Cheap Reseller Hosting UK : Best Provider of 2022

Cheap Reseller Web Hosting - Grid Hosting

Cheap Reseller Hosting UK

Cheap Reseller hosting UK enables you to sell white labeled hosting services under your own brand name to your customers.

It’s the best alternative for people who wish to start into the hosting industry without having to invest in pricey server and hosting infrastructure management resources; The most important aspect of your hosting business is selecting the correct cheap reseller hosting UK. In fact, it’s difficult to reverse your original decision if it proves to be the wrong one.

Cheap Reseller Hosting UK

A reseller purchases domains from a web hosting firm and resells them to other businesses and individuals. You sell the websites to people who want them for a fee that you set. As a freelancer, you can start a business or use reselling to start a web design agency.

When comparing affordable reseller hosting plans, it’s crucial to be practical. As retail eCommerce solutions, many providers offer ready-made hosting services for infinite websites, including VPS hosting packages, WordPress hosting UK, and dedicated server plans.

Agencies use the free WHMCS plans described below to consolidate their hardware, development, and support services. Before committing to a long-term WHM account, make sure to look over the complete range of unlimited reseller hosting solutions accessible in the market.

Features of Reseller Hosting

A reseller account includes email, bespoke cPanel account management tools, FTP, MYSQL database administration software, standard and solid-state storage, money-back guarantees, and a variety of hosting kinds (usually shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting).

WebHost Manager (WHM) apps, reseller-specific software that allows you to manage your clients’ dedicated or VPS server accounts, are also on the way. You may also come across WebHost Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS) software, which allows you to manage a variety of customer-related functions such as sign-ups, automated billing, and account termination.

Disc Space

In terms of reseller accounts, disc space refers to the amount of space you allocated to split among all of your accounts—primary and resold. To best fit your reseller hosting needs, divide this disc space using the management panel.


The quantity of data you may send and receive from your reseller hosting package is measured in bandwidth. It’s shared among all of your created (and primary) accounts in this location. Set bandwidth limits for each resold account with ease.

Resold Accounts

Depending on the plan you purchase, the number of reseller accounts you can create for reselling is limited. This is configured so that each account has enough bandwidth and storage space to provide the greatest possible performance for you and your users.

 IP Addresses Included

The amount of IP Addresses you can purchase with your plan is unlimited. Purchase multiple addresses to increase the number of websites you can host on each one.

Domain Reseller Account

We provide you with a domain reseller account with a wide range of domain names to register, including TLDs and cTLDs, to help you grow your business and value.

DNS Name Servers

When you use our custom DNS name server option, you can present yourself as a separate hosting provider, obscuring our name and increasing your privacy.

Grid Hosting- Best Provider of 2022

The reseller hosting here is an amazing offer with extraordinary cheap rates but worthy quality. The WHM and cPanel reselling by Grid hosting is quite a secure, compatible, and managed option. With Grid hosting you can enjoy 100%uptime, a fully managed system,  IMAP, POP3 & SMTP Support, extra SSD space, plenty of MySQL Databases, and unlimited bandwidth. Some amazing packages include blue, silver, gold, and platinum that vary in price and features but in quality, they are all best. The user-friendly server has a 24/7 client support system, so at any point, you feel a problem just call or text them. There you go with the best technical help. Now you can run your online reseller business without spending on making a hosting platform, just use the Grid Hosting platform and enjoy the reselling at a faster pace.  


What is Reseller Hosting, and how does it work?

Reseller hosting allows you to rent out your server space to other people. Resellers purchase a hosting service, usually a VPS (Virtual Private Server), at a wholesale rate from a hosting provider and then sublease it to others by configuring and splitting the hosting space according to individual client requirements.

You can determine the retail pricing for different client groups based on hosting performance levels as a reseller. As a result, your customers will receive a highly personalized service tailored to their specific requirements.

White-labeled reseller accounts, which allow you to sell hosting services under your own brand name, are frequently available from web hosting companies. That is, your hosting company manages the servers and infrastructure, but you are in charge of the business.

Why should I offer reseller hosting instead of directing my customers to a hosting company as an affiliate?

Reseller hosting has a number of advantages over affiliate hosting referrals, including:

Simple setup for your clients: Web hosting might be a difficult subject to grasp for first-time website owners. It’s easier to have you set up a reseller hosting account rather than sending them to a shared hosting provider.

More profit: If you use the appropriate tactics, you can make more money over time than you would as an affiliate.

Retain and gain more referrals: Reseller hosting allows you to develop stronger business relationships with your customers. You’ll be able to keep your customers for longer and maybe receive more referrals for your design and development services.


If one of the inexpensive reseller plans described above isn’t for you, the web hosting industry is brimming with low-cost reseller alternatives. In terms of diverse business models, each hosting company’s reseller system has advantages.

The web development and design professional agency industry receive around half of the proposals listed below. The other half is aimed at resellers who choose to use eCommerce automation to list white-label hosting solutions for retail sales to the general public. 

The ideal reseller web hosting package is determined by your company’s operations and project requirements. Both business models can be integrated into some firms, allowing web developers and software startups to create apps that sell hosting along with design and programming services.

At its most basic level, you’ll be renting consumers a set quantity of storage space for a specified period of time. The difference between the cost of renting servers and the price you charge your clients is where you’ll make money.

If you’re thinking about starting your own hosting company, there are a few things to consider. Specifically, your reasons for creating a hosting company, your technical skills, and your business and marketing knowledge.

Keep in mind that beginning a hosting company will need a significant amount of effort, so your reasons must be clear from the outset. Because you’re essentially running a service business, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, therefore you’ll need a clear goal to aim toward to keep you going when things got tough.


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