Cardboard Display Boxes Stands Continue To Raise In Popularity


Cardboard displays, mainly Cardboard Display Boxes stands are gaining in acceptance because they are economical, versatile and could be cut and glued into any size and shape. Moreover it is possible to print on cardboard displays, which brings incredible final results. Add to this the light weight of corrugated displays which in turn would make them easy to install and maneuver around and it really is no wonder that this variety of showcase is growing in popularity, and is ruling the shops, trade exhibits and exclusive events if it concerns product or promotional displays.

Corrugated cardboard was formulated in the calendar year 1884 by Scientist and Chemist called Carl F. Dahl hailing from Sweden. This brilliant chemist came up with a method for processing pulping wooden chips into a form of paper which was good enough to withstand ripping, does not break, and in addition doesn’t burst. As the final result of the procedure was the development of paper of exceptional durability Dahl named the method “the Kraft process”.

This method has been perfected over time and to this day is still used to develop corrugated cardboard. Since 1992 the acceptance has been increasing for using the Corrugated cardboard for creating displays in stores, at trade shows or other special events.

Cardboard displays are mainly used in and all around outlets, at trade exhibits and exclusive events, thanks to its versatile characteristics, the low cost involved in manufacturing and last but not the least because they occupy little space and are consequently easily transportable.

Corrugated cardboard was initially accustomed to make boxes for shipping and delivering products, to shops and also to customers. Corrugated cardboard is however utilized for this reason and outlet stores, often utilize the boxes and products are routed to showcase them on the shelves or racks.

Nearby stashed Cardboard displays are often utilized as points of emphasis to attract the client’s interest A superb illustration of this was the Michael Jackson display when his Album “Thriller” hit the stores. Through this advertising display enthusiasts could possibly observe from very far the fresh album was available and would rush to the music shop. The type of cardboard display used for that specific advertising was referred to as pop up display, which is nevertheless pretty prevalent at stores exactly like the counter display, which is as the title indicates placed on the counter of the store.At trade exhibitions once again the Cardboard pop display is mostly utilized, for the very same reason, to capture the customer’s attention.

Ever since Cardboard displays came in existence they happen to be rising in acceptance, and even now are. Especially in countries like China the need for corrugated cardboard in order to develop spectacular designs is on the rise. Actually this growth has made domestic manufacturing of corrugated cardboard among the list of upcoming markets in United States and the Europe.

Corrugated cardboard is additionally environmentally friendly, releases almost no waste and the moment disposed off will deplete with time completely without trace and without placing a burden on its environment.

Corrugated cardboard displays are the future for wonderful looking, displays for all purposes and intents.


Showcasing your businesses products whether they be (jewelry, coins or other items) in the correct unit is vital to the the growth of your sales and walk in traffic. Buying the perfect display boxes doesn’t come easy but can be achieved if you know a few key points.

Firstly they’re used to show case various types of your products so that your customers can browse through what they need easily. So you first need to find some that are visually pleasing to the eye and that are also the right size and also made from the best material.

They boxes are usually made out of thick materials which generally include cardboard or hard paper. They are also made of corrugated cardboard that makes for easy display while providing a thick and strong frame. Thick paper makes it suitable for the displays to stand in racks and even stand out in their way in showcases to catch the eyes of potential buyers.

Many types of products can be displayed through one display box and they make units pop out with appeal. These make for easy and personal marketing which you will find at the window seal of any supermarket or retail store. Brightly colored display boxes and cartons make for wonderful advertisements no matter what your product is and quite often samples are given out in these display boxes too which may be something you should think about.

Specialized display boxes might be necessary for certain commodities. Not all kinds of these boxes can fit in the differing types. Storage boxes, soap boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. are all different. Display packaging boxes are also essential for any company to deliver its goods to its customers complete with its very own signature.

These boxes also make for great marketing tactics and can come in various types of folds and storage capabilities. The sturdier wooden varieties are more important for exporting goods. The kind of material you are shipping should also be compatible with the material of the boxes. When these are checked exporting goods becomes hassle free.


The cardboard display is ideal when you want to make point of sale advertising. The display is designed to make the product easy to display and appealing to your customers. The good thing with the boxes is that they are easy to set up; therefore, if you want to make a sale you only need to place the box in an area where the customers can stand for a few minutes.

Another good thing with the boxes is that they come in unique designs and colors which play a major role in attracting attention of the customers. For you to make great sales you should display unique products.

If you want to brand your business you can easily do so using the displays. Here you only need to approach the manufacturing company and request them to build a logo for you.

Types of Cardboard Display Boxes

There are many types of boxes that you can go for. Some of the most commons ones include:

Counter top displays: they resemble the counter tops of a shop and you can either buy them in stock or have them custom made for you. If you want them to be printed for marketing purposes you only need to approach the manufacturing company.

Stand-up displays: these are easy to set displays that you can place anywhere even at the corners of a building. To attract the attention of customers you should have the units printed in unique colors and designs.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Boxes

For you to make great sales and make a good impression you should consider a number of factors when making your purchase.

One of the factors that you should consider is the size of the box. The size should depend on where you want to place the display. As rule of thumb you should ensure that the box is large enough for people to easily see it. At the same time you should ensure that the display isn’t too large such that it doesn’t fit the space that you have.

Graphics: the graphics such be ideal for your target customers. As rule of thumb the graphics should catch the attention of the customers. They should also be easy to remember.



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