Cloud-Based Call Center Solution

Cloud Call Center

Oversee Client Calls Anyplace With Cloud Call Focus Arrangement

Engage Your Deals And Backing Groups To Work Distantly With Phonixz Cloud Call Centre Arrangements Incorporated With Incredible Cloud Communication Features.

Features Of Cloud-Based Call Center Solution

Click To Call

Make outbound calls efficiently with one click without the need to manually dial-up the prospect mobile numbers.

Live Call Transfer

Transfer the ongoing support line from one agent or department to another without disconnecting the phone call.

CRM Integration

Integrate popular CRM services or custom software with Phonixz Tel call center for smoother workflow.

Remote Teams

Set up & manage remote teams of sales and support agents by empowering them to manage business calls from any place.

Call Masking

Ensure privacy of your customers as well as support agents by hiding their personal numbers from each other.

Live Panel

See real-time activity of the entire call center in one place including agent performance, call logs, and call analytics.

Outbound Calling

Make automatic outbound calls to your potential customers or clients and get faster response with IVR inputs.

Toll-free Calls

Integrate your call center solution with toll-free service to let customers and prospects call you for free, anytime.

Call Queue

Reduce call abandonment with smart call queue, quickly connecting customers with available agents.

Professional Number

Build a better brand image with a professional business number as your callers connect with you at zero calling cost.

Multi-level IVR

Add multiple departments and custom voice greetings to your IVR menu as per your unique business requirements.

Recorded Conversations

Ensure better training of your sales and support team by using the recordings of your agent’s interaction with customers.

Grow Your Business Supportive Network With Cloud Call Centre

Built with cloud telephony technology, Phonixz call focus arrangement is a high level consider the executives arrangement that works on the web. With cloud call centre solution, you can set up an effective team of support officers. Can manage calls from customers and others who can efficiently manage inbound as well as outbound business calls.

  • Set up and manage distributed teams to manage business calls on cloud.
  • Instant online availability with zero capex and no hardware requirement.
  • CRM integration for efficient support and better customer experience.
  • Improve business growth with smart decisions based on call analytics.

Benefits Of Cloud-Based Call Centre Solution

You can add support agents to your call center from any area with cloud-based remote call center software. Once added to the call community, your help chiefs can oversee approaching business calls directly on their telephone while working at any spot. To do what needs to be done approaches the telephone, Phonixz has a devoted call the board versatile application. While on tablet and PC, Phonixz live dashboard can be utilized. Phonixz call center solution has implicit capacities to oversee remote teams. With cloud call center solution facilitated hosted on cloud, you can monitor screen of the every remote agent, track live calls, tune in to call chronicles and give essential direction any place required.

For Efficient Call Management – CRM Integration

You can join Phonixz cloud call centre Solution with any CRM that you may as of now be utilizing or a custom software with Phonixz API integration. As of now, Phonixz provides a single Click integration famous CRM administrations, including Freshdesk, Zoho, Leadsquared, Salezshark, Pipedrive, and Kreato. Coordination of cloud call center solution with CRM programming engages support specialists to oversee calls proficiently and give consistent client assistance. Such coordination permits support groups to see client account subtleties and call history in one brought together interface, allowing them providing support rather than instead of shuffling through various applications.

Zero Capex – Hosted Call Center Solution

The call centre solution given by Phonixz is hosted in cloud. Worked with cloud communication innovation, it neither necessities any capital use nor any equipment set up. With Phonixz cloud call Centre, you can get your call centres ready for action in no time flat. Therefore Such a cloud call centre solution functions admirably on your telephone, tablet, as well as PC. Best of all, it is consistently updated over the cloud, just like your mobile applications, and needn’t any work regarding the maintenance or managing updates. Thanks to its app-like interface, even an individual with zero specialized information can productively utilize the Phonixz Call centre solution with zero to negligible preparing.

Two In One Solution – Inbound + Outbound

Phonixz cloud call centre solution is purposely intended to designed work as an inbound as well as an outbound call centre. Contingent upon your business needs, you can utilize it as an inbound call centre, outbound call centre, or both.

Possibly you need an inbound Solution for give first class backing to your clients or outbound Solution for settle on Cloud decisions to your business possibilities, Phonixz call Centre solution can take care of business. With automatic call appropriation usefulness, call Centre Solution settles on the decision taking care of interaction smoother and faster. Feature With the click-to-call, sales agents can settle on outbound decisions on a click without manually dialing up the number.

To Handle Large Call Volume – Built-In Virtual Receptionist

Incorporated with the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, the cloud call Centre Solution given by Phonixz additionally works as a virtual secretary. When a customer calls when a client approaches your business telephone number, they are given an IVR menu. Contingent upon their data sources, they are associated with the support agent of the appropriate division. Virtual assistant capacities of call Centre Solution eliminate the need to move approaching calls to the correct specialist manually and empower smooth handling of an enormous number of calls. A virtual assistant can also handle calls when your support agents are away. The virtual receptionist brings automation in business calls management and lessens the on-hold time with quicker accessible if the need arises goal.

Capture Business Opportunities – A 100% Response Rate

You will agree that each call from a client or prospect is a business opportunity. Missed calls mean missed opportunities for business. To guarantee a 100% response rate, Phonixz cloud call Center gives a dedicated System to oversee missed calls. In any case, our call center Solution endeavors to interface the incoming calls to every single accessible specialist.

In the event that no specialist is available, then caller is given the alternative to leave a voice message and such missed calls are added in the subsequent line. At the point when your representatives are back, they can go through the subsequent line and ensure that all missed calls are replied. Because Response to all incoming calls implies higher customer loyalty and zero missed opportunities.

About Phonixz Tel

Phonixz was begun with a dream to assist organizations with using cloud communication to improve their client call taking care of just as client correspondence. With a group of five of every 2020, we have now become a group of 100+, and the growth continues.

We made this product with the conviction that every client call is a potential business opportunity. Our product assists organizations with overseeing and upgrade every client call and improve their client calling experience.

Today, organizations everywhere on the world are understanding the advantages and force of cloud correspondence. With our product, we need to grow the two its information and utilization to organizations across the globe.


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