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Kaye Log – Cold Chain Monitoring During Transport

Monitor your sensitive product shipment on your smartphone

A recent study by the Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical Logistics found that nearly 25% of vaccines become degraded and lose efficacy by the time they reach their destination, mainly due to improper shipping procedures.

With the recent focus on vaccines as well as the continuously growing number biologics and healthcare products and more global manufacturing, regulatory bodies from around the world have released enhanced GSP (Good Storage Practices) and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) to ensure the safety and efficacy of temperature-sensitive medicinal products.

At Kaye we understand the extreme importance of keeping track of your supplies across the cold chain. Whether you’re transporting lifesaving pharmaceutical medicines and vaccines, or keeping track of biotech assets that are heading to a blood bank. Each junction and every mile of transport is putting your assets at more risk of experiencing an excursion. That’s why Kaye has created some of the most reliable and robust equipment to help monitor the cold chain.

Kaye’s cold chain monitoring solutions leverage the use of Internet of Things (IoT) tech and intuitive sensors and probes to protect assets across the entire cold chain transit. From the when the pharmaceutical or biotech asset is created in the laboratory, to when it’s put into storage, to when it’s brought out and cycled into production, to when it is transported to a warehouse to be sorted, and finally sent out for distribution, Kaye’s solutions can track it throughout the entire process. And our solutions include hardware and software that’s capable of tracking both humidity and temperature-sensitive products.


  • Temperature data logger
  • Humidity data loggers
  • Temperature data logger with extended probe
  • NFC Android reader
  • NFC USB reader

The wireless sensor measures and records real-time data of the assets and relays the information to users remotely. Using new NFC technology allows a user to track packages across the cold chain and be alerted should any incursion take place. The benefit of cold chain monitoring is that users can receive immediate updates at every junction, receiving reports on the products. The logger would instantly warn a user if the temperature of the product has fluctuated above or below the predetermined temperature range. This means that when transporting products, the cold chain monitoring system can inform you to act before products are damaged.

What is NFC Technology?

NFC – Near Field Communication allows contactless communication between devices like smart phones or other enabled devices. Without any technical installation – with one movement, from anywhere of the world it is now possible to instantly read, send store data and receive alert by e-mail.

Protecting your Pharma Shipments

The Kaye Log NFC Data Logger enables full temperature traceability during the transport of temperature, or temperature/humidity sensitive products. Upon arrival of the package, a go/no go LED (that can be personalized) indicates immediately if the cold chain has been breached. The whole temperature/humidity history can then be directly accessed from any smartphone equipped with the NFC technology along with GPS and shipping information.

KayeAlert – Important Announcement Regarding GDPR!

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Starting 25th May 2018 the new European GDPR Regulations came into place, unifying the handling of customer and prospect data across the European Economic Area (EEA).

At Kaye, we take your privacy seriously and follow all GDPR regulations and guidelines. What does this mean for you?

It means we will only use your contact information for the purposes of informing you about important and relevant news from Kaye! When you sign up for our newsletter, follow us on LinkedIn, or become a customer, we will not share or sell any of your information with any third-party or partner affiliate.

To continue to work in compliance with the GDPR Regulations, here’s what you can expect from us to ensure we’re keeping your information confidential and only using it for the purposes you’ve intended it for:

  • No personal data will be shared with any company or body outside of Kaye
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The GDPR guarantees members of the EEA certain rights regarding their personal data. Kaye respects those individuals’ rights and will continue to uphold them in a manner that’s both legal and safe to both the individuals and Kaye. The rights given to EEA individuals are:

  • The right to be informed on how their information is used
  • The right to access and understand what information is being kept and how it’s being used
  • The right to rectify any information that’s in accurate or incomplete
  • The right to have personal data be erased in certain circumstances
  • The right to restrict how data is processed by an organization in certain circumstances
  • The right to data portability, allowing them to use their shared data across difference services
  • The right to object to data processing in certain circumstances, such as irrelevant communications
  • The right to stop automated decision making and profiling

At Kaye we do our absolute best to serve our customers. We guarantee that when we process your data it will be done in such a manner that ensures appropriate security, integrity, and confidentiality. If you think your information is being used, or you’re still being contacted after you’ve unsubscribed or opted out, please email us at [email protected] and we will work quickly to resolve the issue.

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