Common misconceptions to avoid when you go for WordPress development services


As we all know, WordPress is the best and open source CMS to create a unique and user-friendly blogging website, right? A big NO. It was a simple CMS a few years ago but now, it has evolved a lot in the last many years, and now it is not a CMS that can develop only blogging websites. Now, it contains all the required elements to create business websites, websites for the government, portfolio websites, and many other WordPress development services. 

8therate is the Best WordPress Development Company that provides multiple WordPress development services like website creation, theme creation, plugin creation, and many more. As per the business requirement and target market, there will be multiple differences in the website will have unique designs like colors, sidebar, header, footer, and many other elements that make your website user-friendly and attractive.

Additionally, the advantage of going with WordPress is once you have created a website from a Custom WordPress Development Company or used a theme then you will be able to perform minor updates as per your requirement. You will not need technical knowledge to perform such minor updates to the website. 

On top of the above-mentioned details, there are thousands of plugins available in the market that can enhance your website functionality in just a few clicks. Whenever you feel like adding functionality to your website, there are high chances that the plugin will be available and you can add it to your website to add the functionality you want. By chance, you don’t get any plugins that meet your requirement then a good Custom WordPress Development Services provider can create a plugin or can enhance website functionality as per your requirement. 

So, here are some misconceptions about WordPress that I think you should know before developing your website as it will change your perspective on WordPress

WordPress is only for blogging

One of the biggest misconceptions about WordPress is, it is to develop for only blogging websites. You might have heard this from many people in the market. It was right years ago as the reason behind this misconception is the WordPress history. When WordPress was founded a few years ago, it was created for blogs only but it has evolved with time and now it is possible to create almost any kind of website for almost all industries with WordPress. 

WordPress is the most preferred CMS as it is very easy to use and has rich features and functionalities. There are even plenty of Custom WordPress Website Development service providers available in the market that can create the website as per your requirement and make you stand out among the competition.  Currently, more than 40% of the website on the entire internet has been developed with WordPress and 30% of the websites of those WordPress sites are an eCommerce Website. So, nowadays people are not using WordPress just for blogs but for eCommerce and other types of websites as well. 

WordPress is not safe

The second biggest misconception about WordPress is, it is not safe. WordPress is an open-source and free platform so people think that it is not safe and it is not possible to create a secure website with the help of WordPress. People also think that it will be easy for hackers to breach the security of the website and they will be able to access the sensitive information of users, products, and payments. 

However, WordPress has one of the biggest communities in the tech field and they are continuously upgrading WordPress and making it sure day by day. With every update, WordPress is being more secure, however, you also need to take care of a few things like using a strong password, and checking reviews of themes or plug-ins you use for your website. WordPress is very secure nowadays but you also need to make sure that you use strong passwords for your admin login as well as check the reviews and ratings of the themes or plugins that you use for your website. 

If you are using a less secure password or installing improper plugins then there is a chance that they make your website less secure but if you check the details before installing them then there is less chance that you come across any security issues in your website. 

Only suitable for small business

You might have come across this misconception as well that you should go for a WordPress website in case you are a startup, growing company or you have a small business. If you own a big business then you should not go for WordPress but should go for other technologies.

There are so many big companies that are using WordPress for their website so irrespective of your business size, you can use WordPress for your website.

As I have said previously, you will get themes and plugins as per your requirement so you need to be dependent on any Custom WordPress Development Company in case you want an immediate change in your website as you can install the plugin as per your requirement. On top of that, you get multiple design options, rich and useful functionalities that can make your website user-friendly and feature-rich.

However whenever you plan something new or you need customizations in your website then it is advisable to contact the Best WordPress Development Company as they will be able to create your WordPress website, customize it or add functionalities to your website as per your requirement. 

WordPress is not mobile-friendly

If you are planning to create and update your website in this era then your website must be responsive as more users are visiting websites from mobile than desktop. If your website is not mobile or tablet responsive then you might lose a major portion of your target market. 

Many people think that if you will create a website in WordPress then you will not get a fully responsive website that will work properly on Mobile and Tablet but it is not right. Almost all the WordPress themes available in the market are fully responsive and gives your users similar across all devices.   


There is no Support in WordPress as it is free

People don’t value the things that they are getting for free and the same case is there with WordPress. People think that they will not get any support in case they encounter any problem with their WordPress website however the case is exactly the opposite.  WordPress has one the largest community of developers and designers. This community always be ready or better to say ‘keen’ to help each other. 

Just place your query or issue on the online forum and you will get answers from developers or designers all around the world. On top of that, whenever you are going with the theme or custom development of a good WordPress development services provider then they are also providing the documentation that you can refer to in case of any confusion related to the theme. 

WordPress is not for eCommerce

As I have written previously, due to the history of WordPress, people think that it is not at all suitable for an eCommerce site. The fact is WordPress has a lot of eCommerce Themes and eCommerce that you can choose for your eCommerce Website. Yes, there might be a chance that you will need to customize the theme as per your preference or you need complete custom development then you can do the research and can go with the Custom WordPress Development Services provider that can create the best eCommerce website for your business that can boost your online business like never before.

WordPress sites are comparatively slow

Some people think that websites that are developed in WordPress are very slow and that affects the SEO and user experience. But it is not right, there are other factors as well that make the website slow e.g. The code that has been written to create a design, the size of the images/videos that have been used in the website, server configuration in which the website has been hosted, etc. So, if you develop your website on any platform but you don’t take care of other things then also your website performance will be very slow. If you or your Custom Website Design and Development Services provider take care of all the above-mentioned things then your WordPress will be faster enough and will give your users a unique and best experience. There are plenty of plugins available for SEO so if you use the good plugin/s in your well-developed website then you will not face any issues. 

Wrapping up

Unarguably, WordPress has evolved a lot and is one of the best content management tools available in the market that can create almost all types of websites for you irrespective of the industry you are working in. The online presence of your business is important so you can either go with the theme or complete custom development for your WordPress website and can kickstart your online business without investing much of your time and money. 


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