Career As Web Developers, Designers: Jobs, Courses, Salary

career as a web developer
career as a web developer

In today’s time, the job of web development or web site developer has become the need of every company. Digital media has developed rapidly in the last few years, so today its digital system in almost every field needs constant maintenance and updating. Good opportunities are available in foreign countries also for skilled youth in this skill.

Globally, web developer jobs are expected to increase by 13 percent by 2028. Its demand is projected to increase by 8 percent in the coming years in the US alone. And the reason for this is the increase in the use of mobile phones and e-commerce at the global level in the last couple of years. That is why it is considered to be included in the initial list of the jobs which will be most in-demand in 2021.

What is a web developer?

A web developer is a programmer who ensures the development and use of a website using a client-server model. He is responsible for designing, coding, and modifying the Websites and making changes as per the instructions of the Client.

Whenever a website is created, a site map is prepared for it, which is usually created by a team. The person who gives the form of the website to that site map is called a web developer.

The work of a front-end developer course is done in three parts – front end, back end, and web and digital interface designing. The front end refers to the look and layout of the page of the website. The layout integrates graphics, applications, and other content.

With photos, colors, fonts, etc., care is taken to make the website look attractive and easy to use, and interactive. At the same time, the back-end web developer looks after the work related to the overall technical structure of the website.

They develop the website according to their requirement in collaboration with the management. They also create web design programs using computer languages.

Apart from this, there is also the work of website designing, handling both the front end and the back end according to their experience, and understanding the user’s experience visiting the website. He is called a full-stake developer.

A critical skill to becoming an expert web developer

The quality of creativity is important at the personality level because you will have an edge in building a website due to this quality on its front end. Apart from this, communication skills should be good to work together with the team.

Educational Qualifications for Web Expert Developer

To become a web developer, it is mandatory to have a 12th pass from any stream. After this, you can do an undergraduate, diploma, or certification course related to a web developer. Some programming languages, such as Python, C ++, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc. should be known. Also, pay attention to new languages ​​like React, View Front, NodeJs and Express Lead, etc.

Where to do the web development course

To become a web developer, candidates can do Enrolled Agent (EA) course.

Diploma in web designing and development after 12th

Candidates can do the course of B.Sc Computer Science, B.Com Computer Science, BCA. The options of MCA or MBA-IT are also open after graduation. Higher education makes it easy to get appointed to a good post. There are national or institute-level entrance examinations for full-time computer science courses. You can also do these courses through online forums like Coursera, Udemy, edX

You can also do courses from NIIT, Arena Multi-Media. If you just want to join web designing, then you can do a web design course from NIIT, Arena Multi-Media, Pumpkin, Academy of Digital Arts besides computer institutes around you. It is a three to the four-month course.

What are the challenges?

  • It is a big challenge to prepare the website for high data traffic.
  • The security of the website also has to work continuously.
  • Higher education in this area is essential for good opportunities.
  • Keeping all the technical aspects in mind, designing a website user-friendly is not an easy task.


It is a progressive industry, which is constantly changing and enriching with new technology. That is why there is no dearth of opportunities for you in this field. There will be opportunities for you as a web developer in foreign countries as well. Many companies also employ part-time hires. 

The full-time appointment will involve daily website maintenance, updates, and updating the website as per market trends. You can usually find work in these positions in this field:

Front End Developer: These are the experts in the code of the website. They specialize in creating user interfaces and also do web designing work. They work in various computer languages.

Web Developer: While in this position, you will be responsible for creating the backbone of the website. This is an important post. Debugging work will also be yours and computer programs may also have to be created.

Project Manager: A web developer also gets appointments as a project manager after the experience, in which he does all the web development work for a single project. He is the team leader and may have to work closely with many people.

Fullstack Engineer: If you specialize in the front-end and back-end operation of a site, then you can also work as a full-stack engineer.

Software Architect: Moving forward in this direction, you can lead the team and also mold yourself as a software architect.

Opportunities for abroad / work from home: This is also a good option for work from home during the epidemic. The experienced person also gets opportunities to work abroad.

If you want to get into game development while working as a web developer, you can upgrade your technical skills and make a difference in the field. Obviously, there will be more challenges in this.


The salary of a web developer varies according to the company, place of work, and experience. The beginning of a career usually starts from around 20-25 thousand rupees per month. Earnings increase with experience. In higher positions, this salary can be from one to two lakh rupees per month or even more. The salary package of web developers abroad is very attractive.

What do experts say

Every company needs a web developer

Now there are a variety of websites available for every sector, so there are many opportunities for this skill. But, accordingly, there is a lot of competition too. It is important to stay updated with new computer technology and languages ​​etc. Build your website. Do an internship. 

Gain experience by participating in software, programming, and designing events such as hackathons. Do freelance work, so that you get experience working on a variety of websites. Also, master the website to be user-friendly by understanding the needs of the clients. Anubhuti Sehgal, career counselor

Online course platform

–   Google,

– Future Learn,

– Shine,

– ex

– Coursera

– Udacity

– Udemy

– upgrade

Web developers career options

Along with web development skills and degrees, there are many career options that you can pursue apart from being a web developer. Below are some careers along with their average annual salary.

  1. Software Engineer – $103,560
  2. Computer Programmer – $82,250
  3. Web Designer – $49,094
  4. Graphic Designer, Web – $46,740
  5. Computer Network Support Specialist – $68,050

How much do web developers earn?

As reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual salary of web developers is $69,430. This web developer earns $33.38 per hour.

Meanwhile, on the pay scale, the average web developer salary is $59,105 annually.

In addition, you can click on any of the resources to get detailed information about them.

Professional Organization for Web Developers

The following organizations will help future and current developers move forward in the field:

  1. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  2. American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
  3. International Web Association (IWA)
  4. IEEE Computer Society
  5. grow it girl

Portfolio Resources for Web Developers

Here are some resources to help you build a portfolio:


Professional Web Development Resources

These resources will help you grow and grow as a professional:

  • Webmonkey
  • HTML Writers Guild
  • W3Schools
  • Udemy

Best web development Institute

With the rapid increase in the usage of the internet, web development and design are gradually becoming one of the demanding fields to work in.

To stay connected with this field, some universities and colleges now offer degree programs in web development and design both online and on campus.

How much does it cost to get a web development course degree?

According to BestColleges, the cost varies between schools. However, the cost of most web development associate degrees ranges from ₹30,000 to ₹60,000.

Still from their report, public school students in the state generally pay the least, while out-of-state government school students and private school students pay the most.

Master’s Degree in Web Development

If you want advanced or specialized knowledge as you climb the web development career ladder, however, you should consider a master’s degree.

Generally, a master’s degree is the highest degree that a person can earn in web development. It is also open to those who are already in the IT-related industry but want to focus on web development.

The Master’s degree in Web Development course work includes the following:

  • website utility
  • Social media and collaboration
  • website optimization
  • advanced web design


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