Comparing Apache Web Server V/S LiteSpeed Web Server

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Do you know the technical definition of a web server? This blog is going to help you by giving an overview of different types of web servers and how you can choose the best web hosting company in USA!

A program is designed to use HTTP for serving files that create web pages. These pages are used as a response to users’ requests sent by HTTP clients, this whole program is called a web server. A server delivering an XML file to another device is basically a web server. Simply, you can say that a web server is a server that responds to HTTP requests for delivering further information. Let’s take an example, if you are browsing the internet, and a message pops up that says, ” I had just read a great article about a web design agency in USA   URL:” All you have to do is insert this URL in your browser and press enter!

The web server on which the website is based doesn’t matter as all the pages that are browsed appear immediately on the computer screen. Because the web server is connected to the internet always, each web server tends to have a unique address which is made of a series of four numbers between 0 and 255 that are separated by a period (.). A web design agency can manage multiple domains on a single server. Let’s have a look at different types of servers to get deep into this concept:

Types of Web Servers

The major types are Apache, IIS, Nginx, and LiteSpeed. A web agency in USA rents a server or cluster of servers for people to create their website for online presence. Here we are going to discuss the most vital Apache and LiteSpeed.

Apache Web Server

It is one of the most popular web servers that even the best web hosting company in USA uses. Apache Web Server is developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Being an open-source software, it supports all operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Unix, FreeBSD, and many more. Around 70% of the machines run on Apache Web Server. So you can easily customize this web server because of its modular structure. Even your own modules can be added here if you want to modify the details according to your requirements. Apache is highly stable as compared to other web servers; here, all administrative issues can be resolved easily. Users can install Apache on multiple platforms successfully with the help of a web design agency. Its latest version offers the flexibility in handling many requests at the same time.

Lite Speed Web Server

This high-performing Apache drop-in replacement is quite recommended on the internet these days. , LiteSpeed (LSWS) is a commercial web server that improves site performance at a low operating cost. The server is compatible with htaccess, mod_rewrite, and mod_security. That is why it has the ability to load Apache configuration files directly and work on them with all hosting control panels. The top-rated web agency in USA believes it can replace the Apache in15 minutes without downtime. It can also replace features that most front-end proxy solutions can’t do. LiteSpeed Web Server simplifies the usage and makes the transition from Apache smoothly. Lighttpd was released back in 2003, and now 0.2 % of all websites run under it. Lighttpd stands unique because of its low memory footprint, small CPU load, and speed optimization. Web frameworks such as Catalyst and Ruby on Rails prefer LiteSpeed Web Server.

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