Common Mistake to Avoid in HME Billing

HME Billing Services

Managing HME billing has always been tough. In fact, today keeping with the complex regulatory compliance, shifting billing regulations and payers requirements can be quite demanding for many HME providers at times.

With such a hectic Home Medical Equipment billing workflow process especially with limited resource access, today billing operation is a part of constant target of errors and sometimes these can result in a considerably high loss. However, all of this can be avoided if careful attention is given and taken care of cautiously

Few common HME billing mistakes that can impact your revenue:

  • Being ignorant of Home Medical Equipment billing requirements – When invoicing or payment for the HME services is not in accordance with the HME policy or its payer’s requirements it ends up forming an error.
  • Coding Errors – 71% of billing mistakes occur due to errors in code. Errors like using wrong HCPCS CODES, mismatch of codes, use of wrong modifier etc are all forms of a coding error.
  • Insufficient Documentation – incomplete documentation or when documentation does not fully support the billed procedure code or patient information, it falls under insufficient documentation.

Without adequate documentation, coders and billers will not only struggle to enter the relevant information but will also delay patient care and resulting in claim denials. And practice will end up losing a lot of money, time and sweat.

Ways to Reduce Home Medical Equipment Billing Errors:

To fix the majority of the error and faults, there are various steps that HME providers should adopt into everyday billing starting with:

  • Ensure right checks and balance – continuously and thoroughly checks and rechecks avoid silly mistakes and thus it further reduces the chances of denial claims and rejection of claims as well.
  • Work with dedicated resources – experienced and dedicated resources make the billing process easy. With an experienced team of billers working to improve your billing efficiency and understands of all your billing requirements and updates ensure lesser error rates.
  • Outsource – having a team of billers as your operational partner who knows CMS guidelines and regulations can help with better Home Medical Equipment billing operations. Ensuring timely and accurate claims submission, outsourcing your HME billing further help with the reduced operational cost, shrinking of your AR days and elimination of any kind of billing duplicity and billing frauds as well. In fact, Sunknowledge Services Inc is a perfect fit for managing your HME billing today.

Why Sunknowlege is the perfect fit for your HME billing:

With a team of experienced billers and coders who are familiar with CMS guidelines and regulations, Sunknowledge ensures improved Home Medical Equipment billing transactions. In fact, partnering with Sunknowledge for managing your HME billing help you gain access to a team of highly trained coders and billers that are dedicated to delivering timely payments, ensuring a seamless billing transaction, minimizing errors and increasing collections.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the Sunknowledge experts over a ‘no-commitment call’ and end all your HME billing mistakes.



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