Canon printers absorb excess ink while printing a document. The printer will print pages until the waste ink tank doesn’t get full. But if you’ve started seeing an error code 5b00 in your printer display, then you need to resolve it. This article will let you know how you can fix the 5b00 error and start a trouble-free printing .


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Why does error code 5b00 occur?

The error 5b00 on your Canon printer display represents that the ink absorber is about to the full, and you need to zero it soon. Though the printer boosts just like another day, print, scan, or other features will encounter trouble, or you’ll see 8-10 times lamp flash frequently without resulting in an output.

How to solve canon printer error code 5b00?

The error 5b00 in your canon printer may occur again when the machine ink absorber gets full again. Hence, read all instructions so that next time you solve the error 5b00, you’ll know how to resolve it in a better way;

Make sure your printer ink level in the cartridge is full. If the ink level is low, replace it.

Fix through Resetting software or service tool:-

Resetting software is generally called Canon Service Tool and is available on the canon printer site. This tool maintains the device and overcomes the 5b00 issue on your canon printer. Canon Service Tool is used when you replace any of the machine parts.

  1. Download the V3400 version from the canon printer official site.
  2. Double-click on the V3400 canon service installer tool to run on your PC.
  3. During the installation, you’ve to set up the printer into service mode.
  4. Connect the power cable to the switch outlet.
  5. Now, press and hold the resume button and power button.
  6. Then, release the resume button, but 5 times the power button is still holding.
  7. Release the resume and power buttons.

Find out the useful solution below so that you can fix the Canon printer 5200 issue.

1 – Refill the ink tank

  • Check the ink level in your canon printer model.
  • If it’s about to empty, refill the ink tank.
  • Power off the canon printer.
  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Wait for 30 seconds to 50 seconds and plug in back.
  • Again, turn on the printer.
  • Perform system cleaning as you refill the tank.

2- Install Repair Tools

The error may not go just after replacing or refilling the ink tank. Download repair tools and install them to fix Printer Error 5200.

3- Reset Your Canon Printer

Resetting the Canon printer may not be necessary if refilling the ink tank is sorted out. However, if the printer isn’t printing in good quality as previously did, then you’ve to reset it through the below steps;

  • If your Canon printer model is turned on, turn it off.
  • Now, press the Stop or reset button.
  • Release the Stop or Reset button and hold power ON button.
  • At the same moment, press the stop/reset button two times.
  • Make sure you are still holding the power button while tapping the reset button.
  • Now, leave the power button.
  • Wait for a few moments until you see the idle message.
  • After the message is on display, open the cover on the top to see the cartridges.
  • Take out ink cartridges and Put on the cartridge holder cover.
  • Turn off the Canon printer.
  • Close the top cover and start the printer again.
  • When the printer gets turned on, out cartridges back and see whether the Error Code 5200 has disappeared or not.

If the issue doesn’t get solved, your printer needs servicing. If you’re in a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, it’s easy to fix the problem on Warranty service.


Wireless LAN Setup:

  • Turn on your Canon printer to start the wireless LAN setup.
  • Then simply press the menu button and see Network settings where you need to tap on Wireless LAN settings and select the SSID Settings option.
  • Select Access Point and choose the favored network name.
  • Next, enter the WiFi security key and wait for the connected prompt.
  • Now download canon ij setup from https //ij.start.cannon and install on your pc.

WPS Push Button:

Set up a successful network connection for the Canon ij printer, press the WiFi button on your printer, and go to the access point once the orange alarm light becomes steady. Within two minutes, push the WPS button on your wireless router. If you can see Connected Status, press OK to confirm.

Reset the waste ink counter:-

  1. Unplug all the connections and cables from your printer. E.g., main power source, USB connection.
  2. Reconnect the power cord to the printer and plug it into the wall outlet.
  3. Press down the power ON button and hold until the printer resets itself.
  4. If you see all the lights stable on your Canon printer model, release the ON button.
  5. When the green light stops flashing, press and release the ON button twice.
  6. The green light blinks again and gets stable.

If you still can’t print with the same error of getting waste ink counter full, then try the manual method of cleaning waste ink foam;

Clean Waste Ink Foam:-

  1. Open the printer lid.
  2. Ensure you see the cartridges and rollers inside.
  3. Don’t touch rollers.
  4. You can see the small square box seems like a foam pad. Clean the foam pad using a soft cloth. Push the foam to leak down the link.
  5. Continue cleaning the foam till all ink is clean.
  6. Now, assemble the canon printer.
  7. Place the cartridges in the correct location and close the lid you opened first.
  8. Now on restart your printer and try printing a document to check whether it’s printing smoothly or not.

If you still see the error 5b00 in your canon printer display, then it’s time to contact the canon printer support team.


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