Confluence vs Quickbase: Which Software is Cost Effective for Your Team? 

Confluence vs Quickbase: Which Software is cost effective for Your Team? 

If you’re considering implementing a project management system, you’ll probably want to compare Confluence cost vs Quickbase cost. The pros and cons of each tool are discussed in this article. We’ll go over the security features of Confluence, as well as the integrations it has with other products. We’ll also look at why Confluence costs more than Quickbase, and how it might be better suited for smaller teams.

Confluence is better for security

Security is a top priority when it comes to any enterprise application, and Confluence is no different. By following a few simple steps, you can make your Confluence organization safer than ever. Secure admin sessions, for example, require administrators to re-enter their passwords after every access attempt. Similarly, you can limit access to Confluence’s administration interface to users with specific domain names. Administrators should also limit the number of power users and groups to prevent brute-force attacks.

If your company is concerned about security, you might want to opt for another option. Confluence has enterprise-grade security, which is GDPR and Privacy-Shield compliant. It also enforces two-step verification and has unlimited storage, advanced admin controls, and premium support. You can also choose to set up private and shared access to a project or to individual users, which can be advantageous if your team is spread out across multiple locations.

It integrates with Jira

Aha! Roadmaps can now integrate with Jira via webhooks. When you paste the URL of Aha! Roadmaps into Jira, you’ll automatically receive updates when changes are made. If you’re using Jira as your issue tracking tool, you can use this integration to automate the creation of new issue records. For Jira integration to work properly, you’ll want to set the Required flag for fields in Jira. You can choose to map the Jira issue resolution field to Aha! Roadmaps.

Apart from integrating with Jira, you can also connect Bitbucket with Jira. Although Bitbucket lacks features for bug tracking and code review, it integrates with Jira to simplify processes and route tasks from person to person. You can even connect Jira to many other tools with the help of plugins available on the Atlassian marketplace. Here are some other tools that integrate with Jira:

It is more expensive than Quickbase

If your business is small, you might not be able to justify the price of a professional application like Confluence. While Confluence has a hefty price tag, it is cheaper in the long run than competing tools. Additionally, you can scale the number of users with the software. While the Quickbase software standard package offers generous API capacities, but if you’re a large enterprise, you might want to consider the platform plan, which comes with 10 times more API capacity.

Airtable is less expensive than Confluence, but it lacks the grouping functionality of Confluence. The latter does, however, offer a more customizable interface. You can create databases, Kanban boards, and other Notion-specific features, so you might want to check out Airtable before deciding on Confluence. Nonetheless, Airtable has a steep learning curve. If you’re using it for a small team, Airtable is an excellent alternative.


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