Canon Pixma TS3322 Setup

cannon pixma

The Canon Pixma TS3322 wireless inkjet printer is small and simple. It also has a nice interface. The Canon TS3322 allows users to quickly print images, forms, documents, tickets and many other tasks.

Users can also print the document directly from the cloud using Google Print3, AirPrint2, Wi Fi 4, USB and Google Print3. The Canon TS3322 can also be used with the Cartridge FINE Hybrid ink system.

Features Canon TS3322

Canon TS3322 printer offers easy printing, high-quality printing, and adequate output. It can also do duplex color printing very quickly. It also has two paper trays.

Users are not required to follow the Canon TS3322 setup procedure to fulfill their printing needs. The Canon TS3322 setup procedure must be followed. The Canon TS3322 printer also has these terms.

Easy and trouble-free connection

The ease of connection feature allows users to connect their smartphones or tablets to the printer with no difficulty. Once the device or system is connected, users can quickly perform any printer-related tasks.

Compact Size

Canon TS3322 wireless inkjet printer is small and compact. It features the latest printing technology. It can be used for personal or technical purposes.

Expediency Built-in

Printing is quick and easy thanks to built-in features such as Auto Power On/Off and Pixma Cloud Link7.

Canon TS3322 Setup Procedure

Before you can begin the setup process, it is mandatory to download and install Canon printer drivers. Although it is not essential, the Canon printer drivers are crucial in the setup process. They help the system understand the printer’s print commands. To complete the setup process, users should download and install printer drivers to their devices. It should be easy for everyone to follow the steps below and download the latest printer drivers.

  • * Click here to go to the web browser
  • * Next, visit the Ij.start.cannon webpage.
  • * Once the website has opened, users should click the “Setup” button.
  • * Users are advised to next search for the product name, or select the one from the drop-down list.
  • * Enter the model number of your printer.
  • * Next, tap the “Go” option.
  • * After selecting the device, the Canon TS3322 setup webpage will open.
  • * Users are advised to click the “Download” button to start the setup process.
  • * The “.exe” file will start downloading once the user clicks on the link.
  • * Users are advised to wait for the file to download and then let it run on the system.
  • * Next, download the file to your system.
  • * A pop-up will then appear on the display.
  • * Next, click on the “Yes!” button.
  • * Users are now required to follow the prompts on the screen to complete the Canon TS3322 setup process.

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These are the steps that users need to follow in order to successfully set up the Canon pixma T3322. Contact the canon customer support team immediately if you have any questions during the setup process. They will assist users with the setup process and guide them through it.


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