Car storage as a key service in the UK

car storage
car storage

Security is a key factor in choosing where to leave your car, but you’ll also benefit from a best-in-class temperature-controlled, aerated, semi-tailored cover. It is a service that you need to take your time with as to who you hire for this service for your prized possession. it is best to also look at what each car storage firm and facility is able to offer to you too, also. This really can make a vast overall difference to the overall service and experience you are bound to also receive. In addition to storing your car, you can also store motorbikes, cycles, boats, campervans (depending on height) and trailers and many other assets. It simply just depends on the building and set up of the facility where you hire in this service.

Climate control is very much the norm

Car Storage areas are often climate controlled to prevent rust forming without drying tyres and leather excessively. Batteries can be connected to automatic battery conditioners. They can regular exercise programs to counter potential lack of use problems. All of this can occur often with long term car storage at home without the appropriate attention. Exercising the car creates similar conditions to using the car but within a safe environment using an indoor rolling road. Wheel bearings and tyres are rotated with brakes used and air conditioning systems turned on lubricating themselves avoiding the nasty smell linked to a lack of use.

Storing your car for the long term

While many people have enough space at home or in the garage, others have to make alternative arrangements. Of course, you can use a car cover but how effective is it against the elements? Wouldn’t you rather have complete peace of mind using a car storage facility? There is a big difference between not using your car for a few days and not using it for several months. To ensure your car is in tip-top condition all year round, you must prepare your vehicle for long-term car storage. While there are loads of tips out there, follow these basic maintenance and service tips to help protect your car.

Look to make sure and ensure your car is clean on the exterior

In the same way you clean your furniture before putting them in self storage, the same applies to your car. Use quality car care products to wash, buff and wax your car before covering and storing it. Remember to check the underside of your car and clean anything stuck at the bottom as it acts like a sponge, trapping moisture that increases the likelihood of rust. Always remove wiper blades or at least lift them up so they retain their shape so you don’t have to replace them later. Last but certainly not the least, remove all leaves, pine needles and other debris from the engine compartment and the area between the bonnet and the windshield.

You also need to check over the tyres and batteries too

Contrary to what many believe, flat spots are no longer a real issue. This is as new tyres are designed to protect against it. Even if flat spots appear during long term car storage, they will disappear after driving for approximately 100 miles. While that is true, it does not apply to antique cars or those using non-belted tyres. Common best practice is to deflate your tyres to 10psi less than what the manufacturer recommends. It also helps to put your vehicle on jacks if storing for longer than 6 months. Electronics can quickly drain power from your battery so make sure you charge it to full capacity prior to storage. You could also use a trickle charger or battery conditioner. Once again, if storing for more than 6 months, it is best to disconnect your battery.

This is a service that also comes with a number of stand out advantages

  • Self storage facilities offer climate-controlled units that are generally fire and waterproof. They will invest in making sure of this for the added value of their clients. This is what will add no end of added value too.
  • Most are fitted with anti-vandal box locks for industrial strength padlocks, 24/7 CCTV surveillance and key coded security gates.
  • Keeping your car in a self storage unit will free up additional space at home and give you much-needed peace of mind.
  • Storing your car in a private parking lot is often very expensive and very few outdoor lots offer sufficient protection from the elements.
  • Self storage units are unbeatable in terms of protection and affordability while offering flexible monthly or fixed packages.

This is a large and overall very vast market

The UK classic car industry is worth the same as the entire UK arts and creative sectors, with classic car owners continuing to rise. The government has even introduced incentives to facilitate this growth further. This is with the 40-year rolling rule implemented in 2014. It entitles classics to be exempt from vehicle tax and MOT. Classic cars do not depreciate in value in the same way that new cars do. Classic cars tend to hold their value, and if well looked after, they can even increase in value. One of the best ways to keep your classic car safe and sound and free from rust is to keep it in a safe and dry place, like a self-storage container.

It is best to go for the luxury end of the market

Where you choose to store your car, who is storing it for you and what they offer, will determine if your money goes towards the garage’s services or maintenance, or the structure itself. You get what you pay for in security and protection with these storage options, so consider them carefully. Carports and portable garages are out of pocket and onetime expenses, although they may require maintenance and replacement periodically. You may also have home owner association rules or city codes that govern their use and placement on your property. You will also need to consider the insurance for the structure as well as what you store within it.

Public garages are typically cheaper than private garages. That said, some public garages may charge more for specific types of cars (newer, luxury) that require additional care and protection. Public garage parking spaces have fees for car storage. But rarely do they have any additional services and protections. You may require for a collector, exotic, classic, or luxury car collection.

Going for luxury car storage

For upscale car storage, your money goes for expert services and an alternative location with more space for your expanding collection. They provide vetted services providers for valet parking and drop-off services. They maintain their car storage spaces in climate controlled comfort and cleanliness. This level of service is more expensive. But is well worth it to provide the level of protection that your investment in your classic collectible or luxury car deserves.


Storing a car isn’t as simple as locking it away in a garage. By just leaving your car in a garage or outdoors for a long time, it opens it to risks such as engine damage or damage to the car’s paint finish. Whether you’re looking for car storage just for the winter or long-term, you should take the right measures to prevent damage to your vehicle. To some degree this is an area in which you need to take some degree of responsibility too.


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