Celebrating the new year in different countries of the world

new year 2022

New Year is a very ancient and rare holiday. Its rarity lies in the fact that New Year celebrations are carried out all over the world and the style is different for everyone, but the traditions are the same. There are still discrepancies – the countdown of the last seconds before the new year.

Resort New Year

Some travelers especially couples celebrate the New Year at resorts, or while in another state as part of an excursion tour. It will not be possible to celebrate the New Year in all countries at the same time for natural reasons, therefore, having familiarized yourself with the traditions of the countries intended for a further trip, you can choose the most interesting one according to your preferences and set off to meet new impressions.

Everyone will probably think about it and do the right thing. New Year is not only a moment of universal fun at the moment of the chime sounding. The age-old traditions of many peoples mean a lot of events under this holiday and preparations for the New Year are carried out in advance, affecting a long period of time.

For example, the New Year in Israel is celebrated in the fall, from September to October. “Rosh-ga-Shana”, literally translated “head of the year” is the time when the Almighty decides what the coming year will be for each individual person, what new events are coming for him, and whether he will live to the end.

This is why Jews accustomed to wanting “a good record for the new year.” Israelis celebrate the New Year at a table filled with apples and honey to make the coming year sweeter.

Asian Onset New Year Trend

The onset of the new year in Iran expected in the third decade of March, on the 21st, on the day of the spring solstice. This day is the holiday of Nauruz. This day is significant in the pre-Islamic religious culture – Zoroastrianism. Sprouted grains of wheat are the symbol of the celebration, which speaks of the rebirth of a new life after a barren winter season.

In addition, there must be seven types of products on the table, the names of which must begin with the letter “c”. In addition to the festive set should include vinegar, apple and garlic.

Residents and guests of India are completely lucky: they celebrate the New Year here four times a year. Each region is different. That is why tourists need to take a closer look at this country and stop there in order to fly away towards new experiences.

In the New Year’s program of Indians, you can find bright shades of fabrics, orange flags, a huge number of lanterns, an abundance of fruits and sweets will become a paradise for those with a sweet tooth.

New Year without exotic

For those who prefer not exotic, noble rest, according to all the canons of everyday and old traditions, it is worth considering the New Year celebrations in Europe. In European regions, it is customary to celebrate holidays in a civilized manner, but there are still some “oddities” of their own. For example, residents of Italy get rid of old things on New Year’s Eve. Moreover, their disposal takes place through the window opening.

Things thrown directly onto the street. Therefore, on the sidewalks you can find not only wardrobe items that have outlived their time, but also very heavy attributes of everyday life: TVs, chairs, and so on. They believe that the more old unnecessary things are outside the window, the more happiness the coming year will bring.

In Paris, it is customary to celebrate the New Year near the Eiffel Tower. It is in this area that the most large-scale mass festivities take place, because the tower acts here as a Christmas tree, a Snow Maiden, and a local “big ben”.

The countdown of the passing seconds of the old year is accompanied by a deafening chorus of the French and guests of Paris. This is why tourists need to be able to count backwards in French. In parallel with this, the illumination decorated with the tower gradually extinguished and exactly at midnight the tower lights up with a dazzling enchanting bright light show.

Similar Tradition

A similar tradition can also be find in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate, as well as in New York. In New York, in addition, in the New Year it is customary to press on the horn, when the numbers “00.00” appear on the light board of the main clock of the city. At this time, all pedestrians begin to kiss hard.

In Bulgaria, the New Year also celebrated in its own way, also not without kisses. With the approach of the cherished time, residents extinguish all the light in their homes. All this done in order to give each other a New Year’s kiss, of course, secret.

But the Spaniards are preparing for the New Year in advance. After all, you need to stock up on delicious grapes. One of the traditions of the Spanish family is eating grapes at the time of the chime. Every Spaniard must eat one grape for each beat. They have a belief that if they manage to eat twelve grapes, then the coming year will be simple.

It would seem that it is worth pushing grapes into yourself, but the difficulty is that Spanish grapes are very voluminous. You can, of course, do with small grapes, but it believed that the volume of grapes is proportional to the luck that will accompany you in the new year.

Local – The Blue Lagoon in this New year

Port Antonio, the town that is Port Antonio is located on the coast to the north of Jamaica. Within the close vicinity of Port Antonio there are beaches as well as caves, waterfalls, along with pirate castles. Anyone who travels will discover something fascinating in this area. One of the most interesting places to visit in Port Antonio is the magnificent Palace built by billionaire Alfred Mitchell.

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The scent of freedom is awe-inspiring throughout the city of Port Antonio, which turns to the sweet smell of marijuana at night. The Long Bay Beach is deserted. Long Bay Beach is about 20 km away from the city.

Port Antonio

The main draw of Port Antonio is the rugged Blue Lagoon. It is a stunning view that is available from the ocean.

View from the waters from the water of Port Antonio The urban environs of Port Antonio are famous for beautiful waterfalls, caves and rivers that flow through the jungle. 15 km away from Port Antonio, you can visit The Nonsuch Caves, which were home to people called the Arawaks in the early times of the.

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