CDSCO Registration: 8 Points to Keep in Mind when Applying

cdsco registration

CDSCO registration is applied for one reason and that’s to import ingestible or applicable chemicals into the country. It can be drugs, raw chemicals or even cosmetics. If those drugs don’t meet the standard of Central Drugs Standard Control Organization, they aren’t allows entry.

Which is why, when you’re applying for CDSCO certification, you should keep in mind some points. These points will help you throughout the CDSCO registration process and help you acquire the license without facing any objections.

Here are those 8 points to keep in mind when Applying for CDSCO registration in India

Point 1:  Know the answer to why you’re applying for the CDSCO Registration

The Central Drug Standard Control Organization doesn’t waste time issuing license for drugs or chemicals imported for personal use. Thus, if you’re importing some lipstick or other cosmetic for personal use, you’re not required to get the CDSCO Import license.

However, if you’re ordering the products as a registered importer who wishes to sell those products in the Indian market, you can’t do it without CDSCO’s intervention. In this case, you need to approval of the Organization.

Point 2: The product should have been made ethically

There was a time when products made out of exotic animals was sought after and used to have the government approval. Those times are gone now. With people are getting more concerned about the environment and the creatures who live in it, unethically obtained animal products are frowned upon.

Moreover, the government doesn’t allow such products to go on sale in the market. Thus, remember that the products are ethically produced when importing. That means providing a declaration that no animals were tested during the production of the product.

Point 3: The product should not have any heavy metals

Whether it’s matter of fitness or cosmetics, the most dangerous chemicals gives you the quickest results. Consider a fat burner.

Conventionally, it has Ephedra, a banned plant product because it’s capable of inducing mental breakdown in a person. Similarly, cosmetic products that do work fast often consist of harmful chemicals that while clean out the pores of your face pretty quickly, also tend to remove some of the skin as well.

People are now waking up to this reality and they won’t buy your imported product if it has such chemical in it. Thus, abide by this guideline among the many particular product registration guidelines by CDSCO. Don’t bring products that have heavy metals in them.

Point 4: Get the assistance from a CDSCO consultant

As an importer, you can’t divert your business attention towards the legal matters of obtaining the license to import drugs and cosmetics. The CDSCO online registration process involves a lot of steps, and most of them are crooked.

What we mean to say that sooner or later the CDSCO would put some obstacle in front of you.

You won’t be able to remove that obstacle without giving it your full attention. And since you can’t divert your attention from your business, the only option for you is to hire a CDSCO consultant.

He would know the steps one required to take to deal with those obstacles. In fact, he will provide you complete assistance from application filing to follow up. Thus, invest in CDSCO registration consultants when you’re looking for the license.

Point 5: Read the application form thoroughly before putting one word on it

The CDSCO application forms are of many kind. Unfortunately, most of them look the same on the surface level. Thus, you need to read one thoroughly and verify if that form is for the license to import your particular product.

While a consultant can help you sort out the correct CDSCO form, it would do you good to know some facts about it from the start. If you don’t, you might end up getting services from the wrong kind of consultant.

Point 6: Understand the requirement for CDSCO Registration form 12

in the first point, we stated that for importing drugs for personal use, you don’t require any form of registration. But what if the product is yet to be approved by any drug administration authority. What if the drugs you’re importing is quite risky even for you to use as a person?

Depending on the nature of the drug, you might need to fill CDSCO form 12 for personal use. Remember one thing that you should only use the form to import drugs, it’s not meant for cosmetic products. For cosmetic products, you’re still not obligated to obtain any license if plan to use those products personally.

Point 7: Find out whether the product is allowed to go on sale in its country of origin

Companies are quick to export their discarded products to India, especially if sale of those products is prohibited in their country.

That’s why, you should acquire the free sale certificate before you take one step towards filing the CDSCO online application. If you can’t obtain the free sale certificate, obtain a document that states that it’s legally OK to sell the cosmetic or drug product you’re importing in India.

Point 8: Speak only the truth in your application

The application for CDSCO registration should always have correct details. If your intent is to acquire the license on false premises, you’re fooling yourself.

While the CDSCO is not capable of verifying all the details in the start, it does start to keep an eye on you once you’re issued the import license. Thus, to prevent any kind of penalty from befalling on your importing company, you should get the CDSCO license based on correct details.


All the points we have mentioned are not only meant to be followed when you’re applying for the license, you have to live by them throughout your drug import business.

Leave no stone unturned when complying to the CDSCO rules and you’ll obtain the license on time. But if you lose one perspective when finally starting business importing drugs, you can be heavily penalized by the CDSCO.

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