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Snoring is an annoying habit, and keeping up with your partner’s wheezing noises can result in sleepless nights. Also, it might make you annoyed and bleary-eyed. The habit affects twice as many men as women and occurs when your upper airway narrows too much. It leads to the creating of a horse noise that can keep you up through the night. People with snoring problems are recommended to figure out the causes behind the issue, as correcting them can help down the volume of snores. For those interested in knowing more about snoring solutions, we have gathered some vital information. Read further!

What are the reasons for snoring?

When you fall asleep, the muscles in your mouth relax. In some cases, the tissues ease enough to block your airway partially. It can happen because of several factors, these include-

  • Your mouth anatomy- In some people, the structure of the mouth is at fault for making them snore. Either they have a low thick, soft palate that narrows their airway or a triangular piece of uluva hanging from their throat is elongated. It obstructs the airflow and leads to a wheezing noise.
  • Nasal Problems- Chronic nose congestion or a crooked partition between your nostrils can make you snore.
  • Sleep deprivation- If you are not catching on to the required hours of sleep, it can cause your throat muscles to relax further.

Risk factors associated with snoring

Some factors that make you likely to snore include-

  • Being a man- Males are more likely to snore as compared to womenfolk.
  • Narrow airway- Some people may have large tonsils or adenoids that can mean narrowed airways and lead to snoring.
  • Family history- If your father or mother has the habit of snoring, then it makes you likely to do it as well.
  • Being overweight– Those who are obese or overweight are more likely to snore through the night.
  • Drinking problem– Alcohol can relax your throat muscles and increase the risk of snoring.

Tips to alleviate the snoring problem

Some reasons that cause snoring and can contribute towards alleviating the problem are as follows:

  •  Alcohol: Consuming alcohol relaxes your muscles and slackens the tissues in your throat. It can result in an increased wheezing noise, which can add to the already existing problem. While agreeing to this, many partners have stated that their spouses’ snoring is usually tolerable except for the nights when they have had a couple of beers.
  •  Nasal Congestion: Mucus constricts the airway and makes you snore. Thus, before retiring to bed, you should make sure to rinse the sinuses with saline. A humidifier is a good solution for people who are suffering because of swollen nasal tissues.
  •  Sleep Position: Lying on the back is not recommended for people who snore as it can worsen the problem. When you are on your back, the tissues in the upper airway droop and hinder breathing. Thus, it is suggested to sleep on your side. Or else, you can try to raise the head of your bed by alleviating it a few inches. It should also offer some level of relief.
  •  Body Weight: People who are obese often have extra fat accumulated around their necks. It is not ideal as fat around the throat can narrow down the airway. Therefore, patients who snore should exercise to lose some weight.
  •  Medication: If you snore while sleeping, you should be careful with your medication. It is so because some tranquillizers such as lorazepam and diazepam can increase snoring. However, before discontinuing meds, you should first consult with your healthcare provider. Or else, you can begin taking some meds that alleviate snoring.
  •  Treatment: If you suffer from disorders like sleep apnea, you will probably snore loudly. In such a case, you should seek early treatment. Using a CPAP machine that aids in managing sleep apnea by providing a steady stream of continuous air can be helpful. It can contribute to a long and healthy life, and using the machine is also an effective snoring treatment.
  •  Smoking: Men who smoke are likely to snore loudly through the night and keep their partners up. Although there is a lack of evidence that proves quitting smoking is a snoring solution, giving up the habit will be beneficial in any case.
  • Allergy Treatment: In allergic people, airflow through the nose can get hampered. Such people should either turn to allergy medication or make efforts to keep pet dander and dust mites away from their room.

 Are anti-snoring products helpful?

Many anti-snoring products are available in the market that claims to alleviate the snoring habit. Although there is not enough proof that each of these products is effective, some of them can reduce snoring volume. One potential appliance that helps with snoring is an anti-snoring mouth appliance. It pulls at your jaw and the tongue, which ensures that your upper airway stays open. For getting your hands on this appliance, you should approach your dentist. He will get you one that can fit your mouth conveniently.

 A nasal dilating strip is another anti-snoring product that is inexpensive and harmless. Studies suggest that they are an effective snoring solution and are convenient to use. You can apply them across your nose at bedtime as they open up the nasal passages. There are many brands available in the market that offer quality nasal dilating strips. You can get one that suits you well.

 However, if none of these anti-snoring products is working for you, you should visit a physician. He may put you under observation and suggest a reliable snoring solution to alleviate the problem.


Snoring is a wheezing noise that one produces when resting. The problem is more common in people who drink, smoke, take tranquillizers, or are obese. Patients who want to control this habit and are ready to make changes to reduce snoring volume should take measures like using anti-snoring products, altering sleep position, reducing weight, and limiting the consumption of alcohol. Taking these actions might help your partner catch a refreshing and good night’s sleep.


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