Checklist for Choosing A Flat in Kerala

checklist for choosing a flat in kerala

Purchasing a new house or flat is one of the most crucial decisions you will make in your lifetime. There is always an appreciation for a house or flat. Taking out a large loan and making monthly payments is a significant financial commitment that entails significant financial planning. Hence, one needs to be extra vigilant before stepping into the decision of purchasing a house or flat. Purchasing a new house or apartment in Kerala is one of the best investments. Let’s move on to some of the checklists for choosing a flat in Kerala.

Title deed

Verify the property’s title act to guarantee that the builder has complete ownership of the land. Consult a lawyer to learn the specifics of the title deed, such as if the builder owns the land, whether they have permission to develop apartments, and even the land’s status. The developer should get NOCs from sewage boards, fire and safety, area development agencies, water supply , power boards, and the Municipal Corporation 


It’s critical to create and stick to a budget. Shortlisting flat types based on your budget and researching property costs from different builders are some of the first steps to take. Property listings from portals and newspapers, as well as brokers, can be used to make a comparison.


Ascertain if the apartment is in a handy area for employment, shopping, and enjoyment. We all have to commute to work, so being close to highways and/or trains should be at the top of your priority list while looking for an apartment. If you commute to work by car, find out how long it takes you to get from your apartment to work amid “rush hour” traffic.

Property size

Make sure you have a precise measurement of the property’s size. If you’re buying an apartment, villa, or house, measure each room, bathroom, corridor, and balcony space, if any are present; ask the builder how much of it is carpet area and how much is built up: that is, how much of the common areas like lifts, gardens, and lobby are added to the actual carpet area of each apartment or villa.  


Your apartment’s amenities can make or break your stay. If you’re just starting your apartment search, make sure you know exactly what amenities are available in each apartment you’re considering.Amenities include power backup, lifts, water supply, security services, recreational facilities, access to common spaces, waste disposal, gym, pool, in-unit laundry, etc.

Parking facility

Parking space for two-wheelers or cars has been a source of concern for many residential complexes. There are frequent disagreements about space allocation. Is there a separate parking zone in your new apartment? If you find that your building lacks a parking lot, it is not a wise idea to proceed with it.

Reputation of the builder

Before you invest in your dream home, make sure the builder has the financial and institutional resources to complete projects on schedule. Perform a background check on the builder or seller whenever you are looking for a flat. You should examine the legal documentation of the flat which you are going to buy. It is safer to buy from experienced builders in Kerala with a track record of on-time completion because he will be more professional, with procedures and processes in place.Check the financial stability of the builder and obtain a copy of the company’s balance statement, and if the company is overly in debt or unable to repay its debts, cancel the project.  

Waste disposal

Apartment complexes have different waste and recycling systems. It is a good idea to find out what kind of system your potential new home has. You will not receive a healthy environment if garbage is not properly disposed of.

Security policy

One of the main reasons why many individuals prefer to buy an apartment or a flat over an individual house is that it provides better security. It is critical to ensure that your apartment building and apartment are safe in every way possible and provide maximum security to your family. Find out how many entry and exit points there are before buying an apartment, and whether they are all manned by security guards. Enquire about the number of guards, their shifts, and whether they have been well trained.

Before buying apartments in Trivandrum or anywhere in Kerala, go through these checklists for choosing a flat in Kerala.



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