outlook Express DBX file is not available in Outlook directly, which can be considered one of the conditions for converting DBX files to PST format. PST file is the only appropriate file format for accessing mailbox data in Outlook.
  • MS Outlook offers a variety of advanced features such as Calendar, Journal, Tasks, and much more that are not available in Outlook Express.
  • Microsoft no longer supports and does not keep Outlook Express.
  • MS Outlook has a filter for both incoming and outgoing emails. In Outlook Express, users can only filter incoming email messages.
  • Home users usually use Outlook Express.

The manual method of conversion

Before you start manually transferring email messages from DBX to PST, make sure you have Windows Live Mail on your system. In Windows Vista, the program is automatically available. And if you are using Windows, you can easily download the Windows Live Mail application online. The steps to convert the DBX files to Outlook PST format manually are provided below;

  1. First, make sure the MS Outlook tool is turned off, and then open Microsoft Outlook on your system.
  2. In the taskbar, click the File menu> Open> Import.
  3. Go to Import and Uninstall Wizard and select Import Internet Mail and addresses from the list.
  4. Then click Next to continue.
  5. To proceed to the Outlook Import Inbox dialog box, select the Outlook Express option from the list. Also, check the “Submit Mail” and/or “Address Entry” boxes provided in front of you.
  6. Click Next to continue the process.
  7. If you check the “Import Address Book” box, a dialog of the import address dialog box will appear. Then you can click on any of these items from the options provided:
  8. Swap duplicates with imported items. Allow duplicates to be created. Do not import duplicate items
  9. Finally, click Finish to begin the process.

Professional method of conversion

If you are not satisfied with the manual strategies above. Since they do not give you satisfactory results for you. After that, you should go to find a tool that will easily export the Outlook Express DBX file to Outlook PST. Therefore, I would recommend that you download and use DBX to PST Converter software which is one of the easiest and smartest ways to convert DBX files to PST format. Many users wanted to switch Outlook Express to Outlook versions and convert DBX to PST format but could not find the right solution. With this tool, you can easily export DBX in PST format with the new Outlook file format. The steps to convert the DBX files to PST format using this advanced tool are provided below;

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  • First install and start the application
  • Now, select the DBX files you want to convert to PST format

Browse DBX File

  • Preview those files

Preview Outlook Express to Outlook

  • Add storage space for converted DBX files
  • Finally, click the “Convert Now” button.

Export DBX to Outlook

Final Words

Try this advanced DBX to PST Converter tool for easy conversion of the DBX files. The tool is easy to be used by any user and provides an ultimate solution for all the users who tend to convert DBX files to PST format. Users must download the trial version of the application.


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