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Few experiences can cause the level of stress, confusion, and anxiety that comes after a car accident. According to Cesar Ornelas. A lot can happen during the days and moments following a crash, and amid the whole, you’ll need to make important decisions that could affect you for the rest of your life.

What you do at the moment of the accident as well as the following days can drastically influence your ability to claim the compensation you deserve for your losses. Deciding on the proper procedure can be overwhelming for an individual on the most difficult of days, let alone one who is suffering from the pain caused by their injuries as well as the worry of having to cover the expenses that will be coming towards them.

There’s good news that the negligence of a third party caused the car accident you were in and you were injured, you shouldn’t need to bear the cost of this expense. A lawyer for car accidents will be able to provide you with legal advice and the options to claim compensation for your losses.

Ben Crump Law, PLLC will not be afraid of challenging cases. We have offices throughout numerous states and are available to assist you in pursuing your claim. We charge only the time and if you win compensation. The initial consultation is completely free.

What Do You Need to Do Following a Car Accident?

What Do You Do Right Away Following an Auto Accident?

Keep your eyes on the scene of the collision.  Don’t move anyone who complains of neck or back pain, or if a risk exists and puts someone in immediate danger.

Make contact with the police so that they can send someone to prepare and submit a police report. This report will be required in the future when you submit an insurance claim.

It is recommended that you exchange your basic data (your name as well as your driver’s license number the information on your insurance policy, and the license plate) with any other party. Keep your conduct polite and professional manner, but do not express your sorry or acknowledge any suspicion of wrongdoing on behalf, because doing this could create the basis for legal liability.

If you can, speak to witnesses on what you witnessed and obtain their names as well as contact information so that your lawyer can later contact witnesses about what transpired and make use of their accounts to help build your argument to seek the compensation you deserve.

Contact your insurance provider and inform them of the main details about the accident. You must cooperate and be honest Otherwise, they may later refuse to accept your claim.

It is also possible to contact an attorney, particularly if you sustained injuries in a car accident. Some law firms for personal injuries provide no-cost initial consultations.

How is fault determined in an Auto Accident?

Many factors can influence the determination of who is at fault in an auto accident, however when certain aspects are proven to be valid then the question of who is at responsibility becomes more straightforward determine.

If one party violates a Traffic Law

The rules of the road vary between one state or city to another. An attorney can look over the events leading to the accident, and tell you whether anyone violated the rules in the roadway. Some laws remain the same across different areas and you can easily discern when someone has violated these laws. Examples include running a stop signal or red light, going over the speed limit, or driving impaired (DWI).

Rear-End Collisions

However, although it is not the case at all times, the responsibility for rear-end collisions typically lies with the driver behind. Most laws favor the practice that there should be a minimum of a car length between the driver and the vehicle ahead of them. This allows the driver in the rear plenty of time to respond to the lead driver’s sudden stop or a brake. If the driver in front was not able to keep their brake lights and gave the rear driver no notice of a brake stop insurance companies could find the driver who led them, at least in part, to be at blame.

Vehicle Damage

The damage that is done to vehicles during an accident can tell the tale of the accident and who’s at fault.

Police Accident Report

The officer investigating the incident will be required to record within their reports any possible traffic infractions which occurred before the crash in addition to the officer’s assessment of the causes of the accident. The police reports are a major factor in the insurer’s evaluation of the cause of the accident. If the police don’t appear, you can call the police station closest to you to request that someone be there. Make sure you check your report to see if there are any errors.

What happens if I’m at Fault in a Car Accident?

What happens when I’m the One at The Fault in a Car Accident?

Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance even though they caused the accident. PIP coverage pays for your medical expenses and other economic loss.

What is the method of determining fault in a multi-vehicle car accident?

Multi-vehicle accidents can be especially difficult to determine the cause. The chain reaction started with the rear of one vehicle hitting another. The driver at fault for the rear crash could resolve itself fairly quickly. In most cases, the driver whose actions were the catalyst is still responsible. Thus making it possible for the collision to occur in the first place. The driver behind the second vehicle could be liable for the specific portion from the multiple vehicle pile-up.

There are a variety of sources that can aid in the identification of each incident. As well as analyzing the sequence of collisions, and determining the person responsible.

Damage to vehicles can provide an objective account of an incident such as skid marks. Debris from the vehicle, and other evidence from the crash scene. The police report will provide useful information on traffic law violations. According to Cesar Ornelas as well as other information from the law enforcement investigating the incident.




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