Cheap SEO Services: Why Low-Cost SEO Isn’t Your Friend?


Professional search engine optimization services offered at 100$ per month may sound pretty cool and within the budget limits of SMBs. But how exciting it may sound, it isn’t at all, as it can only hamper your company’s growth and create trouble for you. Various cheap SEO consultants claim to provide high-quality SEO services for businesses. But before you grab hold of such a deal, you must know the hazards that cheap SEO practices will have on your business.

What Are Cheap SEO Services?

Cheap SEO services can be defined as optimizing services provided by certain agencies at a meager cost. Though this can vary according to the budget of a company but still in the long run, it can cause damage to an enterprise.

When you opt for such cheap SEO service providers, your company enters their spammy world, and you may have to pay more for damage control than for their services.

Many SEO firms offer cheap SEO services in Delhi, India, to lure small to midsize businesses, and their techniques are rather aggressive than being friendly in nature.

Why is a cheap SEO Consultant not Your Friend?

The low-cost SEO consultants may attract you with jaw-dropping low-cost deals regarding SEO services and digital marketing services. They generally promise to fulfill various SEO parameters based on assumptions of your business goals rather than knowing the requirements.

They map SEO strategies just like any other business and don’t focus on your project solely as they generally deal with hundreds of clients at a time. This practice largely affects your goals in the long run.

Further, it affects your site traffic and ranking in SERPs, and for worse, the site can get blacklisted by Google. Apart from that, there are various other reasons for you to stay away from a cheap SEO company in Delhi, India.

6 Significant Reasons to Avoid Cheap SEO Consultants

Low-cost SEO services can be considered synonymous with cheap SEO services. While a service charge of 5000$ per month may be cheap for large business firms, small-mid-sized businesses will pull back. Apart from that, there are various other reasons due to this you should avoid these cheap SEO agencies, which are as follows:

1. Cheap Packages With No SEO Requirements Delivered

High-quality content with appropriate backlinks forms the basic engine that drives SEO forward. But these activities are highly labor and capital intensive, which significantly accounts for the major percentage of SEO services. To lower this cost and time, cheap agencies hire employees who lack basic SEO knowledge, and the result is low-quality content and links that harm your brand performance online in this modern age.

2. Cookie Cutter Strategy for SEO

Your business to a low-cost SEO agency is just like any other business, and you have nothing unique to present forward. Thus they make use of a cookie-cutter strategy for optimizing your business.

If you have SEO knowledge, you know that copy-pasting is not a solution; rather, a tailor-made SEO strategy can drive you to effective results. Further, an optimization strategy for a manufacturing company will be ineffective for an e-commerce store.

These cheap agencies follow a scripted SEO plan for every business, get their payment and move on to the next client.

AS SEO takes a few months to churn out results, these agencies don’t have to deal with the discrepancy caused in your business. At the same time, an agency with reasonable prices caters to your needs and delivers the results as promised.

3. Poor Quality of Link Building Takes you Nowhere on SERPs

Agencies offering cheap SEO services in Delhi, India, indulge in quantity rather than the quality of the link building process. Further, also charge a commission for these services. With continued updates of Google’s algorithm, investing in such practices can bring considerable risk for your brand.

They compromise with the quality of content and have no time for link outreach. They lack funds to guest post on high authoritative and quality sites, thus resort to building links in considerable volumes. Further, search engines can sanction penalties or remove your site from SERP altogether with mass link-building activity.

4. Annoying customer services

Another reason to avoid low-quality SEO services is that customer service regards your business as a name and a number. The person acquainted with this job hardly discusses any strategies or responses to your queries and provides any performance reports.

They only know the name of your company and the point of contact but nothing about your business. Furthermore, they outsource the work to different places, bringing in language barriers and time zone differences, making communication difficult.

5. Black-hat SEO tactics

The basic technique used by a cheap SEO consultant is black hat SEO tactics. Where they trick search engines using various deceptive methods to improve your site’s rank on SERPs. It is a well-known tactic in the SEO community. Search engines have updated their algorithm to punish rather than reward such acts, but still, some resort to using the same. This reflects that they are not up to date with industry standards and subsequently lack experience and skill. Search engines can penalize such acts harming your site in both the short and long term, directly impacting your bottom line.

6. Zero SEO assets

Reputable SEO service providers primarily focus on asset customizations with long-term value. These assets contain quality content and links to high authority sites linked to this content.

Meanwhile, low-quality SEO service providers lack expertise and experience and provide no asset customization. They copy-paste from other sites, use blackhat SEO techniques to churn out quick results, and pay no heed to quality link building.

Moreover, quality backlinking can help existing and future content rank on the SERPs. Some cheap SEO services often include this strategy in Delhi, India often includes this strategy. But still, they lack the experience to handle projects with patience but still lure SMBs with lucrative low-cost deals.

Investing in a cheap SEO consultant doesn’t make your life easier; it makes it more complicated. While they feature a high churn rate of clients, they resort to various aggressive techniques to attract the same. It builds an environment of tension and frustration among your team and decision-makers of your company.

Though you pay these agencies monthly to grow your business and increase revenue, the decline in earnings and SERP visibility is evident. Furthermore, they never invest time to create or update their service template; instead, they resort to their already scripted tactics that directly harm your business in the long run.


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