Clownfish Voice Changer Review in 2021

Clownfish Voice Changer Review in 2021
Clownfish Voice Changer Review in 2021

If you are looking for an app to change your voice to another app, clownfish voice changer is the program you want to use. Using Clownfish Voice Changer, you’ll be able to create customized voices like Skype, Hangouts, TeamSpeak, Steam, Discord, and many more.

The popularity of the application is due to the fact that the user interface is easy to understand. There are no barriers to accessing the program and everyone should be able to use it. It doesn’t matter if you have zero acquaintance with the application. The program is easy to use for everyone.

Part1: Preliminary Information | What is a clownfish voice changer?

Part 2: Review | Clownfish voice changer for skype

Part 3: Review | Clownfish voice changer for TeamSpeak

Part 4: Review | Clownfish voice changer for Mac

Part 5: Review | Clownfish voice changer for conflict

Part 6: [Problem Shooting] Fix Clownfish Voice Changer Not Working

Part 7: Suggested Clownfish Options | Voice changer: video editor hot tip

Episode 1: Preliminary Information | What is a clownfish voice changer?

This particular app works well with Steam, Team Spike, Skype, Discord, and others. Also, it gets favorable responses from users, and since it is provided free of charge for non-commercial use, it is more accessible to those who use it.

Users expressed their gratitude to software developers Shark Labs and Sophia within the first month of availability.

This has led to an increase in the popularity of voice modification software, as a result of which they have further improved the program and are now the most popular.

The software is available for Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Features clownfish voice changer

Below are some important features of Clownfish Voice Changer.

Change the volume of your voice

Using Clownfish Voice Changer you can easily increase or decrease the volume of your voice.

Improve your voice

It allows you to improve your voice by applying different effects.

Deepen your voice

If you use a clownfish voice changer, it is not difficult to deepen your voice.

Make your voice smaller

If you want to sound like a little kid, then this voice changer will make you do that easily.

Make your voice older

You can also use clownfish to make your voice look like an old man’s.

Masculine and feminine voices

You can give a masculine and feminine touch to your voice using this voice changer.

A clownfish voice changer is needed to accomplish all of this. In addition, there are several more functions that will explain in more detail in the piece.

Voice effects list





Quick change

Slow mutations

Men’s pitch


Women’s pitch

Helium pitch

Baby pitch



Custom pitch

Download Clownfish Voice Changer

Clownfish won’t cause any problems for you to download.  You can go to the downloadable files page to download and install any.

If you do not know which version of the program is installed on your PC, you do not have to worry.

Simply put, you should go to “Settings”. Go to the screen to the right of “System Type”, you will notice “System Type”. This will let you know if your system is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Although the installation process is not difficult, there are some issues. You have the option to install it anywhere on your system. It will take you about two minutes to complete the installation.

Step 1. First, look for the clownfish voice changer in the system tray. You can configure 

Clownfish is for use in many programs such as Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, Telegram, etc. by clicking the Settings button on the Clownfish system tray icon.

Step 2. Now, you can see that even if Clownfish “install” on your system, the actual voice changer functionality needs to install manually on your system. This is why you cannot use the voice changer function unless you have a microphone attached to your device. To proceed, click “Install” next to the microphone.

Step This. This is where you may have to sidestep for a short time

A large number of people do not have the microphone set up as the default device. You need to change this because Clownfish Voice Changer will not work if your microphone is not set as the default device.

Step 4. Since the clownfish is set, the voice changer is using its default setting. If you need to, you can double-click the system tray icon to train the application and change your voice using the “Set voice changer” option.

Step 5 With its permission, you can open up a plethora of voice changers that you didn’t know before. Several voice-altering effects are found and they range from a few to a dozen. It is also possible to customize the script so that it is completely different from the original. That’s right, Clownfish has been successfully installed and set up on your computer.

Episode 2: Review | Clownfish voice changer for skype

The program also has the ability to translate messages, which can accomplish by interacting with Skype. The moment you install the software, you are ready to use the software.

Additionally, you can type in your own language and translate your text into another language. As a result, let’s take a look at the voice changer. There are many examples in the online world when you want to connect with people who know different languages.

Once you have finished installing the software on your computer, you must open it with the ‘Tray’ button. When you open the app, you’ll notice a dialogue window asking permission, here you need to select the “Allow access” button.

The challenge you face every day is due to language barriers, or if you have phone contact with several business clients where each of them is using a different computer language.

Several voice-altering effects are found and they range from a few to a dozen. It is also possible to customize the script so that it is completely different from the original. That’s right, Clownfish has been successfully installed and set up on your computer.

There is an opportunity that language can become an important challenge to deal with. With Clownfish Voice Changer, you can convey your ideas in your native language and choose a target language to translate your communication language, giving you more flexibility in expressing yourself.

Episode 3: Review | Clownfish voice changer for TeamSpeak

Whether you want a real-time voice change for TeamSpeak or the most trusted real-time voice change on the market, Clownfish Voice Changer is your guy.

It gives you lots of options to turn your voice into something else. Changing your voice changes your gender, robot, female, male, helium, and baby.

All you need to do is do a simple Google search to find the clownfish voice changer for TeamSpeak. Then, choose the version of the Windows operating system on your computer.

 Now you are ready to use every power of the Clownfish voice changer, such as changing the voice or selecting the words you want to use.

Episode 4: Review | Clownfish voice changer for Mac

It’s safe to say that if you use an iOS device, you don’t have to worry about a Mac-compatible platform here, since the program supports it.

The Mac version of a program is gaining a lot of popularity these days because it handles the translation of incoming and outgoing messages more quickly and easily.

The ability of robots to communicate, as well as their physical abilities, is greatly enhanced by artificial intelligence robots, artificial intelligence that gives them a human-like voice and voice. It is very useful in many ways, and it supports many languages that are often used around the world.

Customer words are not being added

To do this, you need to start the application with administrator rights. You can record manually and/or add custom sounds to your words.

The clownfish voice changer is not working

To fix the issue, you need to reinstall the sound card driver. Either unplug the disk and reinstall it after the system restart or remove the drive and reinstall it when it is completely unplugged.

For these reasons, or as a result of these reasons, please update your sound driver. A malicious sound driver can cause such problems on your computer. Regardless of the current state of the issue, it is always necessary to install the latest drivers. This will definitely take care of the problem.

Episode 7: Suggested Clownfish Options | Voice changer: video editor

IMyFone film

Filming is a video and voice editing tool that is accessible on both Mac and PC platforms. For amateurs or professionals, the program is equally good for beginners who are starting video editing, as well as those who are already proficient in video editing, and it is equally suitable for beginners and professionals.

Features of this tool include a wide range of capabilities, such as fast video creation, basic video editing, voice changing, multilayered video support, the ability to add music to video clips, and the ability to use various effects, filters, and image editing.

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