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types of kitchen layouts

Getting the most out of your kitchen space is important. Functional and practical kitchen layouts comfortably accommodate cabinets and appliances, while allowing easy movement through the space. In fact, ergonomics forms the basis of a great kitchen layout. Having the perfect height and length, ease of use, and functionality matters the most in the enjoyment of your time spent in the kitchen. 

While it is important to consider the floorplan of the house when designing the kitchen layout, you can always optimize the area to make working easier. The other factor that determines the kitchen layout is the work triangle.- the clear path to three primary work zones in the kitchen. These are the cooking area (cooktop), dishwashing area (sink), and storage area (refrigerator). It is a 90-degree concept that helps to plan an efficient workspace with minimum foot traffic. 

Today, the role of the kitchen has evolved from more than just a place to cook. It is now a place to dine, bond, work, create, and rest. Keeping all this in mind, designing a kitchen layout is not always easy and it helps to have professionals do that for you. 

Here are some of the combined biggest trends in kitchen layouts:

One-Wall Kitchen Layouts

Usually suitable for smaller kitchens, this simple layout makes easy access for all your basic needs. The vertical space has upper cabinets and lower shelves over cabinets, which maximize storage and helps in better organization. The one-wall layout is efficient yet functional. 

Although the traditional work triangle doesn’t fit into a one-wall kitchen layout, the hob can be kept in the middle and the refrigerator and sink can be at two different ends. 


Straight Line Kitchen 

A straight-line kitchen is suitable for smaller spaces. You will most likely find these kitchens in small apartments rather than big houses or villas. Everything that the kitchen holds will be placed alongside one wall. In other words, the prep, store, and wash areas will all be placed next to each other. The cabinets can be either below the countertop, above it, or both. While this type of kitchen layout does not boast of a lot of space, it is economical in space consumption.


The Galley Kitchen layout

This is an economical option for a small kitchen. The layout consists of cabinets placed facing each other on two different walls. The space formed in between the walls characterizes the Galley kitchen layout. This type of layout is also called Parallel Kitchen. Every space in the layout is optimally used and well designed. This ensures there is no scope for clutter in the kitchen. One of the areas of the walls can be used for work to minimize the traffic through the work triangle. This ensures smooth workflow and movement.


L-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

A practical and effective layout option for both small and large spaces. The L-shaped layout features cabinets on two corners of the wall. The in-between open space offers great flexibility in the placement of the work triangle. The legs of the L can be kept to any desired height. But it is best to keep it within 12 to 15 feet to maximize space. You can also create a pull-out in the corner to make the space functional. 


U-Shaped Kitchen Layouts

The layout is suitable for large kitchens and covers two walls with overhead cabinetry and one wall with open shelving or an exhaust hood.  The U-shaped layout offers plenty of storage space, great workflow, and can fit multiple users at the same time. In fact, it’s one of the ideal kitchens for the perfect work triangle. 


The Island Kitchen Layouts

An ideal layout for large homes with an open-plan kitchen, the Island kitchen offers a large surface for work and storage. Placed in the middle of the kitchen, the island can be used for a preparation area or as a bar counter, or for family dining. The island can also be used as a social area where friends and family interact while preparing meals.


The Peninsula Kitchen Layouts

The Peninsula is a combination of U-shaped and Island layout. It has a kitchen counter that projects from the walls or the cabinetry. Peninsula kitchen layouts offer a great advantage for kitchens that cannot incorporate Island, too. The layout can be used for eating or doing a different task while your cook is busy preparing the meals. Although the Peninsula has an enclosed layout, it gives an appearance of an Island kitchen in large open spaces. This is great if you have kids who you need to keep an eye on while you cook.

There are different types of peninsulas you can have:

  • It acts as a table and connects to the rest of the cabinets
  • A peninsula that has a work surface and bottom cabinets as storage – drawers, open shelves, and more.
  • A peninsula with a cooktop and sinks – wherein the peninsula acts as the center point of the room.
  • One where there is a worktop and snack counter/table where one of these is positioned at the back of the work area in keeping with the same dimensions, in order to create depth in the room.

In Conclusion

Identifying the right layout and keeping the traffic away from the dangerous zones, ensures that your kitchen is practical, safe, and comfortable. Whether you have a small or a large space, a good layout will make the most out of the available space. It will keep everything organized easily. Additionally, the right layout will provide more room for storage and large working space for comfortable cooking. 

At Blissspace, we design beautiful, functional, and efficient kitchen layouts so that you can cook at ease and have everything within reach. We make your dream our priority. As Goa’s best modular furniture brand, we help our clients conceptualize the dream kitchen, and further, to build it for them. We also deal in modular wardrobes in Goa, vanities, headboards, and more. Each piece of modular furniture is precisely measured and made in our factory. It is then assembled on-site, so you have a stress-free, mess-free experience. 


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