Common QuickBooks License Error: How to Fix it?

QuickBooks License Error

Are you one of those QuickBooks Clients who usually come across with QuickBooks License Error? Did you receive the message on your screen Couldn’t introduce QuickBooks License Properties? Would you like to know the cause of this error? So, in this article, we have referenced the possible causes for the QuickBook License Error and the different troubleshooting ways to resolve this error. However, we have attempted to engage every one of your questions concerning this error, yet our QuickBooks Experts are also available to help you with all QuickBooks Services on our contact number +18668125846.

What is a QuickBooks License Error?

Normally, QuickBooks License Error emerges because of license properties in the QuickBooks Company file of QuickBooks Services. You will receive a message on your screen that shows up as “Couldn’t instate QuickBooks License Properties” promptly upon the harm of entitlementDatastore.ecml record. It comes, over and over, depending on the number of times you click on OK. ordinarily, it emerges, when you have not closed down your system properly. QuickBooks License Error Code is 3371. But there might be an alternate arrangement of status codes for a similar error code 3371. it appears as: 

  • [Error Code is 3371 and status code is 11118]
  • [Error Code 3371, status code: 1]

This error code is not able to load QuickBooks license Data due to adulterated or harmed company files. Additionally, when you attempt to involve a similar license for another client this license error code happens. Or if you have added the incorrect license number for a similar client.

Resolving Common QuickBooks License Error in Few Steps.

The QuickBooks License Error can be fixed by erasing the ruined document EntitlementDataStore.ecml.

You can resolve the accompanying issues or errors by doing this task.:-

  • QuickBooks Desktop Reconfiguration Error
  • Online Sync is debilitated. Authorized Information
  • “You should prefer the bookkeeper’s duplicate file move service,” says QuickBooks.
  • Error Code 3371: License properties couldn’t be instated
  • QuickBooks isn’t enrolled, as indicated by the error message. The client will not be able to use Online Banking because of this issue.

1. Unable to Find the License Number in Quickbooks

What is the License Number in QuickBooks?

Assuming you upgrade to another PC, you’ll have to observe the QuickBooks License Information and the product number on the off chance that you wish to reinstall the software and monitor records and exercises. Now and again, it frequently happens that the clients will quite often lose their QuickBooks Product and Intuit License number or are unable to observe the license number in QB.

How to Resolve License Number in QuickBooks

The way to resolve License Number in QuickBooks.

  • Embed the installation plate into the drive to start the installation activity.
  • The installation program should start all alone.
  • Pick the Reinstall button.
  • Note the numbers in the QuickBooks License Information and Product Number window.
  • Eventually, select the Cancel choice.

2. QuickBooks License Error After the Cloning Problem

As we as a whole realize that to install QuickBooks on any PC system, we are required to finish up the product code and license number for software validation. The secret code that contains the information is always encrypted and very secure. You might discover a few issues while adding the QuickBooks license to enact your software. These errors happen when the encrypted files get harmed or missing.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop

Here are the features of QuickBooks Desktop are below:

  • Tax filing
  • Accounting
  • Online Payments
  • Generate Invoice
  • Generate Employee’s Payroll
  • Create expense, income, & purchase reports

How to Resolve QuickBooks License Error after cloning?

Here are some ways to resolve QuickBooks License Error after cloning.

  1. Most importantly, close the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  2. Ensure that the whole QuickBooks process is halted.
    • Presently Hit the ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ keys on your keyboard.
    • Explore to the Task Manager.
    • In the list of processes for the occasions of EXE
    • Then, Select the example and hit the End Task.
  3. Go to the entitlement data folder.
    • Explore to “Run”
    • Then, at that point, go to the ‘C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 (or v6)’ and press the ‘Enter’ key.
    • Perform right-click on the ‘ecml file’ and pick the ‘Erase’ button
    • Once the ecml file is erased, open the company file and register the application.

3. QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data.

QuickBooks is an extraordinary accounting automation apparatus that makes your work more straightforward. Nonetheless, there is a lot of errors that can spring up all of a sudden and can be disappointing. It is fundamental to realize the root causes of these errors to investigate as needs be and successfully. Unseemly windows configuration or the shortfall of vital windows parts can likewise result in QuickBooks giving error messages. That being said, using third-party software can also affect the normal function of QuickBooks and its components.

Causes of QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data

Here are the possible causes of QuickBooks could not load the license data.

  • An obsolete Windows working system that is feeling the loss of certain parts for the software to run appropriately or an enemy of infection program that has hailed significant QuickBooks files and isolated them forestalling QuickBooks desktop to work appropriately.
  • Missing QuickBooks desktop files/parts or degenerate files.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data?

Here are some ways to resolve QuickBooks Could Not Load the License Data.

  • Click on the Windows Start menu at the left lower part of the desktop
  • Type “Run” in the inquiry box and click the open pursuit discourse box
  • Type C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 and afterward Enter. If this doesn’t open an organizer, enter C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v6 all things considered.
  • Track down EntitlementDataStore.ecml and erase it.
  • Presently open QuickBooks
  • It will take you to the product enrollment process.
  • Enter the license data provided with your software and register your product.

4. Not able to transfer QuickBooks license from one computer to another

When a client is working on QuickBooks software, there comes a time when he needs to transfer the QuickBooks from an old PC to another PC. There can be any cause behind this judgment. A client can undoubtedly utilize the transient apparatus to transfer QuickBooks software from his old to another PC with a limit of three files and if the client is utilizing an Us version of a single-client QuickBooks Desktop. When a user wishes to do so, he/she should follow the steps below to install or migrate QB Desktop installation:

  • Make a note of your QuickBooks license and product number.
  • Create a Duplicate of your QuickBooks company file for safekeeping.
  • Utilizing an outside disc or the cloud, send the backup file to yourself.
  • Neatly install QuickBooks on the new system. Ensure the installation source you’re using is ready to work.
  • To enact QuickBooks on the new system, enter your product and license numbers.
  • Reestablish the QuickBooks information backup you made on the earlier system
  • Eliminate the QuickBooks program from your past PC.

How to Resolve Not able to transfer QuickBooks license from one computer to another

Here are some ways to resolve Not able to transfer QuickBooks license from one computer to another.

Shut down all background running applications

  • Close QuickBooks as the underlying step in this interaction
  • Then, at that point, close any QuickBooks processes that are as yet working
  • In the run box, type C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\ v8(or v6) and press Ok
  • You’ll have to open Task Manager for the previous step
  • Find all QBW32.EXE cases in the cycles tab
  • Then, at that point, select them and select Finish Task
  • From that point forward, erase the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and register the application in QuickBooks
  • At long last, open the QuickBooks company file and register the application.


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