Choosing the Finest Solar Parking Lot Lights for Business Use

Choosing the Finest Solar Parking Lot Lights for Business Use

Because our society is so car-centric, it is a must for many enterprises to have a large number of vehicles. As the owner of a company, safety should always be your number one concern. solar led pole lights are one such option that provides electricity for the streets and our homes without affecting the environment. 

The cost of installing a business solar parking lot lighting system is high, but it is well worth it. In the long run, it will pay for itself with a consistent supply of “zero” cost solar energy. Or, you may get a solar streetlight that includes solar panels and lights.

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Commercial Solar Parking Lot Lighting Buying Guide

A few things to keep in mind while purchasing commercial solar parking lot lighting. Lighting power density, light pattern, and color quality, efficiency, intended effects, effectiveness, light distribution, and light quality are only a few of the many considerations in lighting design. These factors must be carefully studied to maximize parking lot outcomes.

Almost all cities need some kind of parking lot illumination. These laws govern the quantity, timing, height, brightness, and the illumination of light. In order to make an informed decision on solar parking lot lighting, use the information in this article as a checklist.

Motion Sensor and Passive Infrared (PIR)

Most solar parking lot lights employ this component because it extends the life of the batteries. Anything above absolute zero emits heat. The PIR sensor is able to detect movement by measuring infrared light.

Diodes That Produce Light (LEDs)

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor devices that employ microchips to generate light. This is a very effective method of generating light. Unlike other light sources used in solar lights, they don’t degrade as soon. LEDs, on the other hand, go through a process known as lumen decay. As a result, the light fades away gradually over time. LEDs, on the other side, need less frequent replacement. LEDs are highly suggested for solar parking lot illumination.


Luminaire is the technical term for the whole lighting system, which comprises the lightbulb or bulb, as well as various components needed to place, protect, and disperse the light, as well as link the lightbulb to a power source. You may also check with your country’s parking lot lighting requirements. With the aid of these tips, you can choose the ideal solar parking lot lights for your purposes.

Luminaire Efficacy

Lumen effectiveness rating is important for solar parking lot lights. This graph depicts light output vs. energy use. Lumens per watt (lm/w) is the unit of measurement for solar parking lot lights. To put it another way, it’s just the light’s output divided by the power. Solar lights with a high brightness output aren’t always a good idea. It’s also wise to observe the light’s direction.

Make a Plan Before You Begin

It’s critical to know exactly what you’re seeking to buy or replace in terms of lighting fixtures. Be sure to take note of the light’s dimensions and other specifics, too. You’ll be able to make an educated choice regarding solar parking lot lights after reading this. It’s critical to think about the kind and number of lighting your business will need.

The lighting needs of each site will vary. In the parking lot, low-contrast lighting may interfere with security cameras. High-contrast lighting may also produce blind zones for walkers or automobiles. Your parking lot’s security is in jeopardy as a result of this. Remember that if you get less powerful ones, you’ll need more light to install them.

Using fixed response switches and bi-level outputs to turn off luminaires during off-peak hours is also advised. You’ll save money on utility bills and get more usage out of your solar lighting this way.

Illumination Species

Various lighting intensities are available. Intensity is expressed in footcandles (fc). The lux is the easiest method to measure light reflected from a surface. A portable light meter can measure the light falling on a surface. The brightest and darkest parts should have at least a 4:1 (bright/dark) ratio. In general, a 3:1 ratio is preferable, although it’s not necessary. The number of footcandles in a room is a good indicator of how well-lit it is. Color temperature (in degrees Kelvin) is another important component to consider. When the parking lot is lit, this changes the light.

A Solar Panel with a Battery

The battery that powers the solar lights stores the solar energy. Avoid lighting fixtures with huge battery capacity and corresponding solar panels at all costs. In addition, you should have a look at the solar panel-to-battery ratio and the power demand of the lights. You need to make sure that the battery can run the light for an extended amount of time and that the panel can charge the battery.

FAQ’s of Choosing the Finest Solar Parking Lot Lights for Business Use

What is the brightest solar-powered parking lot light out there?

They are one of the finest and brightest solar lights, thanks to the 50 watts LED solar street lighting. The 30,000kWh lithium-ion battery has a 6120W mono-crystalline silicon solar panel. They may be fully charged after roughly 10 hours of sun exposure.

What kind of parking lot lighting is most effective?

The 2022 Top 10 LED Parking Lot Lights

  • Shoebox-style Lepro 150W LED parking lot light.
  • LED Parking Lot Lights by Ledmo.
  • LED Parking Lot Light LEONLITE 300W.
  • Parking Lot Light with 150-Watt LED NextGen II Bulb from RuggedGrad.
  • 120W LED, 12″ Shoebox Light Fixture. by Lightpolesplus
  • LED Parking Lot Light 200W from HYPERLITE.

How many lumens should a parking lot have?

Parking lot lights, of course, operate in a different way from ordinary light bulbs. Our normal advice is to place 20,000 lumens LED parking lot lighting heads 15 feet high on each pole. At least 20 feet between each pole is a good rule of thumb. That’s a normal amount of light.

Which solar street lights are the best?

Reviews of the 2022 Solar Street Lights that Are the Best

  • TENKOO 15W LED Solar Streetlights.
  • Ten-watt solar street lights from Solar Light Mart.
  • Six-watt solar street lights from Solar Light Mart HEX 780X.
  • TENKOO Solar Street Lights, 25 Watts.
  • 60W LED Solar Street Lights by Brillihood
  • Commercial solar street lights with a 30W output.


Choosing the best solar parking lot lights for your company isn’t a simple task for a business manager. For security, parking lot lights are essential, and the solar lighting option will save you money in the long run.


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