Case for Digital Marketing in Healthcare

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Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands or goods and services using a variety of digital marketing in healthcare. Like a brand’s website, email, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, mobile devices, blogs, games, apps, and other lead generation tools.

For any organization to create an effective digital brand presence using these devices, the first step is to create a digital strategy.

A digital strategy addresses the fundamental questions of who will interact with customers and how. In addition, implementing a digital strategy puts a public face on an organization, increasing outreach capabilities and raising an organization’s public profile.

The Business Case for Digital

As statistics reveal, performing well in digital is critical to healthcare organizations:

  • 72% of people use the Internet to find healthcare information and services
  • Half of online health information research is on behalf of someone else.
  • One in five internet users has consulted online reviews and rankings of health care service providers and treatments.
  • Various health-related online activities are more prevalent among caregivers than other internet users.
  • 42% of people living with a disability have looked online for healthcare information.

Digital is not a short-term trend. However, it is how the world is moving because no other medium compares in its ability to reach and engage such a wide variety of audiences.

Overall, digital budgets continue to trend upwards; 71% will increase their digital marketing in healthcare budgets this year (2013). Furthermore, robust growth in digital spending will continue, with expenditures topping out.

Despite the continued growth, many organizations still have not caught up to this reality and are misallocating their marketing dollars.

Organizations that allocate their marketing dollars properly and implement coherent digital marketing healthcare early will enjoy greater long-term benefits. Therefore, it is important to start as early as possible. As more and more organizations join the digital sphere, the space can become crowded, thus requiring a greater investment of time and resources to have the same impact.

Increasing consumer reliance on the Internet for information means that healthcare marketing agency can greatly increase their revenue and brand by engaging audiences online.

Joining the digital revolution is a process that takes time, dedication, and, most importantly, a thoughtful and well-executed plan. While the importance of a solid healthcare digital marketing plan is well known, it is not a race. It is never too late for an organization to realize the benefits of early implementation.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing in healthcare

The benefits of digital marketing in healthcare are clear-especially for healthcare organizations:

Increased sales: As consumers increasingly turn to digital channels to seek information regarding important decisions, smart marketers convert that interest into hand-raisers and sales. Well-managed digital marketing in healthcare can better turn a casual browser into a client.

Stronger community relationships: Digital provides an efficient means to reach out to and cultivate an audience of residents, staff, patients, and their families, leading to a greater sense of community.

Quantifiable: Unlike traditional advertising vehicles, marketing your organization can track, optimize, and improve every interaction through digital marketing. This approach results in the best possible customer interactions and higher conversion rates.

Improved brand perception: When asked, 94% of prospective patients said the facility’s reputation is important in hospital selection. Brands can pay attention to what people are saying about their organization online. While it is impossible to stop negative comments completely, organizations can respond appropriately and mitigate their effects with positive content. By engaging, they make it personal and have the opportunity to improve brand perception.

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