Check out here plant based dark chocolate cranberries full of nutrition


Check out here plant based dark chocolate cranberries full of nutrition

Cranberries are a well-known “superfood,” cranberries are rich in minerals and anti-oxidants. Consumption options include eating them straight up, adding them to sauces or desserts, or drinking them as juice.

As a result of their high antioxidant content, a recent study suggests that dark chocolate and cocoa powder could become the next “super foods.”

Plant based dark chocolate has more antioxidants than berries, blueberries, cranberries, and pomegranates, according to scientific research. Antioxidants are thought to possess several heart-healthy qualities and protect cells within the body from the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

Many studies have been conducted on two specific antioxidant subgroups, polyphenols and flavonols, which are present in many fruits and seeds and may have beneficial health effects. The researchers discovered that cocoa powder’s overall flavonol concentration was higher than that of all other super fruit powders examined, which had an average flavonol level of less than 10 milligrams per gramme.


A 40-gram (1.4-ounce) serving of dark chocolate, which contains between 60 and 63 percent cocoa, and cocoa powder were compared to super fruit juices for their antioxidant content.

Acai, blueberry, cranberry, and pomegranate liquids were among the fruit juices; none of them had been combined. Except for pomegranate juice, dark chocolate had significantly more total antioxidant activity per serving than the super fruit liquids. The fruit juices were often served in portions of one cup.

  • Dark chocolate had the largest amount of total polyphenols per serving, at around 1,000 mg. Except for pomegranate juice, this was much greater than the fruit juices. With more than 500 milligrams of total flavonols per serving, dark chocolate likewise has the highest level, with cocoa beverage coming in second at roughly 400. Less than 200 milligrams of this kind of antioxidant were present in each serving in all the super fruit juices.

Controlling UTIs

Cranberries have been used in conventional UTI therapies. The antioxidant proanthocyanidins (PACs), which is abundant in cranberries, may aid in preventing some microorganisms from adhering to the walls of the urinary system. The PACs found in cranberries may aid in infection prevention in this method.

However, studies on how well cranberries work to cure UTIs have shown some conflicting results. For instance, a 2016Trusted Source survey found that cranberries are the meal that doctors recommend the most to patients who get recurring UTIs.

With 516 participants, a second trustworthy Source trial from 2014 found that taking a cranberry extract capsule twice a day reduced the risk of UTIs.

According to a 2015 study, cranberry juice is not likely to have the same effect as cranberry tablets, which can accomplish this. This is done so that cranberry extract can effectively block bacterial adherence even at low concentrations.

The PAC contents in cranberry drinks sold commercially are lower. While cranberries did not appear to kill the germs that cause UTIs, a 2019Trusted Source study discovered that mixing cranberry extract with oregano essential oil extract, and caprylic acid extracted from coconut oil resulted to the eradication of the most prevalent bacteria, Escherichia coli.

Lowering the danger of heart disease

A 2019Trusted Source in-depth study found that include cranberries in one’s diet may help manage a variety of cardiovascular disease risk factors (CVD). One of these is the pressure felt when the heart muscle contracts, or systolic blood pressure.

Additionally, according to the analysis, cranberry supplements may aid in lowering body mass index (BMI) and increasing levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good,” cholesterol. In a different investigation from 2019Trusted Source, scientists looked at 78 people who were obese or overweight.

It was discovered that daily consumption of a single dose of a low-calorie cranberry beverage high in plant-based components enhanced a person’s control over their blood sugar, reduced their inflammatory markers, and raised their HDL lipoprotein levels.

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