Canva and Crello: choose the software that best suits your needs


You don’t need industry knowledge to create respectable visual content. Just a trusted software and a bit of imagination.

Visual content is gaining more and more important in digital marketing. Not everyone has specific knowledge about specific graphics, design, and software. 

To overcome this knowledge gap, Canva and Crello have created intelligent software that allows anyone to build graphics in minutes.

Canva and Crello are two of the most renowned for creating visuals with a drag and drop system within the reach of even the less experienced. Both offer a free and a premium version. 

The two American software have many points in common, but it cannot be denied that Canva has been more successful in our country.

Let’s analyze together the strengths of these two curious programs and find out which one is right for you. Let’s start.

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  • 1 Free online graphic design
  • 2 What can you do with Canva?
  • 3 How much does Canva cost?
  • 4 What is Crello?
  • 5 How much does Crello cost?
  • 6 Canva and Crello: final considerations

Free online graphic design

Canva and Crello are just two of the most popular graphic design software online. As you will soon discover, the differences are subtle and both have interesting strengths. 

Certainly, Canva has a stronger community and has been online for almost 10 years, it has gained more power in the market. 

Crello is software that defends itself well, but it hasn’t won the interest of freelancers and professionals like its competitors. The points in common:

  • Freemium model. The basic versions offered by Canva and Crello are interesting and allow you to carry out many projects. In some cases, the free version will be sufficient, but speaking of costs, let’s find out the first difference. Can costs € 109.99 annually – or € 12 per month.
  • Crello costs around € 8.63 per month, while annual billing reaches € 82.90. Payment is made in USD.
  • Browser-based tool. We can say goodbye to cumbersome programs to install on the laptop. Canva and Crello work online and are reachable from your favorite browser. 
  • Instant login. To make the use of the software usable and streamlined, both software offers quick logins via Facebook or Google. In seconds you can start creating eye-catching graphics.
  • They are meant for non-designers. Melanie Perkins – founder of Canva – offers templates, photos, and videos in stock to help users create digital content. Canva offers the possibility to create graphics for social media, blogs, company presentations, logos, and much more.
  • Even with Crello, you can create social content and logos. The substantial difference? With Crello, creating mini-animations is super easy.
  • They support the workflow. Those who do not have a graphic department need a digital space in which to develop their art.
  • In its free version, with Canva you can create 20 teams, each of which hosts up to 3000 collaborators. Not bad, right?
  • Crello, on the other hand, has only 10 people collaboratingTo host larger teams on Crello it is mandatory to purchase the PRO version.

What can you do with Canva?

Canva boasts more than 55 million active users each month on its platform.

Canva is the world’s most popular graphics software – for those with a lack of graphics skills. Canva offers itself as an alternative to more famous programs – such as Adobe – but only at an amateur level. 

The Australian giant founded in 2012 by a designer, has won the hearts of millions of people. Thanks to its ease of use – ensured by a very convenient drag-and-drop system, experimenting with your imagination is a breeze. 

Let’s see together what you can achieve with this interesting graphics software:

  • Visual for social media. Post for Facebook, Instagram. Or stories for Instagram. And more pins for Pinterest. In short, on Canva you will find the perfect graphics for your favorite social network.
  • Corporate presentations. Remember the anonymous and repetitive design of Powerpoint? Well, with Canva, going outside the box and adding some spice to a conference will be even easier. You can choose whether to rely on pre-built templates or start from 0.
  • Curriculum. The era of the boring and cumbersome Europass is almost over. With Canva, winning the recruiter’s attention will be even easier.
  • You can count on hundreds of pre-built models and there is one for every need. From the most colorful and gritty to the most formal but with character for applications with rigid companies.
  • Logos. Creating a logo is an art and, especially if you have a company that wants to establish itself on the market, you should rely on an expert graphic designer.
  • That said, for those who want to experiment or create a visual for their business – especially if you are a freelancer – the logo option offered by Canva can be interesting and enjoyable.
  • Graphs. From a business perspective, some graphs are boring just looking at them. But who said you can’t bring a little sparkle to meetings too?
  • With Canva, creating colorful and eye-catching graphics is easy. And I’m sure my colleagues will appreciate the interrupt pattern too.
  • Infographics, invoice graphics, customized lesson plans.
  • Calendars, mind maps, flyers, and leaflets.
  • Photo collages, bookmarks wallpapers for desktop and mobile phones, covers for magazines, books, and ebooks.

How much does Canva cost?

Canva offers 5 levels of use and, as you will see shortly, is particularly attentive to supporting non-profit associations and teaching:

  • Basic: offers +250,000 free templates, +100 types of projects (for social media, presentations, etc.), stock photos and videos, creation of 20 work teams, 5 GB of space in the cloud;
  • Pros: +100 million photos, videos, graphics, and audio; +610,000 templates, 100 company kits (palette colors, fonts, logos), removal of the background, resizing of the format (adaptable for each platform, as in the case of social networks), 100 GB of storage, content planning on 8 social networks.
  • The monthly cost is € 11.99, while the annual billing costs € 109.99. 
  • Enterprise: the cost is customized according to the needs of the individual customer. Canva offers targeted services to monitor teamwork and brand consistency.
  • No profit. Those who manage non-profit organizations can benefit from the PRO version for free.
  • School and education. Elementary, middle, and high school teachers and students can use Canva’s services free of charge.

What is Crello?

Create your way. 

Crello was born as a startup in America and within two years it reached 1 million registered users. Like Canva, Crello also cares about non-profit organizations and education.

They too offer free services to those seeking to do good and to those who teach future citizens. Here’s what you can create with Crello, the graphics software:

  • Social media graphics. Every social network has its metrics and Crello offers hundreds of templates to test and implement.
  • Videos and animations. With Crello you can create specific animations for social media or simple full HD videosA treat: Crello offers the possibility to create cute animated logos.
  • Certainly for the bravest, but it can be an interesting choice – especially on social media!
  • Blog graphics. Give your site character by creating graphics for banners, posts, and your blog headers. Your content will certainly not go unnoticed!
  • Covers for social media and headers. In this section, you can choose whether to renew the covers of your social media or to give a touch of color to the covers of your corporate ebooks and PDFs.
  • Marketing materials. Flyer, poster, presentation. Whatever material you want to create, on Crello you will find the right template for your needs.

How much does Crello cost?

Unlike Canva, Crello only offers two pricing plans :

  • Starter: you can download 5 content per month. You can choose from over 50,000 different templates to embellish with over 1 million premium images. From the video point of view, however, you have thousands of clicks and animations at your disposal. All in full HD version.
  • Pros: You have unlimited royalty-free files at your disposal. You can work with your team, perhaps creating branded content thanks to the Brand Kits. In the PRO version, you have the option to remove the background from the images.

Canva and Crello: final considerations

Some might define the clash between Canva and Crello as the battle of the century. The truth is that both are good and designed to make the creative experience enjoyable. Is there a winner between Canva and Crello? Canva offers multiple services, both for free and for a fee. I prefer Canva because it has an intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate product segmentation.

Among the positive aspects that unite the two English-speaking companies, I undoubtedly come to think of their attention to non-profit and education. Canva and Crello offer free plans for those operating in these industries. While for insurance companies and professionals, both software offers competitive prices and are affordable for everyone.

Which graphics software do you prefer? Let’s talk about it in the comments.


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