Can Power Chain Braces Help You Improve Your Posture?


If you’re having trouble with your posture or have been told that you have scoliosis, it may be time to consider power chain braces to improve your current situation. Scoliosis can make simple daily activities like walking or even standing very difficult; however, you don’t have to live with this painful condition. If you are experiencing pain from scoliosis, then you may want to consider wearing power chain braces on your shoulders and hips in order to improve how the bone in your back and spine aligns. This can help prevent further damage from occurring and give you more mobility throughout the day.


How do they work?

Power chain elastomerics tighten your back muscles in conjunction with your body’s natural movements. This helps to maintain good posture and reduce muscle strain. The more you practice using them, researchers say, the better they work at strengthening your muscles and maintaining proper posture. It is unclear exactly how long you should wear them, but most people can get away with just wearing them a few hours a day during their morning routine.


Does it really help people with back pain

The short answer is yes. The long answer involves how much and for how long. One of my first experiences with power chain elastomerics was with a patient who, at age 30, had bad posture that began in high school. He sat slouched over his work desk and slept on his stomach every night because he couldn’t stand to sleep on his back for more than two hours without waking up in pain. After four months of wearing power chain elastomerics, he said he would never go back to a brace; it felt too restrictive to him.


Different types of braces

There are three basic types of braces: clear, metal and power chain. Both clear and metal braces have been around for years; however, there is also a newer type called power chain. The main difference between these types of braces is how they’re used to correct a problem with your teeth number chart. Here’s how each type works Clear braces – These braces aren’t visible when you smile. They use wire that’s bonded to your teeth in order to gently move them into place. Metal braces – These traditional braces are made from stainless steel and can be easily adjusted by removing one or more links using a small tool (called an adjuster). Power chain braces – This new type of brace uses elastic bands instead of metal wires in order to gently move your teeth into place.


Final thoughts

The decision to wear power chain braces is up to you, but there are some potential drawbacks. While wearing power chain braces, your teeth can move only so far back and forth. So, if you have an underbite or overbite (which affects how your teeth fit together when you chew), that could be difficult to correct because power chain braces limit how much movement your teeth will undergo. For example, if you’re in danger of getting jaw surgery for TMJ or sleep apnea, those issues may need a more aggressive treatment option than power chain braces because they can’t move as much as conventional night guards.


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